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  1. COUNT from 1,000 to 0 Basically each person continues the count till we reach the number 0
  2. Say or post the first thing that you think of when you read the above user's post. Example: Pineapple My response: Spongebob
  3. Hello friends! I'm making a thread here to see if anyone would be interested in reading the visual novel I've been working on. At this point I'm nearly finished with Arc 2 and in desperate need of avid readers and creative minds! Welcome to the proper thread for Aquae ~Crystal Clear Waters~ a fantasy/adventure visual novel. Completely free to play as was the original though now with a much more vivid and expanded world to explore. Still mostly kinetic though now with the ability to change certain course of events through the player's actions and choices. While romance isn't a main focus, it is now an option. The original story was broken up into three separate arcs. Presently, Arc 1 is sitting at 18.5k words and 1.5-2hr read time. https://zweit.itch.io/aquae-crystal-clear-waters <-- Download for Windows, Linux, and Android The entire script itself is clocking in at 56,761 words and counting. itch.io The winds of fate rush in with the summer breeze.Travelers the land over come to take part in the annual festival and celebrate the lasting time of peace after previous years of war and strife. As paper lanterns begin decorating the coastlines above, there surges a troubling shift of tides through the underwater haven of the nerida below. Join Kaizarel - the wayward prince of the isles - as he embarks on an exciting night at the summer festival. Where he meets friends both new and old, including a mysterious stranger with rare purple eyes just like his own. In his attempts to discover the connection he and this strange visitor have in common, Kaizarel instead finds himself embroiled in both the politics of land and sea, as well as unearthing family secrets long buried beneath the sands. Will history be re-written, as waves upon the sand? Or will bloodshed remain?
  4. Does anyone know of an Anime game but a 2D version? In addition to being open world and mmorpg Is there no such thing? Why don't they make it? It could easily be in a web browser without downloading it I would easily walk (wasd) and explore places like these What do you think about this idea? Make your own anime character each server is the city of Japan to do various tests, challenges, goals to choose which school you want to go to, To work in the profession that suits you and you like. Interact with players. Each choice you and the other players make changes the story of your character and their character (i.e. they affect each other for more realism) Now what kind of game? What category do you like best? 1) For zombies - survival? 2) just realistic and relaxing 3) Science Fiction? 4) Athletic? etc although I believe they can all be done together in this game haha
  5. Share the good things you did, nice things that happened to you whether it's things from before, today, or that will occur in the future! Example: I got to see someone I care about once again in person.
  6. Key Visual


    The art of bashing a head with a rock. Still playing this game since 2013 and they are still updating and adding stuff to the game. Love the building mechanics and hope they add more in the future. Didn't see a topic for it so adding a thread here. Post your creations, wiring projects and other stuff within the game!
  7. Hellooo~ I did a bunch of cell-shaded chibi drawings of these two in the past couple of days and decided to wait to post them until I had enough for a collection! I will probably add to this thread the more art I do, these simple pieces are just so fun (=⌒▽⌒=) I'll start with my fav, which also happens to be my most recent. As a general rule, I'm not lookin for criticism, so please avoid that if possible. Thankie~ 1. Dancing ⌒°ʚ(ෆ❛ั ᴗ ❛ัʃƪ)ɞ♡°⌒ Here I revisited an older outfit of Camelia's that you can find in my female oc collection post! 2. Bubblebath (❁´◡`❁) I made the outline too thick on this one, but going back and fixing it would be a pain lol 3. Afternoon nap~ This was actually the first one I did and I attempted a chubbier chibi style for it! 4. Watching Fireworks ˙˚ଘo(∗ ❛ั ᵕ ❛ั )੭່˙ This one features Camelia's "canon" outfit! There will undoubtedly be more of these, so I'll probably just tack them on this post if I figure out how. Please consider following the topic to see more in the future!
