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  1. so...I'm a bit confused about this. Is this a drawing contest where you draw anime characters or where you draw anime characters dressed up for Halloween?
  2. Hey to each their own. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. Just figured I'd see if others were into it. At this point though it's pretty repetitive.
  3. What class do you enjoy? Do you run multiple characters? right now I have a Berserker, Wizard, priest, Gunner, RuneBlade. I have lvl 50 broke with two of them.
  4. I'd be surprised. I'm not a very well known artist. I mostly do pin up comission works and have done a few comic panels here and there.
  5. My experience is that no matter what people will have their judgments no matter what. (being a nsfw artist) Everyone tends to have their thoughts and opinions about you as a human being. Either way, just keep living the life that you enjoy friend. No one should take what you enjoy in your free time away from you through guilt or embarrassment.
  6. when I play the minecraft. I tend to play the mod pixelmon. (a pokemon mod) I feel it gives a good feel for both games and just have a bit of fun with it. Getting badges and such are a pain though. (you need to get pretty high levels going for that.) And the beginning can be a bit painful trying to find a village just so you can access a pokemon center. So It's a lot of minecraft with fainted pokemon until you get enough foods for traveling.
  7. all of the above. if animals where more human then having them in my life for a multi income home would make like significantly more easy.
  8. @Optic My apologies. That would be my fault. I asked @SIlverFoxtail if they had any media platforms they are on for art. So I'm the instigator. Which is why they posted that.
  9. Hi! Do you have a favorite anime? I'd like to see some of your art. Do you have a media platform you're on?
  10. Well as you know I'm more into the art thing. (Tah-da! some of my current unfinished works.) But beyond that I'm also a very much a self taught individual that I am recently putting lots of time into. (working hard on it) I do have a lot of time I can fill. But that comes at a cost. No life. lol. If you're a Gamer/Artist/Coder/Adventurer/Cyclist/Jumper/Par-cor/Dancer/Party Animal/student/sleeper This and that then you know there just isn't enough time in the day for everything so priority and schedules are normally a good thing. Finding time for everything can be hard. Otherwise you'
  11. My sleep tends to change. Sometimes I'll sleep for most of the day and others I just can't seem to sleep at all. So I go back and forth.
  12. https://twitter.com/FinDee89405843 My twitter has my arts if you wish to see them. On my pc now I have firealpaca/medibang/clip studio/krita All of which I kind of use for specific things. But I mainly use clip studio for the actual work.
  13. it's digital. I use clip studio and such for my stuff.
  14. Hi, I myself am just generally an artist. I lean twards the anime style. Recent drawing drop.
  15. Duel Masters, Trigun, Tenchi Muyu, Wolfs Rain, Scry-ed, DragonBallZ, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Medabots, Megaman Battle Network (miss the game too), Beyblade, Kirby, Fighting Foodons, Monster Rancher. Good times. I feel like I have more but since I can't recall there names I just wont count them. we had caps here too. But we called them pogs. I miss me some pogs
  16. @alupacard you can PM me or we can chat here anytime you want to chat. I am happy to share any experiences I've had with you.
  17. @alupacard my opinion on tattoos. Honestly I love them. I have a few myself. Some that I've done and some that I haven't done. I actually tried several times to become a tattoo artist. But unfortunately. Things don't always work out in this area the way that you want them too. Maybe had I been from a different area I would of had a chance. But everyone around here. They just do you dirty with a smile on there face. I've Got about Six Tats. 3 of which I've done myself. Yeah I've been licensed and passed pathogens tests and hygiene/sterilization tests. I'm actually more strict on th
  18. Damn depression. Leave me alone.  I would really enjoy feeling okay right now.  Not good not sad.  Just want to be content.  

    1. XII360


      one thing i've done that actually helped a bit -- in terms of getting a cool head -- and feeling less depressed -- was -- not yoga, but part of yoga

      do meditation, trust me, like, really trust me man, it really clears the mind, and also telling yourself positively

      ima share ya a vid, my professor shared me, but its 50minutes long, ill tell you the part thats important

      but you're free to watch it all, couse trust me, his reallly really good, but again, thats 50 long minutes man >.>, and its more of a learn faster vid, sooooo

      check out, 22:00 - 24:03, try imitating it while listening to what he says you should do (be sure to close your eyes and use imagination !)

      his right when you think about it, our mind is just limiting us on some stuff, so think positive~ and do some meditations~

      fun fact: before i study now a days, i begin by doing meditation, it, actually, lowkey, works

      i memorize things 100x faster than i used too >.>

      ofcourse it could be just my imagination, but it sure helped me ?

      but thats not the main point im trying to geetttt~!

      i-i have no idea how this helps in depression, but if it helped me think a bit positively, im sure itll help you

      somewhat ?

    2. FinDee


      Maybe.  I'll give it a shot.  

    3. XII360


      just do it, dont let dreams, just be dreams,

      ...and other words he said, i didnt really watch the vid, i only saw the memes >.>

      (the shekila? shequila? i think was his name, vid one)

  19. True Neutral I guess that sounds about right for me. To a point.
  20. Time for some no man sky.  Guess I'll be digging into that for a bit.

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    2. alupacard


      ... man, I thought I would see a fire. But... not if @FinDee is exploding. That is awful T^T

    3. FinDee


      lol, I'll be fine. 


    4. XII360


      ..im still calling the fire department >.>

      an exploded brain is not a fun brain

      daijoubu fin-fin, me and alu will have fire extinguishers ready

      and dont worry i know how to use one, i just need to remember the word "PASS"



      it was hard to make up a funny bailing joke on PASS >.> (its real meaning is pull pin/aim/squeeze/swing side by side, incase you wanted to know ;o)

  21. I think it's the same reason people only prefer to play male characters in any given game. I had a friend as me why I chose a female game character one time and I just shrugged. Don't see the difference really. The outcome is generally the same you don't get stat boosts in most games to differ from male to female and Sometimes it's can be a nice change of pace. But I think it's possible that it's just being able to relate more to the character based on the average stereotype gender rolls. In the end though. I don't really like fighting with people. I'd just throw a then re watch one pun
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