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  1. i'm also looking forward DMC 5 ( just the ost makes me have goose bumps), also sekiro and cyberpunk seems interesting
  2. oh i love it...for anyone else i recommend to give it a shot. Excluding the big ones like one piece, my hero academia, ecc... i'm keeping up with also akagami no shirayukihime, a certain scientific accelerator and railgun, smoking parade, noragami. @Palatine if you are interested in more dark/gore try Smoking Parade, it may be to your liking.
  3. Tokyo ghoul is probably the one you are searching for 'couse satisfy your description, it aired in 2014 if can help it. Otherwhise you can check Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu (aired 2010) and D.gray man (aired 2006 and has around 100 eps)... but this one doesn't fit perfectly with all the criteria you give us.
  4. rice with curry and little shrimp...made at home as a first try...was quite bad ahahah seems quite good...is staffed with?
  5. I am more a console player, mainly becouse my pc si quite bad , but like you i spent a lot of time looking at the scenary of Horizon Zero Dawn. Specifically i love how the dynamic weather interact with the enviroments and the characters and its impressive all the shades that come to life with the effects from lights and shadows. I think that For anyone who like to wander around and just look at the scenary this is a must. P.S. : sorry for my english but it is not my first language...thus i ask forgiveness for any error
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