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  1. I see. Yeah, if you appreciate ballet/dance Yuri on ice is especially fascinating. its surprising in a lot of ways. I didnt think I'd love it so much but I couldn't wait to watch the next episodes. it kinda pulls you into the excitement. It would be interesting to hear others stories. It's been very liberating for me to debunk those myths. And it could be funny to hear what other silly things/myths others might have heard growing up
  2. Yeah, much better pacing! you actually get a resolve in most episodes, if I remember correctly. Seems like since so many of the characters are being introduced and Goku is growing/ training things move much faster. I think the longest fight scenes are in a longer tournament setting, but even so its different fights with different fighters. I would recommend it, especially if you enjoy good humor.
  3. :3 I'm still on the first season! I accidently watched ep. 1 in season 2, and it looks amazing! I love the leading character, he's so cute! The whole short temper, rough exterior with a really sweet heart and good intentions is just great. I haven't gotten too far yet, but it seems like there's some good character dynamics building. He reminds me of Kyo from fruits basket a bit.
  4. This is the one that jumped out to me! I love that I'm seeing more variety these days in this department. Its just so heart warming! And its truee , the same hetero plot/ relationship patterns and motifs become boring. you have to really be unique to stand out as a male/female character relationships from the countless fantastic character love stories that exist. But Yuri!! on Ice was simply amazing, a beautiful , subtle yet so so adorable. Great male/ male love with of- age cast and a very unique story. I also love when it is realistically portrayed, the questioning about which gender youre attracted to and subsequential love interests and dilemmas are explored. its just so much more relatable
  5. My last book read was Howl's Moving Castle. The original novel is so fun, it gives a lot of backstory to the movie and awesome alternative story/characters. I've probably read it 5-6 times
  6. That's very romantic I love that sort of thing! My partner and I have a special elder scrolls love together, it makes me feel fuzzy inside to share something so geeky with him Adorable! ❤❤❤
  7. So far I've watched some of dbsuper, yuri on Ice, miss kobayashis dragon maid, blue exorcist, ancient magus bride and orange. I want to watch one called berserk as well because I enjoyed reading some of the manga. Yeah, I had some family who introduced me to anime as well and some good comrades. It helps alot! What I find funny is that often the very thing being shunned Is actually super healing. I got a bad rap, almost as if being passionate about anime was a sort of disability or social outcast. maybe kind of extreme but that was my experience anyways. could be the demographic of where I grew up. Ive found as ive grown it actually helped me to be emotionally healthy, happy and creative. I should start a forum about this, I have a lot lf thoughts on this topic! maybe others have had similar experiences?
  8. I used to watch some DBZ on tv back in the day here and there. I preferred dragon ball the manga&anime though, for the humor and goku's light heartedness. DBsuper captures that, with surprising amount of comedy! and doesnt linger too much in DBZ's infamous 20-episode fights. Theres more story to it, in my opinion. I haven't watched much other than those two. ^^
  9. Thanks Wodahs. It is very welcoming here! I think I would like to share some ideas, I don't have others to talk to these days about such things! It would be fun just to see if anyone would find my story ideas as entertaining as I do.
  10. The stigma is very silly! I once had an art teacher say that anime/magna wasn't really art. ?! talk about uncultured... Its pretty obviously just arrogance in most cases but as a youngster those kinds of messages can eat at your passion. And I do agree, its a great time to start watching anime again! I'm just loving all the new beautifulness. I feel I have a lot to catch up on!!
  11. Hello Madera! I'm new here also but I love how everyone gets a greeting here, so I wanted to share that greeting too. Personally I've read lots of magna but only watched a couple anime all the way through. I've been watching dragon ball super recently and also the ancient magus bride. (I hope they make more....!)
  12. Manga was a huge part of my life growing up age 10-15. watching miyazaki films, discovering sailor moons and inuyasha... life changing! I attribute much of my creative passion to coming from being exposed to that awesomeness. I don't know what I would have done without it! its helped me through life many times.
  13. I'm new here and just wanted to say hi! A bit about me, I love talking about creative ideas and stories. I'm always interested in in depth analyzing of psychological plots or just general happy silliness! Its been a while for me since I indulged myself in anime goodness. I think all of the social cultural messages of saying enjoying anime is a bad thing got to me... (anyone else have this experience?) So I neglected my passion for it for a while. Then recently I've discovered there are so many new anime and it is really such an amazing artwork on many many levels. So I'm reintroducing myself to it and trying to find new awesome anime. I just watched Yuri!! on ice , and it was soooo good. I cried. and admired the fantastic animation and ballet like movement. Anyways, that's a bit of nonsense from my head as a hello!
  14. Happy to be here! :3

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