  8. Where's Wald.. er.. I mean Ingenuity. (Hint... it's right there next to the rock.)
  9. Robot Masters - read "villains." I don't know how often this subject comes up in gaming circles but, I was always curious how other people perceived the antagonists in the original series ( 1-8 ). I enjoyed playing the games when I wasn't getting creamed, yet I saw something more in the series than just having fun on the bean bag. The enemy characters were often a pain to play against when you didn't have their weakness in your inventory but, I always really admired the conceptual design that went into some of the characters from an artistic point of view. I would always look at the stage boss and think, "I wanna play as this other dude, he's cool!" In comparison, Rock's armor was always very plain Jane - it looks like the costumes used for the film "Tron," only not as cool. Even after receiving the signature weapon of the defeated master, it was often nerfed and didn't even look as impressive to watch being used; Elecman's Thunder Beam was one exception to the general rule. Rock himself was basically a jack of all trades, master of none. ( Rock = Mega Man ) Back on topic though, I always saw a lot of untapped potential in the backstories behind the Robot Masters. I would actually argue that some of them should have gotten their own spinoffs with them as the main characters. I'm aware that attempts have been made toward this route in titles like the remake of the original, "Megaman: Powered Up." To be honest, I didn't like everything they did with that; they turned Iceman into a deranged mentalist, Fireman sounds way too bombastic, and they transposed Vega's personality in "Street Fighter" onto Elecman ( both games are Capcom titles I know ) . Also, what's with the whole 'chibi' art style? Do they have to make some cutesy bobblehead version of every franchise? I don't get that. Does anyone else get the feeling that Capcom was wrong not to use the enemy characters to create something resembling the DC Universe's Justice League instead? In any case, does anyone have any particular favorite robot masters from the classic game series? What are the charismatic qualities they have that make them appealing to you? I thought about making this a poll but, there's too many. It would be almost impossible for me to choose only one that I like more than all the others, I could more easily name the ones I didn't like. so I'll just name some of mine and describe my thoughts about them. No particular order. Shadow Man - Perhaps the most popular robot master. He always seemed very over with the fans of the series and I can see why. He's like Mega Man's answer to the Hitman - he's the excellence in execution, the greatest technical robot master; the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be -- okay, I was just being facetious with that analogy ( or at least half of it ). It would actually be great to see some fan art where he's got Rock in the sharp shooter. He's got the cool helmet which basically resembles the New England Patriots Logo with a 4-sided star on it. For the longest time, I didn't even know he was actually supposed to be patterned after ninjas as his motif. He was noted for being one of the more formidable masters of Megaman 3. They definitely should have given this character his own game. It would have sold, and likely quite well if done competently. Gemini Man - Easily one of the coolest and most unique characters in the entire franchise. His ability to attack with a clone duplicate of himself was really freaky ( and frustrating ). His silver armor is totally rad. This is another one I could imagine selling like hotcakes as the protagonist of his own game. His official info describes him as a narcissist so, maybe doesn't have the most likable personality. I still think they could market him as the cool anti-hero pretty effectively though. Quick Man - Yeah, I know that it's obvious that this character drew heavy inspiration from the Flash but, there are certain aspects to his design that also set him apart. Another character with one of the coolest helmets I've ever seen. His actual projectile weapon in the game left a lot to be desired visually, but he did move around quite well. Despite having a weak name, and an even cheesier stage theme, there is something special about him that gives him that babyface quality that the fans would root for. Although the canonicity of "Super Adventure Rockman" is questionable, there was an actual cutscene where for one brief moment Quickman actually turned babyface and took a shadow blade, sacrificing himself to save Rock's life. This shows that the writers were actually thinking about it. Skull Man - For a character in a game aimed at kids, this guy's motif was rather edgy. Then again, if anyone has watched the original Japanese versions of "Power Rangers" ( Super Sentai ), they would appreciate that the tone is usually darker ( which I actually prefer ). I never did read any of the manga based on the "Rockman" Universe, but apparently this robot master was given a sympathetic redemption ending as a tragic anti-hero. I always thought it odd how covers of his stage theme are generally done in an 80s synth rock style...I guess Skullman must be a real maniac on the dance floor. lol Seriously, I don't understand why they didn't experiment more with the idea of giving this guy his own series too. Fire Man - Arguably one of the most original character designs in the first game - often imitated, never duplicated. He's got the head with the always burning torch, and a pretty flashy attack animation for the time. This would be another winner here. Elec Man - My favorite robot master from the first game, though Fire Man follows a close second. His design is maybe not the most original but, still pretty neat. His weapon is so destructive that it forces the player to respect him. I hated how weak they made him in the Ruby-Spears cartoon from the 90s. I honestly don't care if his theme sounds like it was ripped off from other songs, it was still the best one in the game. Although he's said to have taken up playing the electric guitar in his official info, you never see any art of him playing the analogue synth on a keyboard like Mortal Kombat's Rayden is sometimes depicted doing in fan art - it's actually disappointing. Star Man - I know that tactically he's really just a filler character to cover all of the eight villain slots in MM5 but, he's still kinda cool. Wish his weapon was something never seen before up to that point though. Gravity Man - As cool as this character already is, there was so much more they could have done with him, albeit not without making him practically unbeatable. The name says it all, need I say more about him? Crash Man - The guy with the "G-Force" style helmet and drills for hands. Little bit of trivia, the name "Drill Man" was actually suggested for him before settling on the name Crash Man. The name "Drill Man" would later be used for a future robot master in "Mega Man 4." I'm not sure if he would be material for his own game without having more tricks or abilities. Still a very deadly opponent if you didn't have his weakness equipped. Flash Man - Despite his attributes, he was the easiest robot master to beat in MM2. Even so, I love the concept of a weapon that freezes time. I also love his stage theme. Snake Man - This is one of those characters that looks cool but doesn't do anything really flashy. A big let down in regards to abilities. Well composed theme song though. Spark Man - One of the less human looking droids, his design was original. He had some rather visually impressive attacks for the graphical capability on an 8-Bit system in the day. Magnet Man - Cool motif, though it would seem that the character would lack versatility in any situations that didn't involve metal or electronics in-game. How would one make a solo act out of such a specialized character? Freeze Man - Entering the 16-Bit Era, he was the one robot master that really stood out to me in the cast of MM7. He looked much more menacing than his predecessor Ice Man did. He was also one of the most difficult opponents in the game.
