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  1. Kim Lee

    Manga vs Anime

    For me the anime that are based on manga, the manga (most of the time) will be better than the anime. Like an example, The Tokyo ghoul manga was WAAAAYYY BETTER than the anime (for me). Of course, there are some great anime based on manga. idk i prefer both manga and anime. wth? don't you have imagination? (no offense) Idk but for as a book lover and words DO can create feelings. Tokyo Ghoul is based on manga. I recommend to read the manga its really the best
  2. Kim Lee

    What year or age did you start watching animes?

    umm somewhere like when I was 12
  3. Kim Lee

    Attack on titan 3

    yeah kind of greatt :))
  4. Kim Lee

    Attack on titan 3

  5. Kim Lee

    Attack on titan 3

    the episode 1 is already out :))
  6. Kim Lee

    Attack on titan 3

    22 July 2018 will air the Aot season 3 ( in Japan) Will it also air In America the 22 or more later? I'm just really excited for the season 3, how about you?
  7. Kim Lee

    What ongoing manga are you keeping up with?

    ooh myy. Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago killing stalking Owari no Seraph 19 days there's more but.
  8. Kim Lee

    Wo wants to talk on discord?

    So im really bored and i need to talk to somebody!! Write ur name or here is mine KimLee#2691
  9. ohh :0 yass me too, i want to go tokyo ghoul :)) yeah right. But (probably(sure;;)) it will cost a LOOOT
  10. Kim Lee

    Talk to me!!!

    umm.. cant find you try to add me KimLee#2691
  11. Kim Lee

    Talk to me!!!

    Hi!! if you want to talk to me in discord, write me ur discord name, and we will talk! wanna talk on discord!??
  12. You need to survive and you have (lets say some kind of) superpower. Hahaha i guess i like this type of things (gore, mystery, brutality, etc...) and idk Its just a really interesting world to live in (in my opinion)
  13. Well, I guess it would be Tokyo Ghoul.
  14. Ummm. I didn't choose because I haven't decided yet. Idk, like i have a lot of anime that i really like so...
  15. Kim Lee

    I need something gritty

    horror: Hell girl, Hell sing, Blood C, Mononoke, Paranoia Agent. Gang and stuff: K-project, Durarara, black lagoon, jormungand. More: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/gangs Gang anime https://myanimelist.net/anime/genre/14/Horror Horror anime
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