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  1. Part_time_anime

    Manga vs Anime

    I have never read a manga in my life because I don’t like reading and words cannot creat feelings like An anime can.
  2. Ahhh this girl has wasted my time. Now she’s tells me her parents are strict and she’s cant have a bf. I can’t evem meet up with her. 

  3. Part_time_anime

    Which anime or scene pulled on your heart strings?

    I feel you. That movie was also sad. Spoilers. Yeah Especially when he leaves her at the end and she was avoiding a relationship this whole time. I definitely agree. This anime also had a very sad ending. When they disappeared one by one. Especially when his friend leaves him with a high five. I though that was pretty sad. Everyone one says this anime is very sentimental. But I have watched this whole anime and enjoyed it. And I didn’t find this anime sad at all I just liked this unique fighting style of alchemy. Yeah I think I will watch that movie this week.
  4. Part_time_anime

    Which Game Systems Do You Own?

    I Don’t really play a lot of games but I do once a week. Game systems pc ps3 ps2 wii thats it
  5. For me. After the big fight between sasuke and naruto. Sasuke realised what he has done is wrong and the ending showing the true bond between their friendship. Also how they both held hand in blood and the whole scene creates a very sentimental feelings. This is the only anime and scene where it actually touched my heart. I don’t there is there is any other anime that could ever create feeling as this scene did actually the whole 3 episode it lasted for really touched me. Whats your opinion did this scene touch you or was there any other anime or scene that touched you the most. Please feel free to recommend me a anime that creates emotion such as these.
  6. Part_time_anime


    Wrote is not a word. That’s what I was told. Lol. Sorry for being a glump. Also where can I read the winners poem.
  7. Part_time_anime

    Best OVA you have ever watched and which anime it was from.

    I didn’t make it to season two. I disliked the first season it was hard to even get through the first one.
  8. I don’t normally watch OVA. But recently I watched a OVA and in time span of 30min it was better than most anime series. The OVA I watched was from clannad which Is actually my worst anime series. Even though I hate the series I loved the OVA as it created a lot of feelings in just a short amount of time. Then I started watching other OVA and they all are actually amazing. How they creat such emotion and making it so enjoyable in such a short amount of time. Especially Tokyo ghoul ova’s. so what’s your best OVA and recommend me some good ones. Also it will be nice of you state which anime it is from.
  9. Part_time_anime

    I forgot my intros before so...

    @AkiAtashi well if you want to know things about season 3 that’s you are confused about you can ask me because before I was confused as well and I watched a video that explains season 3 and I know it now. Also I can’t wait for season 4 to come out so gassed. And I might read the manga as well. 🤤
  10. Part_time_anime

    Interrogate: Roxeg

    You know your profile picture and your profile wallpaper. Is thoes pictures from an anime and if it is what’s the name of the anime. It looks like something I would watch.
  11. I have the worst luck in the world!!!

    Besides that I finally fixed up my messy hair with a hair clip. Got the idea from blue exorcist anime. 

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    2. Wedgy


      LOL No I don't think so. But if you think on it... this story in particular happened 07-08 ish. Which is now closing in on a decade. Crazy to think about but it's true. To me... many years. 😂

    3. Part_time_anime


      @Wedgy ow sorry for asking such a personal question. Even I do sometimes say “over the course of my life”. Which makes me sound very old but no no no I am young. Still in my teens if you consider over 16 and under 18 a teen. But I am not going to say my age lol. You can probably guess it though. 😅

    4. Wedgy


      All good. I typically don't care about everyone else's age. Have friends young and old. :)

  12. Part_time_anime

    I forgot my intros before so...

    Welcome to anime forums. I hope we can talk about anime as I am still new to anime. Btw I watch Tokyo ghoul re. Is such a great anime series. I have only reached up to episode 7 but I will start watching it again next week as currently I am very busy.
  13. Part_time_anime

    What's The Most Akward thing that happened in your life?

    Everyday of my life is awkward. This is because I am a very social person and I can’t stand silence I have to talk to someone’s even it’s a stranger which I do very often actually. Once I had a argument with this girl back in high school and she said eww during our argument. We don’t like each other since then. then she joined one friendship group and started to hang out with them. I was very close to that friendship group and at times I would hang out with them as people in that group I was cool with. Then she joined and as we don’t like each other at all the whole situation was very awkward. I wanted to stay and talk with these cool people but at the same time I didnot want to be next to her. And we couldn’t even start arguing as this is kind of a foreign group to us and we are not mutual friends with this group. So it was very awkward.
  14. Part_time_anime

    Looking for English dubbed anime

    Assaination classroom is a very good dub anime. It’s abit long with two seasons but trust me it’s worth it. And it would be good for you and your friend to watch together because it has that kind of style.
  15. Part_time_anime


    No game no life. Love that anime. It’s not finished but still such a good anime. I might actually buy my first manga ever and it will be this one.
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