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  1. so...I'm a bit confused about this. Is this a drawing contest where you draw anime characters or where you draw anime characters dressed up for Halloween?
  2. Hey to each their own. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. Just figured I'd see if others were into it. At this point though it's pretty repetitive.
  3. What class do you enjoy? Do you run multiple characters? right now I have a Berserker, Wizard, priest, Gunner, RuneBlade. I have lvl 50 broke with two of them.
  4. I'd be surprised. I'm not a very well known artist. I mostly do pin up comission works and have done a few comic panels here and there.
  5. My experience is that no matter what people will have their judgments no matter what. (being a nsfw artist) Everyone tends to have their thoughts and opinions about you as a human being. Either way, just keep living the life that you enjoy friend. No one should take what you enjoy in your free time away from you through guilt or embarrassment.
  6. when I play the minecraft. I tend to play the mod pixelmon. (a pokemon mod) I feel it gives a good feel for both games and just have a bit of fun with it. Getting badges and such are a pain though. (you need to get pretty high levels going for that.) And the beginning can be a bit painful trying to find a village just so you can access a pokemon center. So It's a lot of minecraft with fainted pokemon until you get enough foods for traveling.
  7. all of the above. if animals where more human then having them in my life for a multi income home would make like significantly more easy.
  8. Lol, cutting your teeth. That's a good way to put it. either way I hope you love the game. Just remember that when it comes to art. for every piece of art that you see that is amazing and great. there were thousands of pictures before it that sucked. No one starts off amazing at art. But everyone can learn. It's one of my favorite things about it. It's just learning how to teach yourself in the best way that works for you. I mean I started with the stick figures. And people complain all the time "Well I can't even do that, or this" I have no sympathy for them though. They don't even want to try, just wanting to complain about it. (he said as he's complaining about complainers) Well if you need any assistance, let me know.
  9. Monster hunter world. Is actually the most player friendly game in the series. But how do I put it. It's like monster hunter lite. It's more like it's not a monster hunter game but a different animal of the same species. If that makes sense. (Not sure if this will be your first game in the series. I hope you enjoy it when you do get into it. As far as drawing. I've been drawing ever since I was kid. I would draw a lot. Mostly neglecting school work for doing art. So that's really how I managed to get into it. started with stick figures and built up a skill set from there. ages 4 to 31. I wouldn't really say I actually had any influence other then that. Well besides the cartoons I grew up on. But I don't remember watching cartoons when I started drawing.
  10. Hi there. And welcome to the forum. As I'm sure you can tell already. There are lots of cool people here who enjoy a lot of the same things. It's great. If you keep chatting with people you'll make a lot of great friends easily. I grew up with all of those shows too. Card capture Sakura, sailor moon, trigun, pokemon, digimon, ect. Such a great time. I was either watching that or playing the legend of zelda ocarina of time/pokemon snap/pokemon stadium/ mario kart 64. Now a days I tend to draw when I'm not doing personal studies. And on breaks I'm playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch. Good times.
  11. @Optic My apologies. That would be my fault. I asked @SIlverFoxtail if they had any media platforms they are on for art. So I'm the instigator. Which is why they posted that.
  12. Hi! Do you have a favorite anime? I'd like to see some of your art. Do you have a media platform you're on?
  13. Well as you know I'm more into the art thing. (Tah-da! some of my current unfinished works.) But beyond that I'm also a very much a self taught individual that I am recently putting lots of time into. (working hard on it) I do have a lot of time I can fill. But that comes at a cost. No life. lol. If you're a Gamer/Artist/Coder/Adventurer/Cyclist/Jumper/Par-cor/Dancer/Party Animal/student/sleeper This and that then you know there just isn't enough time in the day for everything so priority and schedules are normally a good thing. Finding time for everything can be hard. Otherwise you're stuck doing just 15 minutes of everything. And nobody wants only 15 minutes of anything. That's not even a full of episode of any given show that's on tv. (not exactly accurate but you get my point) I hope you find some way you can find more time for fun.
  14. Hi there. Welcome to AF. I do art too. Fun times. Well anyway. I hope you enjoy your time here and that you make lots of friends.
  15. My sleep tends to change. Sometimes I'll sleep for most of the day and others I just can't seem to sleep at all. So I go back and forth.
  16. Welcome to AF Hope you find lots of friends here. Everyone seems pretty great here to me, so shouldn't be very difficult to make new friends.
  17. https://twitter.com/FinDee89405843 My twitter has my arts if you wish to see them. On my pc now I have firealpaca/medibang/clip studio/krita All of which I kind of use for specific things. But I mainly use clip studio for the actual work.
  18. it's digital. I use clip studio and such for my stuff.
  19. Hi, I myself am just generally an artist. I lean twards the anime style. Recent drawing drop.
  20. Duel Masters, Trigun, Tenchi Muyu, Wolfs Rain, Scry-ed, DragonBallZ, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Medabots, Megaman Battle Network (miss the game too), Beyblade, Kirby, Fighting Foodons, Monster Rancher. Good times. I feel like I have more but since I can't recall there names I just wont count them. we had caps here too. But we called them pogs. I miss me some pogs
  21. Hi, how's it going? Welcome to AF and hope you enjoy the time spent here chatting pretty awesome people
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