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  1. seemore_bhutts

    Anime Suggestions

    kek Plastic Memories Monogatari (The whole series) Toradora Charlotte
  2. seemore_bhutts

    Check out Plastic Memories!

    Finished Plastic Memories, and I loved it! Some updates on my recommendation list if you haven't seen them: Charlotte Plastic Memories (Available on Hulu)
  3. I'm officially on the Zero Two train!

  4. seemore_bhutts

    Darling in the FranXX - Episode Discussion

  5. seemore_bhutts

    Which anime or scene pulled on your heart strings?

    1) Final scene in Your Lie in April 2) Scene where Mitsuha didn't get to finish writing her name in Your Name
  6. AHH! Still sick :( They're also making me take another class this summer! No!

    1. XII360


      that sounds like, hell on earth, i will pray for your peaceful rest, rip in piece

      for real's tho, that sounds rough, they almost forced us last year to use our vacation day's onto taking it into class, but that didnt go through in the end

      i didnt mind at that time, still dont since i have nothing to do in the house and i use a bicycle to go to school, my classmates tho' were 100% againt's it

    2. Wedgy


      That bites... But you gotta do what you gotta do to graduate. Hey at least it will keep you extra busy. :)

    3. seemore_bhutts


      @Wedgy Yup, I guess that's one way to look at it!

  7. seemore_bhutts

    Ask Mr. Bhutts

    oh jeez sorry! -I broke a finger celebrating the second home run that I ever hit -I think about this one a lot! This Ain't the end of me by White Comic, a lot of Dookie and Pre-Dookie Green Day -I will never forget the final scene of Your Lie in April -I hate when teenage characters are written like they're from the myspace era -Wakeup Water -hmmm... I don't think I have one! sorry! -I love Troll 2, because it's hilarious -Any song from the Initial D soundtrack!
  8. I've been so sick all day! Throwing up for 15 hours :( 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ItsSammy


      Mhm, no problem.

    3. Roxeg


      You'll feel better in no time! Just hang in there.

    4. seemore_bhutts


      @Roxeg Doing my best!

  9. seemore_bhutts

    Ask Mr. Bhutts

    1) Senjogahara Hitagi (Monogatari) 2) Anywhere in inner city Japan 3) If You Survive by George Wilson 4) Big Stupid Jock 5) Definitely your heart (I'm a sucker for romance!) 6) I hate it when people put unrealistic camouflages on military items!!! 7) Asking for forgiveness, because if it goes well, a good relationship can be created! 8 ) Save it all, and continue my life as I have it planned! 9) For our second anniversary, I forgot my wallet in the car for dinner!! 10) I'd rather live in a tiny apartment, I love small spaces! (I tend not to fit in them though lol) 11) I would be a police officer, doing my best to protect those around me! 12) I love a great book! 13) I do think it's important to keep up with the news, as what happens around us defines who we are as a people! 14) My girlfriend is usually a super tsundere but I heard her talking to her mom about how reliable I am once, which made me really happy 15) In 15 years, I want to be supporting my family effectively as a police officer 16) Happy, as I'd rather live a stress-free life struggling than a stressful life struggling! 17) I regret not saying goodbye to my dad 18) Nope, I learned about sinking below my own level a long time ago! 19) Tough one! It'd have to be the time that when I first found out I have scoliosis and the first thing my doctor said was "Holy shit!" 20) I'm most afraid of being alone. Completely alone, for a long time. Also bees! 21) Hmmmm.... Anime homie! I used to be really into them, but I became kinda burnt out after a while
  10. seemore_bhutts


    +rep for use of monogatari gif!
  11. seemore_bhutts

    Ask Mr. Bhutts

    JOIN THE ART CLUB! Goodnight folks! I play football and baseball at the Varsity level. My favorite sport is football (American). I'd like to start participating in competitive weightlifting as well!
  12. Almost to 200 content!

  13. seemore_bhutts

    Ask Mr. Bhutts

    Thank you. If I were to host another event, it would most likely be a talent show of sorts (But I'm also taking suggestions!) I would have people upload videos of themselves doing things that they find interesting, and after having a private vote, I would have the public vote on the top results, and the winner would of course get some kind of prize!
  14. seemore_bhutts

    Ask Mr. Bhutts

    Alrighty! *Pulls microphone closer* The event I recently hosted went well, though I had wished that more people made submissions. The contests themselves would be much more fun with more people participating. I'm thinking about having more contests take place here soon, so be on the lookout for those. The poem submitted by the legendary writer @Roxeg was very well done, as was shown through the votes that they received. I enjoyed all poems sent in, but the people have chosen their favorite. You shouldn't be absent because of the rain! Seemore Bhutts was my father's old account name on games that he played, so when he passed away I kept the name
  15. seemore_bhutts

    Violet Evergarden - Episode Discussion

    Finished the show last week, and I loved it. The story was told well, as we slowly started seeing more and more of the trauma that Violet had to endure. The way the story slowly revealed parts of the same scene through episodes gone past was effective in showing Violet's growth as a person, moving past the tool that she though she was.
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