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  1. This is the one that jumped out to me! I love that I'm seeing more variety these days in this department. Its just so heart warming! And its truee , the same hetero plot/ relationship patterns and motifs become boring. you have to really be unique to stand out as a male/female character relationships from the countless fantastic character love stories that exist. But Yuri!! on Ice was simply amazing, a beautiful , subtle yet so so adorable. Great male/ male love with of- age cast and a very unique story. I also love when it is realistically portrayed, the questioning about which gender youre attracted to and subsequential love interests and dilemmas are explored. its just so much more relatable
  2. My last book read was Howl's Moving Castle. The original novel is so fun, it gives a lot of backstory to the movie and awesome alternative story/characters. I've probably read it 5-6 times
  3. That's very romantic I love that sort of thing! My partner and I have a special elder scrolls love together, it makes me feel fuzzy inside to share something so geeky with him Adorable! ❤❤❤
  4. What a great idea! I found that writing fanfics is a great way to improve writing skills. I'd love to give feed back! I've got the links opened and will takes some time to read and respond. But I just wanted share my enthusiasm! I think reaching out for feed back is wonderful. Feel free to share some of your ideas, I love discussing plots, characters, etc.
  5. I love this!!!! Are those synthesized instruments? I would love to hear about your creative process!
  6. Happy to be here! :3

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      Welcome to forums!!! Glad to have you here

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      Welcome to AF!

    3. Lunabelle
  7. Hiii ~ welcome to the forum ^^

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