  10. The year was 1994. When it came to video games, no title existing at the time was a bigger lightning rod of controversy than "Mortal Kombat" and "DOOM" were. DOOM was ported to a wide range of different consoles but did you know that the 3DO port was originally supposed to feature FMV cutscenes to help develop and drive the plot? I'm not making this up, it was actually on the table for a time before they were cut from the final product. To this day, there are surviving screenshots from the ultimately DOOMed bonus content that was to be included in the game. One costume was ordered, and many sources have dubbed it the "Cyberdemon" costume. If that is what the creature in the screenshots is supposed to be, then it is obvious that the crew never encountered a Cyberdemon in-game; the Cyberdemon from the game was gigantic. You could have André the Giant wearing the costume and not do the monster's in-game counterpart justice. Although the words, "worst thing to walk on two legs since the Tyrannosaurus Rex" were being used to refer to the description of the Minotaur-like 'Barons of Hell' in the game manual, Cyberdemons were the enemy type that were actually as big as a T. Rex! Also note that the costume has no exposed wiring on its belly, no missile pod on one of its arms, or a hydraulic metal goat leg. The Cyberdemon was featured on the box art of "DOOM II: Hell On Earth". Unfortunately these were never released and there was no script, so we will never know what the motivations of the characters in these following screenshots were supposed to be. The failed 3DO console itself was used as a joke in the dialogue from the anime series, "Lucky Star" - Konata explained that the 3DO was one of the punishment prizes that her father would award her if she underachieved in school placement. ( monster eating protagonist's entrails?? ) ( DOOM Slayer's love interest? ) Could there be some kind of love triangle going on here between the demon, the DOOM Slayer and the girl? Or maybe it's something even more bizarre than that...like maybe a threesome? It seems pretty obvious who the "bull" in this 3-way relationship is going to be. I guess it's no worse than anything else that passes for 'entertainment' in the Western World today though. Sources: The True Story Behind Doom 3DO's 'Missing' FMV Scenes Photos from scrapped Doom FMV are terrifying, just not in a good way EDIT: Upon writing this initially, I had not yet seen this vlog of game programmer Rebecca Heineman who had worked on this port of the game, weighing in on the backstory of the ill-fated FMV sequences. In it, she confirms that the costume was actually intended to portray the Hell Barons ( not the Cyberdemon ), which makes more sense. She mentions something about a recent article pertaining to the FMVs but never posted a direct link in the video description. Heineman has a lot of insight on the expenses that go into film making, which is useful. Below is a link to the photos from the set on Github ( apparently uploaded by Heineman herself ) : https://github.com/Olde-Skuul/doom3do/tree/master/art/set-photos It is actually a pity that we never got a version of Classic DOOM with cool live action scenes like Resident Evil had...I have seen people draw a comparison to the lost cutscenes from the original "Twisted Metal" but the difference is that those were still eventually released.
