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  1. Thank you... It has been a little hard on me but i am doing better now
  2. It depends for me, during the time that I am going to school than I will get a decent amount of sleep. But when I don't have school I get little to no sleep.
  3. The reason that I got into anime was because my friend had told me about SAO a whole bunch and about how much he had liked the anime. He had told me that I should try watching SAO. Well he had died and I had decided that I would watch it since he had wanted me to.
  4. Thank You for all the wonderful feedback. I will check out Log Horizon, .Hack, and Monthly Girls' Nozaki Kun as soon as I get a chance
  5. I will watch any genre. I have watched all of the main stream animes and I have seen a few non- main stream ones.
  6. Yaoi_army707


    I'm looking for great anime's. If you guys have any recommendations for me I would greatly appreciate it

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