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    Naruto. Attack on titans. Code geass. Bleach. Fairy tail. Drifters. Death note. Fma.
    Dragon ball,z,Kai,super.


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About Me

I am failing in life. Like exam grades, getting a girl, my behaviour in school is apauling and doing bad things with friends. So I started watching anime

Um I started watching anime like last to last year. But I did watch dragon ball z in the tv since I was 11. Favourite anime naruto - fairy tail - code geass - bleach - death note especially the ending of death note it was a tragic ending for me - attack on titans and Tokyo ghoul.

Worst anime I watched - clannad

most touching anime was angle beats the ending. 

Boring and interesting at times was the anime hunter x hunter the new one. 

Action packed anime gurren laggan.

reason for living to become king of the world. Lol. U watch it will happen. 

My age teen. My age when I’m king 21. 

Biggest achievement climbed a mountain on foot. I almost died like 100 times during the trip. 


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