  11. Did you know the DLC for this game has been delisted? It's now lost media. Did you buy any or all of the DLC? There are 31 Skin Packs, for a total of 102 lost skins! I am looking for all of them. These are the 31 DLC titles. (Parentheses for English translation) ゆるゆり:水着セット (Yuru Yuri: Swimsuit Set) ゆるゆり:ミュージックビデオ衣装セット (Yuru Yuri: Music Video Outfit Set) ゆるゆり:すぺしゃるはっぴセット (Yuru Yuri: Special Happi Set) 這いよれ!ニャル子さんF:水着セット (Crawl! Nyaruko-san F: Swimsuit Set) 這いよれ!ニャル子さんF:ステージ衣装Aセット (Crawl! Nyaruko-san F: Stage costume A set) 這いよれ!ニャル子さんF:ステージ衣装Bセット (Crawl! Nyaruko-san F: Stage costume B set) ビビッドレッド・オペレーション:水着セット (Vividred Operation: Swimsuit Set) ビビッドレッド・オペレーション:ステージ衣装セット (Vividred Operation: Stage Outfit Set) ビビッドレッド・オペレーション:体操服セット (Vividred Operation: Gym Suit Set) きんいろモザイク:水着セット (Kiniro Mosaic: Swimsuit Set) きんいろモザイク:メイド服セット (Kiniro Mosaic: Maid Outfit Set) きんいろモザイク:パジャマセット (Kiniro Mosaic: Pajama Set) 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ -アルス・ノヴァ-:水着セット (Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-: Swimsuit Set) 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ -アルス・ノヴァ-:カジュアルウェアセット (Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-: Casual Wear Set) 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ -アルス・ノヴァ-:Trident Blue Snow衣装セット (Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-: Trident Blue Snow Costume Set) てさぐれ!部活もの あんこーる:メイド服セット (Sagure! Club Activity Ankoru: Maid Outfit Set) てさぐれ!部活もの あんこーる:カジュアルウェアセット (Sagure! Club Activity Ankoru: Casual Wear Set) Wake Up, Girls!:水着セット (Wake Up, Girls! : Swimsuit set) Wake Up, Girls!:7GW衣装セット (Wake Up, Girls! : 7GW costume set) Wake Up, Girls!:パジャマセット (Wake Up, Girls! : Pajama set) GO!GO!575:ステージ衣装セット (GO! GO! 575: Stage Outfit Set) GO!GO!575:クリスマス衣装 (GO! GO! 575: Christmas Outfit) のうりん:水着セット (No-Rin: Swimsuit Set) のうりん:NOL48衣装セット (No-Rin: NOL48 Outfit Set) のうりん:アーマーセット (No-Rin: Armor Set) 未確認で進行形:水着セット (Unconfirmed Progressive: Swimsuit Set) 未確認で進行形:カジュアルウェアセット (Unconfirmed Progressive: Casual Wear Set) 未確認で進行形:着ぐるみセット (Unconfirmed Progressive: Costume Set) ご注文はうさぎですか??:水着セット (Is the order a rabbit? ? : Swimsuit set) ご注文はうさぎですか??:ケルト風衣装セット (Is the order a rabbit? ? : Celtic costume set) ご注文はうさぎですか??:アリス風衣装セット (Is the order a rabbit? ? : Alice costume set)' My goal is to find and preserve these DLCs so that they are no longer lost. So far, I have located 8. ゆるゆり:水着セット (Yuru Yuri: Swimsuit Set) 這いよれ!ニャル子さんF:水着セット (Crawl! Nyaruko-san F: Swimsuit Set) きんいろモザイク:パジャマセット (Kiniro Mosaic: Pajama Set) 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ -アルス・ノヴァ-:水着セット (Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-: Swimsuit Set) GO!GO!575:ステージ衣装セット (GO! GO! 575: Stage Outfit Set) GO!GO!575:クリスマス衣装 (GO! GO! 575: Christmas Outfit) 未確認で進行形:水着セット (Unconfirmed Progressive: Swimsuit Set) 未確認で進行形:カジュアルウェアセット (Unconfirmed Progressive: Casual Wear Set) That leaves 23 more DLCs to find. Are you able to help?
  12. This long forgotten gem was never adapted into an anime but, it probably should have been. Myself and maybe one or two other people are probably the only ones here that even remember playing this now obscure 2-D fighter on the 16-Bit Megadrive. According to what I read, there were more sequels planned after "Challenge From the Dark Side" was released for the Mega-CD console, but Sega of Japan in their infinite wisdom decided to force an early end to the project in favor of its "Virtua Fighter" franchise - go and figure that out. Although I have never played the sequel, I have many fond memories of the first one. More than being simply an enjoyable electronic game, it was a work of art in many more ways than just one. The fact that the box art was done by legendary artists Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell certainly did not hurt. The premise of the story was very unconventional. Basically it goes, an omniscient alien being from the future with super cosmic powers known simply as "The Eternal Champion" grants a second chance at life to nine different fighters from different time periods who met an early death before they could change history for the better and save the world by averting the extinction level cataclysm that the Champion himself seeks to prevent. The Eternal Champion has the fighters compete against each other for the right to face him in combat and determine whether they are worthy of being allowed to return to their original time and be allowed to live out a full life to offset the negative changes which culminate in disaster. Unlike most fighting games of that era, nobody in the first title was actually evil; there were no equivalent counterparts to Shao Kahn or M. Bison storywise. The Eternal Champion himself is legitimately my least favorite final boss to fight against in any of the fighters that I have played. Not only must the player defeat the Eternal Champion in his several different forms during the same round but, the player's health points are only partially replenished between each part of the fight. If the player lost two rounds against the Eternal Champion, there would be no continues and it would be game over -- followed by the Eternal Champion lamenting in despair of how his expectations were not met while informing the player that the world is doomed and that it