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  1. finally finished lining my comic page for my game of pokemon blue rescue team.  Just got to word bubble and add tones.


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    2. FinDee


      Secret is to draw lots of hands.  and use shapes.  like squares.  Try to remember that shapes need to have thickness.

    3. XII360


      aww crap, so basically what i've been doing so far

      well ball's, why are hands so hard compared to anything else x.x

      i mean feet is also hard...but those two are pretty much the same thing

    4. FinDee


      Well just so you know, mileage and realism are also important.  so learning how to draw real life is a gate to being able to draw anime.  

  2. Man, depression has me by the balls today.  It's hard to motivate in order to do anything.  I'm struggling and unfortunately my times coming to end quickly on my Clip Studio.  Guess I'm just using this to bitch.  Don't really have a place to do that I guess.  Oh well,  we all have problems.  

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    2. FinDee


      what?  But I don't even know what the letters mean.  I guess I'll go with C if you aren't going to tell me anything about them.

    3. XII360


      our medic team (intrams i guess, is what they call it?) is soon, and ill probably have to pick a team, 


      sooo ill be joining team C ^_^, its on 21st ;o

    4. FinDee


      Oh wow.  Good luck.

  3. yeah I know what you mean, Aqua can keep him alive no matter what. Pros and cons. lol. But despite being surrounded by very powerful classed people and at least he's not alone. I imagine it would different story if he had to go through the series by himself.
  4. I've thought about this question lots of times. What would I choose? To be honest I feel like there are so many factors you have to account for here. But honestly I'd probably choose something like Konosuba. Even if I'm as useless there as I am in real life. I think it would still be fun to have the potential for powers and magics. Worst case scenario I end up as bad as main character just without any luck.
  5. FinDee

    Favorite Yaoi Manga?

    I can't quite place it. but I want to say it's called Galaxy something or other. Hmmm... Basically it's about the relationship between a short guy who looks like a girl and a tall guy who struggles to accept himself so he lashes out a lot. And them both trying to deal with said relationship until and misunderstandings along way that causes the little to guy to realize the big guy actually cares. A bit of a comedy aspect to it along with sitcom kind of feal. But still had really good art.
  6. FinDee

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    professional Nerd
  7. FinDee

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    Played and beat in one sitting Bioshock Infinite I really enjoyed the game despite not having the traditional bioshock look. I missed it quite a bit. But I really Fell in love with Elizabeth and the story was pretty great. Love that series. So good. Go get em.
  8. FinDee

    Pet Peeves

    Racism or in general teasing of people. It's different it you're friends. But it makes me so angry when I see that, and I can see the hurt on someone elses face. Bothers me a lot.
  9. FinDee

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    I'm really sad about that game. But I hope to be surprised. I've been playing Blue Rescue Team for DS I beat the main campaign now to beat the after game.
  10. FinDee

    I get no matches on Tinder and the like

    Well we can't control how we feel for the most part. I hope you find happiness in some way be it finding a new friend or more with some lady friend. Just try and keep your head up and not sweat it as best you can. Have a Cuebone.
  11. FinDee

    Ask Optic

    Who's that poke'mon?
  12. FinDee

    I get no matches on Tinder and the like

    I hate to say it. But most people on dating sites are ones that are too stubborn to give anyone but what they view as perfect as a chance, or just hook ups. And that's their choice. Nothing can be done about it, try not to fret about it, that's your choice. I've been on dating sites before too. And even it's got some (very few) generally interesting people. It's also full of liars, cheats, fakes, marketers for adult sites, and people who don't want to give a relationship a chance because of this or that reason. Hold your head up and meet people in person. The net can be a dangerous place where despite a picture being there, people remain faceless and so they don't associate you with a real human being, there for they say whatever they want. I say try mixers, blind dating. Things like that. Gatherings of people. Travel and meet new people. Help people out if they need help. You never know who you could be introduced to that way. While these are all my own personal feelings on the subject this is honestly mostly an opinion based on my experience. I'm single too. But more so by choice right now do to life style situations. But I wish you the best of luck. Get out there and do you.
  13. FinDee

    Have you ever played pokemon blue rescue team?

    Well then I'll definitely give it another shot then. See where it takes me.
  14. FinDee

    Have you ever played pokemon blue rescue team?

    When I started blue rescue team it stuck me with Cuebone. In which case I was like. "Yeah, sounds about right" lol. So I'm playing through with him. As far as the newer one. I didn't get far before I was turned off from it. Just didn't tickle my fancy. But if I can find my copy I may try it again. See what it's all about.
  15. FinDee

    Have you ever played pokemon blue rescue team?

    I do find myself enjoying quite a bit, I'm almost finished with main game and can't wait to get to the point that I can train up my character for dungeon domination. lol. What's your favorite pokemon to use? I certainly think so. If you do check it out. Let me know what you think of it. I'm honestly more of a fan of the original. If you do get a newer one I hope you have fun.
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