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  1. What time of year, month, day, hour will you travel to? And where? for me I would travel either back in to my past about 3 years to fix up my regret or sin I did. Or travel to the future about 25 years from now to see if the world has either improved or has spiralled down to something unpleasant like a war or a zombie era. If it were a zombie era it will be the coolest thing but still unpleasant. Btw got this idea from a anime movie: the girl who leapt through time, I think that’s the name.
  2. If You Hate Someone

    Lol if I hated someone. The only time I have hated someone is when they think they can push me around only because I am not doing anything back only because it’s for their own safety. And i am actually a kind person most of the times. I had so many fights in my life I have lost count. A friendly fight with my friend or someone else. The reason I fight was mainly because I just love the thrill of it. But the fight were not serious. But there were couple times when i hated someone and the line was crossed like very quick because I am a impatient person. And it ended up being a fist fight until someone was going bleed to death and I wouldn’t stop punching him until my friends would pull me away. I always tell my friends not to get involved. That was the only way I deal with with person I hate. So I don’t really hate people but if I were to hate someone the hatred will Be too much and I will have to deal with them very quick. And have I lost a serious fight. No.
  3. What are your #OldbutGold animes in your list?

    Dragon ball. It’s soo funny. And lots of action.
  4. I searched it up and I couldn’t find a fixed date of when the new seasons first episode will be released.
  5. Tokyo Ghoul:re

    I think it’s dead. I don’t wish to see keneki inside the boys body. That has ruined it for me.
  6. Steins;Gate 0

    Finally it Came out I was waiting for it for a long time.
  7. I guess thank for that long expilation. Very helpful.
  8. What's your POGO?

    Our group is Mocking this friends forehead because it’s abnormally huge. And also blaming everything from bunking school to flooding the toilets or the canteen on him because he has a big forehead. But after that we do feel deep for him but is the same thing the next time. Lol
  9. Tokyo Ghoul:re - Episode Discussion

    Yeah it’s amazing

    Angle beats Is not related to dxd. But angle beats is actually a very good anime. I recommend it.
  11. What Anime Should I Watch?

    Tokyo ghoul mc becomes strong after I think first season. Fairy tail. Mc only relies on brute force for everything. Very strong. Bleach. Mc is very strong first compare to other ppl at his stage. And becomes more strong over time. Code geass. Mc super super super super intelligent. This is top 3 most amazing anime I watched naruto. Mc has special powers only released when angry so he is very strong. Dragon ball z / dragon ball z Kai / bragon ball super. This anime is the craziest one I have ever watched in power. Mc becomes strong over time. Powers the characters have in this anime is crazy. Nothing like I have seen before. No game no life. Mcs super smart. Gurren laggan. Crazy anime. Crazy amount of action. And no sense of logic. It’s also has comedy. I do recommend this one. Death note. Mc is ultra smart. Idk how to explain but it’s an amazing anime.
  12. Tokyo Ghoul:re - Episode Discussion

    What are your opinions after watching the first episode of Tokyo ghoul season 3. For me after watching the first episode and after looking at the poster I feel like it’s going to be a dead season. This is because it looks like the season is going to be around the guy Haise. I don’t want to see him because the way he acts i don’t know how to explain it he’s so dead. Watching kaneki evolve was the interesting part of the anime. I like how kaneki acts now he’s stuck inside haise that has ruined it for me the most.
  13. Any good anime to watch.

    Sousei no om.... something i can’t spell it
  14. This is something very new as a topic. In some anime I have watched the way the characters talk about conflict and get all brainy going in to the deeper meaning. Let’s link that to reality Conflict from the 19th century. The reason for going to war. The events of War and the dominos effect of that war which has spiralled down to modern conflict. I know some info. Just wondering if anyone knows or has a different view.
  15. Any good anime to watch.

    Thank for recommending it. I stated watching it in sub and it’s actually an amazing anime.
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