was their own failure to pass his test that caused it. I never became good enough where I could beat the Eternal Champion. The time travel theme is something that few other fighting game franchises used. "Time Killers" and ADK's "World Heroes" ( later acquired by SNK/Neo Geo ) were the only other two from the 16-Bit Era ( that I can name ) that used this motif. To a lesser extent, the development team from "Killer Instinct" experimented with the concept when the sequel "Killer Instinct 2" ( aka "Killer Instinct Gold" ) was released for the Nintendo 64 in the late '90s. ( EDIT: Eternal Champions was actually adapted into a comic in the issues of the official Sega publication, "Sonic the Comic", which was exclusive to the UK. The story loosely followed the lore of the game. Details here. ) I still remember my first time playing this, it would show some random character from the cast appear and smash the Sega logo before the title screen started - I always thought that was so cool. Aside from the story concept and art direction, I also really enjoyed the background music. It was some of the best ever used for a chiptune. I was delighted to learn that someone actually made remixes of them in just the past few months of my writing this. As good as some of these remixes are, I still don't feel that they necessarily replace the originals - they are an addition to them. I never much cared for Larcen's stage theme, so that might be one exception for me. Some of the songs which were great in their original chiptune form did not translate as well in the new style, so I will be omitting those. You can listen to the original chiptunes here. The artist, Hyde209, not only does covers of video game music, he is also an accomplished graphic artist as well. If you enjoy this, be sure and check him out. The first remix video is the theme from the database of the game's character bios. Hyde provides abridged versions of each of the characters' backstories. The second is of the game's main menu theme. This one is a remix of the Battle Room theme. Undoubtedly, I would have to say Jonathan Blade's stage theme was my favorite one in chiptune. This remix actually captures the spirit of the original the best out of all the iterations of it that Hyde has done, though it is still missing that whirring noise that drones in the background for most of the song on the Megadrive. Hyde did a much older metal version of this song that is also really good -- link here. He also did a couple of others that were more ambitious but, didn't strike my fancy as much - one of them a collab with a friend of his. Larcen's stage theme was my least favorite out of all the chiptunes...somehow Hyde turned this otherwise unremarkable ( and unoriginal ) song into something that's awesome. To be honest, every remix Hyde has done of Shadow's theme is great but, I think this one actually sounds the most like the original; thus, it is my favorite remixed version of it. The scantily clad blonde vixen from the cover art! Jetta Maxx is easily my waifu when it comes to anything EC. Her theme song was also one of my favorites from the original game. Out of all of Hyde's remixes of her theme, this one is my personal favorite and the only one I will feature here. Growing up, I was a Xavier main. Xavier Pendragon was my favorite character from the game and the one that I most empathized with -- he realized all too late that he had cast his pearls before swine when they burned him at the stake. Historically, I believe those accused of witchcraft were actually hanged instead of burned; the accused were still just as dead though. Each of Hyde's Eternal Champions Tribute albums has a cover of Xavier's stage theme. Although the version from his latest album "Resynthesized" sounds much more like the original, this older metal version is just so cool that I actually prefer it over the other ones. It's that kind of awesome... I have always loved shows and films where both the prehistoric and futuristic would come together. I honestly wasn't sure whether to feature Slash's stage theme remix. It's really more like music to set the mood than something made for musical enjoyment. In any case, this one is most faithful to the original and largely succeeds in capturing that feeling. The game's final boss had a pretty wicked tune even in its original 16-Bit form. I honestly think that I might like this one better than the original version. I really like the way this one turned out. The different remixes Hyde has done of Trident's theme are all so good that he is the only character whom all different theme song iterations thereof will be included here. All three have uniquely different sound qualities that set them apart as their own thing. Hyde's album "The Second Chance" included radio drama style voice acting bits relating to the deaths of each character. Out of the three, the remix from "Resynthesized" ( the first one down below ) sounds the most like the original version. I decided not to even bother with the themes of R.A.X. or Midknight because neither were as good as they should have been with modern hardware - especially Midknight's; it's a shame because Midknight's stage was one of my favorites in the game. The remix of the bad ending. And finally...the remix of the good ending.
