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  1. Ask Bernkastel

    What is your favorite sport?
  2. What Kind of Anime Boy are you?

    According to my friends, I'm the sporty dude
  3. Favorite tsundere

    Also Hitagi!!!
  4. It's my birthday!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Tefutakato


      Happy birthday. 

    3. Bernkastel


      Happy Birthday, bhutts.

    4. Viper


      Happy birthday and I hope you have a good one 

  5. Anime with the best Op and Ed music?

    Re:Zero! Redo and Paradisus Paradoxum are great OPs, and Styx Helix is one of my favorite EDs (Tied with Vanilla Salt from Toradora)
  6. Favorite game?

    I'm not sure
  7. わたしねむいわ。おやすみ!

  8. Ask seemore :D

    Sure! They're in the art club, but here: (These are the only ones I'm confident enough to post so far :P)
  9. Ask seemore :D

    Cute versions of my favorite characters!
  10. Ask seemore :D

    Definitely Seymour
  11. Collecting

    My suggestion would be to only collect figurines and such when you know that an anime or manga really struck you! Impulse buying because you simply enjoyed something is not the best idea. Make sure it's one of your favorites before spending too much money!
  12. おやすみ! 


  13. List your top 3 favorites!

    1) Monogatari 2) Re:Zero 3) Toradora
  14. Summary of your day

    Had a pretty normal day at school, but practice was cancelled so I walked to the gym with a few friends and my girlfriend. After we finished our workout, we went home had ate dinner, before spending some time together. A few hours later I drove home, and here I am.
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