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About this blog

Supposing that I could one day head up my very own anime studio on the opposite side of the world to Japan, what would be the specs which would set my own productions apart from the rest of the pack? A hypothetical overview of exactly which elements I would choose to incorporate and what I would do differently and why; budget and time constraints not being an object. Keep in mind that these are opinion pieces and that my ideal specs may not be to everyone's tastes.

Although I will readily admit that I prefer the classic hand-drawn anime to the digital for aesthetic purposes, there are also many modern anime shows that were made in the last 20 years that I happen to like simply because they are very well written. The writing is something that ultimately makes or breaks any show. Writing also happens to be my department.

Entries in this blog

The Lost FMV Cutscenes From 3DO DOOM

The year was 1994. When it came to video games, no title existing at the time was a bigger lightning rod of controversy than "Mortal Kombat" and "DOOM" were. DOOM was ported to a wide range of different consoles but did you know that the 3DO port was originally supposed to feature FMV cutscenes to help develop and drive the plot? I'm not making this up, it was actually on the table for a time before they were cut from the final product. To this day, there are surviving screenshots from the ultim

Blood + Chrome Memorial - RIP

This is actually a few months old now. The reason I posted this here is because only the most dedicated among us would be willing to listen to over two hours of talk about one particular graphic artist. I actually listened to this one twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. Topics Discussed include: *Hand-Drawn Animation *Pre-2000s Cinema *How Gun Culture Influenced Saturday Morning Cartoons During the 80s & 90s *Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers And More...


Kōyamaki in Music/Art

Forgotten Classics: Eternal Champions

This long forgotten gem was never adapted into an anime but, it probably should have been. Myself and maybe one or two other people are probably the only ones here that even remember playing this now obscure 2-D fighter on the 16-Bit Megadrive. According to what I read, there were more sequels planned after "Challenge From the Dark Side" was released for the Mega-CD console, but Sega of Japan in their infinite wisdom decided to force an early end to the project in favor of its "Virtua Fighter" f

Greatest Entrance Themes From the WWE's Golden Era

I am going to preface this entry by stating that I am quite aware of the scripted, theatrical nature of pro-wrestling as a profession. Although people really do get hurt sometimes when doing a show, I am aware that it is not actual fighting in the sense that the premise of "Street Fighter" and "Virtua Fighter" would have you believe it is - if that were the case then Zangief probably would have been programmed to be able to whip every other character's arse very easily in the game as the final b

The Music

Depending on genre, the choices used for an anime's music and score should fit the setting and theme. I know I'm a huge synth guy but, it doesn't always necessarily have to be synth or ambient. The Irish Celtic Music used for the introductory title bumpers for episodes of "Fairy Tail" actually suit the quasi-Medieval fantasy world setting quite well. In other cases where the story in question is in a modern setting ( less rustic ) with a more sentimental tone and fewer comic elements to it, I th


Kōyamaki in My Anime Specs

My Ideal Specs For an Anime Comedy

The classic anime film "Akira" is often hailed as the gold standard that all anime art is judged by. From a purely visual angle, it would be hard to disagree with that. My whole problem is that I personally just didn't much care for the story...great visuals though. If I were ever fortunate enough to have the pleasure of being the Chairman/Editor-in-Chief of my very own anime studio, one of the very first things I would want is a return to form using the classic hand-drawn art style that wa


Kōyamaki in My Anime Specs

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