  13. Sailor Moon Video Games Sailor Moon is a massive franchise, pervading all types of media. This also includes video games! Unfortunately, it is estimated that 90% of these games never have seen official releases outside of Japan. However, fans being amazing as we are, many of these have been translated over the years! I have played a good chunk of these myself, but am still working my way through the vast library of these titles. There are also tons of fan-made games for the franchise, many completely worth playing! My current focus is the Super Moon Fighter series that was created by Sprite Team (a Japanese gaming company), for the X68000. There are several versions of Sailor Moon fighting games that this company has created, and through the power of the internet I have been able to experience NEARLY all of them. Sadly, the version of the game that sparked my interest, Super Moon Fighter DX, is the single version that appears to be missing from the internet. Any help in unearthing this version would be greatly appreciated. Below is the character select screen, and some additional sprites for reference. The specifics for this version include that Sailor Moon is now Eternal Sailor Moon, and has Luna as a side kick who can also attack. Also, Super S abilities were added in such as Venus Love and Beauty Shock, Mars Flame Sniper, Jupiter Oak Evolution, etc. It is also the only currently known version of the game to include Sailor Saturn, who is extremely powerful. Super Moon Fighter aside, I would love for this to just be a general Sailor Moon Video Game Discussion Thread. Speak about whatever you like regarding that subject here! I'll start. Of all the Sailor Moon video games out there, my favorite would have to be Sailor Moon Another Story. If you are unfamiliar, it's a turn-based battle style JRPG that was officially released on the Super Famicon (SNES) by a company called Angel in 1995. To date, it has never seen an official English translation. However, there have been two largely recognized translations done over the years. The original fan translation of the game was done by Bishoujo Senshi Translations released in 1999. This translation heavily relies on knowledge of the fan-subtitled Sailor Moon anime, and fansub anime in general. Additionally, the creators had to do some major re-programming to get it to work properly. The translation is not perfect, but is still very well done and does not impede on enjoyment of the game. Some technique descriptions are inaccurate / funny. Example: The link technique that combines Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Uranus is called Fire Thunder Shaking. The description for this attack is "An old man?" Released 20 years after Bishoujo Senshi Translations' initial release, this is a complete English re-localization of the game. Featured are several fixes to issues and bugs in the original game. There is also a version of this that has some small changes to increase quality of life: that being, double EXP per battle and 1/2 enemy encounter rate as well as adding an attack enhancement item to a shop for Sailor Mercury's solo quest. (Because most people had no idea that her Shabon Spray attack is actually the most useful ability in the game). Both versions of the game are available online. Google search the game title, plus "Fantasy Anime" and you'll find it. Sailor Mercury - From Useless to OP Back when all we had was the original translation, and very limited resources, those of us who were able to play it had absolutely NO idea that Sailor Mercury's ability, Shabon Spray, didn't do direct damage. It is even listed in the fan guide as simply causing minor damage. It wasn't until playing this game as an adult, and becoming obsessed with the fact that her 2 CP cost attack did so much less than everyone else's, and also seemed to have a strange damage limit to it (the numbers never seeming to go higher than 20), for it to just be straight damage. I tested it out, figured out that the numbers popping up are showing exactly how much you are reducing the enemies attack by , and then promptly ran to the internet to find that someone else had discovered the same thing a few years prior. LOL! But still! That was an exciting moment for me, and to this day I do not think it is very well known. Because of this ability, and the fact that Sailor Mercury has one of the highest Defense Stats in the game, Sailor Mercury has successfully taken the spot as Most Useful Character in Sailor Moon Another Story. Feel free to disagree below.
  14. Example: No Loli No life (No Game No Life) I really want to see what funny titles you guys come up with.
  15. So I didn't stumble upon any forum mentioning about this amazing anime "No Game No Life". Well come on guys please give me some revuews about this anime, because personally I love it. I mean the plot and the characters are just so fitting !! The intelligence level of this anime alone can defeat that of Isaac Newton's(just kidding, maybe). The use of psychology and some of the truth of life just hits so hard from this anime. Tell me about your opinions !
  16. So what games are you looking forward to playing this year? What are you currently playing now? I'm an avid Black Desert Online player, but I also play Fate/Grand Order and Honkai Impact on my mobile. I'm looking forward to playing the following games: NieR: Automata (will be gifted by my uncle) Devil May Cry 5 Resident Evil VII (actually NO, I have feeling I'll pass out but I'll get NieR: Automata as a gift if I play RE VII)
  17. Now that things are somewhat returning to normal, my Dungeons and Dragons group has been starting up again. My improvisation is dreadfully out of practice, but its been great to physically sit around a table with people again and have an adventure. Speaking of tabletop roleplaying games(TTRPG), did you know there was a Sailor Moon RPG? Released in 1999, the game guide is impressively detailed from the barebones RPG “starter kits” I’m used to seeing today. There are full length character pages describing the attributes and abilities of the main cast, villains and supporting characters. And they’re not just generalized rpg encoutremont, these are things that actually appeared in the show and each description cites episode numbers to look to for examples. The booklet is full of still frames from the series, and little interjections of things appropriate to the characters. It includes example adventures to play, summaries of the first 82 episodes and a timeline of the Sailor Moon universe. In general, way more immersive information than I could digest without knowing the series already. In terms of actual game mechanics, the Sailor Moon TTRPG is fairly standard. It retains familiar systems of stats, rolling dice to determine performance, magic/weapon based combat, and roleplaying between characters and GM. Anyone who has played D&D could be plopped into a game without the need to learn much more. Compared to the depth of the lore, there is not much that’s special about the actual gaming component. But that’s perfectly fine: if you’ve gotten this game, its because you liked Sailor Moon, not because you wanted a completely novel system to play with. Its at this point that I’d like to disclosure that I’ve never watched Sailor Moon before. Beyond funny moments from the dub (viz. the usage of “cousins”) and other memery, I have no real idea of the plot. If I had, I might have been able to say more about the accuracy or effectiveness of making a RPG about the series. This was just an anime-related game that I found while looking for unusual TTRPGs to goad my friends into trying. And though we won’t end up playing the Sailor Moon game, I think that I could have been a half-decent magical girl if I had just been given a chance and a skirt. But fear not, more anime TTRPG are on the way! It appears a Konosuba themed game is being released this fall. If I wanted, I could be everybody’s favorite Blue Thing at my friends’ weekly gaming session… What a horrifying thought. Thanks for reading!
