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  1. Part_time_anime

    Attack on titan 3

    I can’t wait. Attack on titans is actually one of my favourite anime. And I loved season one and two. I can’t wait for what to happen in season 3.
  2. Part_time_anime

    I get no matches on Tinder and the like

    Do you mean skin colour white then your wrong. 😂 you have the wrong idea man girls are not as complicated as you think. Maybe at first they might seem rude or picky but it’s not like that. I am not white my self. I am trying to say try finding a girl and by meeting face to face that’s how you get them You like of your personality.
  3. Yeah I’ll date her She sounds fun. A decent sized girl works in a restaurant and wears a waitress suit. Does not speak much but smiles a lot. Also she pretty with long back hair. Almost like the ones who train sword play in a dojo.
  4. Part_time_anime

    I get no matches on Tinder and the like

    Personally I have never used any dating sites so I don’t know what is like. But I will say this some girls look for personality more than looks. So maybe you can find a girl like that. you should have a joyful honest And determined personality. Also you sounded a bit desperate so don’t be girls don’t like that’s. I remember I used to be a harem king back in highschool because I was just fun to be around. And made the environment comfortable for everyone. So how you act is very important you should be very cautious but also relaxed. That will make a girl be with you. Obviously you don’t have to do what I do. At the end Just be your self. I do this to grow my harem and make it stronger. As I am obsessed with this game. Don’t try to get a harem because its stressful And requires good looks. Now currently I am trying to get my throne back from my friend. Lol I think this reply is just me bragging about harem life.
  5. Part_time_anime

    Thoughts Anyone on Slice of Life?

    Everything needs a good plot to be interesting. Not only anime but movies and tv shows also regular shows. If they don’t have a plot then they are dull and dead.
  6. Part_time_anime

    exercise - workout out or self training ?

    Same I have a neck to shoulder to back pain as well which prevents me from doing certain exercises like shoulders. I go gym like 3 times a week. My neck pain does not bother me as much but I can’t do certain shoulder exercises. I do pushups everyday at home and try to increase my number. I also do other different excersises at home. I will join a mixed martial arts that’s why I am building up my strength. Also I used to play football with the neighbors but that has also stopped because of my neck pain. For me I hate feeling lazy.
  7. Part_time_anime

    Entry nº11 Sugoi, Sugoi!

    @RoxegOne question where did you learn to write English so good and learn to write great poems. I basically live in the country where English was originated from and yet I suck at this language. I don’t even know why. One of my guess is that I used to speak street slang English with my road friends. But still I did try to improve my English and could never reach your level. I even tried writing a poem with all my knowledge, understanding and hard work and still it’s was nothing compared to yours or my new friends. I also want to write a poem that express my emotions on a matter but I am unable. Word do not come out right.
  8. Part_time_anime

    What’s the good and bad things of where you live?

    All that’s sounds amazing. Instead of craft beer things. I don’t drink and it will be weird if everyone there is drunk most of the time. However hiking sounds fun also driving very fast. I love driving fast. Yeah I was ment to say Vegas. I gotta confused for a second. Mecca gambling is also popular in my area and I even went to it couple of times.
  9. Part_time_anime

    What’s the good and bad things of where you live?

    Where do you live. Sounds very interesting. Wait let’s me guess is it Texas or los Angela’s.
  10. Part_time_anime

    Manga vs Anime

    If you suggest a good book that’s does creats feeling and are interesting then I will change my opinion. I will try my best to actualy finish it as well. I only read articles and news because I am aspiring to be a politician. Okay you got my interest. I will try reading a manga and the one you stated because it seems interesting.
  11. Part_time_anime

    Manga vs Anime

    I have never read a manga in my life because I don’t like reading and words cannot creat feelings like An anime can.
  12. Ahhh this girl has wasted my time. Now she’s tells me her parents are strict and she’s cant have a bf. I can’t evem meet up with her. 

  13. Part_time_anime

    Which anime or scene pulled on your heart strings?

    I feel you. That movie was also sad. Spoilers. Yeah Especially when he leaves her at the end and she was avoiding a relationship this whole time. I definitely agree. This anime also had a very sad ending. When they disappeared one by one. Especially when his friend leaves him with a high five. I though that was pretty sad. Everyone one says this anime is very sentimental. But I have watched this whole anime and enjoyed it. And I didn’t find this anime sad at all I just liked this unique fighting style of alchemy. Yeah I think I will watch that movie this week.
  14. Part_time_anime

    Which Game Systems Do You Own?

    I Don’t really play a lot of games but I do once a week. Game systems pc ps3 ps2 wii thats it
  15. For me. After the big fight between sasuke and naruto. Sasuke realised what he has done is wrong and the ending showing the true bond between their friendship. Also how they both held hand in blood and the whole scene creates a very sentimental feelings. This is the only anime and scene where it actually touched my heart. I don’t there is there is any other anime that could ever create feeling as this scene did actually the whole 3 episode it lasted for really touched me. Whats your opinion did this scene touch you or was there any other anime or scene that touched you the most. Please feel free to recommend me a anime that creates emotion such as these.
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