  18. I am Looking for Best Gaming Emulator For PC.
  19. What do you guys think a 3D Open world Mega Man game would look like? Just imagine you're in the year 20XX, the X series hasn't been created yet(though that doesn't mean that and the powers inthat game can't be refered to in some way) and the world is essentially an Ecumenopolis, a planet wide city. You still have robot masters to defeat and a whole world to explore. What would the game play be like? I wanna stay away from the whole amnesia trope that BOTW has to elicit a feeling of discovery but I still want discovery to be a huge aspect of the game. My thoughts are that Mega Man has the ability to take on 3-4 job classes at once. And by job classes I mean the powers bestowed onto Rock by either defeating robot masters or scanning their data. Rock would essentially work as a hands on Civil Servant. He takes on jobs like Kitty Wrangler, Volunteer Firefighter(Aqua Man Abilities), Mover/ Construction worker(Guts Man abilities). Each power has 3-4 different types of uses and allows him to either traverse the world around him in interesting ways or let him deal with obstacles in the way like with Gutsman's carrying powers. He was just created in this world and is the "first" of his kind that can have multiple abilities like this, not knowing Proto Man was already created. but Rock and Roll are the two parts of Proto Man that needed to be separated in order to not have insubordination. Essentially Rock would have the powers and the more obedient mind to carry our orders while Roll would have the super intelligence to coordinate Rock externally much like you see in The Oracle from the Batman series/comics or Futaba in Persona 5. Whats the mystery though? I could just have it be character driven like why both programs in Proto Man couldn't run simultaneously and ended up corrupting him but it can also maybe refer to the world illustrate how the sigma virus started? I also want the world to have a bit of discovery elements to it and maybe through the different aspects of the world, you realize that combinations in programming cause the robots to malfunction and it's your job to fix it or make sure it doesn't happen again. Maybe there's a scrap pile for all of the thrown out robots and you can get weirdly "cronenberg-y" with it with Robots tryin to assemble and create deformed looking versions of themselves. Maybe in a less horror note, the robots have found a sanctuary that allows them to be away from the busy bustling life of humans and have learned to live amongst nature like the so called murder robots in Laputa Castle in the Sky. How would Rock deal with that and is that enough for the sense of discovery? How would one in this type of setting get the BOTW sense of discovery though? I'm curious about your thoughts.
  20. I can see Gleipnir having lots of potential to get it's own video game. What are your thoughts on the matter? Should it get one or nah? I'd love to be able to play this out in an actual game: Spoiler:
  21. Starcraft 2 boys and girls! Am I the only one who wants a starcraft movie? I am hopeful that some one the awesome ladies and gents on this forums play SC2, but I am even more hopeful to encourage people to try the game out if they never have before. I feel like the RTS genre doesn't get enough attention even though SC remains one of the top E-Sport events with some of the highest price pools out there. THE GAME.- Think chess but on steroids. The fast pace of the game can be overwhelming to some, but the learning curve is rather accomodating. One of the biggest measure of ability in the game is how much you can do at every stage of the game, so rather than speed good decision making is the basis for SC. THE RACES.- Unlike a lot of other RTS games, you only have three possible races to choose from. The Zerg which is the best and only real race, the Protoss, and the Terran. Some people pick one race and stick with it their whole lives, but some like to live dangerously and enjoy the secret 4th option which is random meaning you get one of the three at random at the start of everygame. A hero of mine and one of the best random players out there is winterstarcraft, who is also an excellent resource for players looking to learn their game or improve their game. To those who already play I hope we can get some matches going. To those interested in the game lets get some questions going! FOR THE SWARM
  22. I was wondering if anyone would read my bio and talk to me ? I'm a lonely son of a gun and need friends....? I play xbox and I love anime !!!!! I also roleplay ALOT so if anyone wants to talk or friend me on xbox im more than happy to! MY AGE IS 14 and im a trans XBOX GAMERTAG : BAXAveryX
  23. Hello all, MTGA (Magic the Gathering Arena) is one of my all-time favorite games. Sadly however, there is no good option for finding matches with your friends, in fact you're invites to matches do not even get seen if the other person does not also invite the sender. It is because of this problem I thought I would make this thread, so us MTGA players can coordinate our matches better and not just fight randoms all day. Thread Rules: If you post please post your MTGA profile name and code, for example mine is: LILDOOP#62084 (THIS IS NOT YOUR PASSWORD) You can view your profile name and code by going to your profile page when logged into MTGA fyi. This thread is for anything MTGA related, so you can post cool decks you have made or ideas for decks. You can, once you have given your code out request matches with other players who have done the same and discuss times you will be on. You can talk about lore or make up your own card ideas, really anything MTGA related. So yea, this is like a little club but not in club form because I already belong to 4 clubs. Btw, here (below) are some card ideas I made (tell me your thoughts?). Davriel, Malignant Copyist Card Type: Legendary Planeswalker -Human (Mythic Rare) If your opponent has exiled more than 15 cards you have hexproof and Davriel, Malignant Copyist gains 1 extra loyalty counter per turn. When Davriel, Malignant Copyist dies exile it. +1 Target player exiles the top two cards of their library. -6 Opponent loses health equal to the amount of cards in their exile. -X You may play any number of opponents exiled cards without paying their mana cost. Creature cards played this way go into exile upon death. Starting Loyalty counter: 3 Mana Cost: 2 Swamps +4 swamps (or) Islands. Garruk, Walkers Bane Card Type: Legendary Planeswalker -Human (Mythic Rare) Beasts you control enter the battlefield with +1/1 counters. +2 Place a 2/2 black and green beast creature token with vigilance onto the battlefield. Beast has: "Pay 1, creature gains your choice of either death-touch or trample until end of turn. -6 For every land you control put a +1/1 counter on all non token beasts you control. For every swamp you control deal 1 damage to all opponents creatures. -8 Destroy any number of target planeswalkers then exile them. If you destroy Garruk, Walkers Bane this way transform it. Starting Loyalty counter: 3 Mana Cost: 4 (no color) +2 green, +2 black Transformed = Garruk, hateful hunter Card type: Legendary creature -Human Stats: 10/5 Traits: Indestructible Garruk, hateful hunter has indestructible as long as it is attacking if your opponent has at least 1 planeswalker card in exile. Whenever Garruk, Hateful hunter is dealt damage sacrifice a beast. Whenever Garruk deals damage to target player or planeswalker proliferate. Pay 7, sacrifice Garruk, Hateful hunter and put Garruk, Walkers Bane into your library third from the top. Ob Nixilis, the Profaned Card Type: Legendary Planeswalker -Demon (Mythic Rare) Whenever an instant, sorcery or triggered ability causes an opponent to lose life you gain life equal to 2x the life lost. +1 Look at the top three cards of your library, choose an instant or sorcery card from among them and play it without paying its mana cost. If no instant or sorcery spells were used deal 2 damage to target player. -X Take control of any amount of target creatures. The creatures gain haste until end of turn. At the end of your turn destroy all stolen creatures and put a loyalty counter on Ob Nixilus, the Profaned for each creature destroyed this way. Lose life equal to the creature's power and toughness combined; if you die this way transform Ob Nixilus, The Profaned, his power becomes your health. -8 Place all the God Eternal's onto the battlefield tapped. Starting Loyaty counter: 5 Mana Cost: 2 red, +2 black,+2 green, +2 blue, +2 white Transformed = Ob Nixilus, Devourer of Souls Card Type: Legendary Creature -Demon Stats: 5/5 Traits: Menace, Flying, hex-proof Gain health equal to Ob Nixilus, Devourer of Souls power whenever it deals damage to target player. If Ob Nixilus, Devourer of Souls dies lose the game.
  24. Realtively new to anime, so I am looking for some inspiration in animes and anime streaming services. Currently I have Netflix, Wakanim and Crunchyroll. Favorites this far is: Death Note, Attack on Titan, The Seven Deadly Sins and Sword Art Online. Looking for similar type of series. A little dark, fight for survival, but strong characters who has strong bonds with eachother. Particulary fond of characters as: Mikasa, Levi, Annie, Ymir and Eren from AoT, L from Death Note, Meliodas and Ban from 7DS, and Kiroto, Asuna, Shugu from SAO. Have made an attempt on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, but I just can't be bothered to watch more than the first episode because of the whole Chibi situation and I feel like the characters and the "mood" is a little to juvenile and cheerfull for that type of show. Is this show going to get better? I feel such a pressure from all the fanboys of this show so my attitude has become "meh." Looking for some with high quality storyline 4-6 seasons. But if there is a show with hundreds of episode which is bingeable and is quality troughout I'll gladly take reccomendations. Please give a little description of the show especially if it is a must watch that isn't what I have requested. But hey be my guest reccomend what you feel.
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