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The Lost FMV Cutscenes From 3DO DOOM

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The year was 1994. When it came to video games, no title existing at the time was a bigger lightning rod of controversy than "Mortal Kombat" and "DOOM" were. DOOM was ported to a wide range of different consoles but did you know that the 3DO port was originally supposed to feature FMV cutscenes to help develop and drive the plot? I'm not making this up, it was actually on the table for a time before they were cut from the final product. To this day, there are surviving screenshots from the ultimately DOOMed bonus content that was to be included in the game. One costume was ordered, and many sources have dubbed it the "Cyberdemon" costume. If that is what the creature in the screenshots is supposed to be, then it is obvious that the crew never encountered a Cyberdemon in-game; the Cyberdemon from the game was gigantic. You could have André the Giant wearing the costume and not do the monster's in-game counterpart justice. Although the words, "worst thing to walk on two legs since the Tyrannosaurus Rex" were being used to refer to the description of the Minotaur-like 'Barons of Hell' in the game manual, Cyberdemons were the enemy type that were actually as big as a T. Rex! Also note that the costume has no exposed wiring on its belly, no missile pod on one of its arms, or a hydraulic metal goat leg. The Cyberdemon was featured on the box art of "DOOM II: Hell On Earth".






Unfortunately these were never released and there was no script, so we will never know what the motivations of the characters in these following screenshots were supposed to be. The failed 3DO console itself was used as a joke in the dialogue from the anime series, "Lucky Star" - Konata explained that the 3DO was one of the punishment prizes that her father would award her if she underachieved in school placement.




( monster eating protagonist's entrails?? )




( DOOM Slayer's love interest? )






Could there be some kind of love triangle going on here between the demon, the DOOM Slayer and the girl? Or maybe it's something even more bizarre than that...like maybe a threesome? It seems pretty obvious who the "bull" in this 3-way relationship is going to be. I guess it's no worse than anything else that passes for 'entertainment' in the Western World today though.




The True Story Behind Doom 3DO's 'Missing' FMV Scenes

Photos from scrapped Doom FMV are terrifying, just not in a good way



EDIT: Upon writing this initially, I had not yet seen this vlog of game programmer Rebecca Heineman who had worked on this port of the game, weighing in on the backstory of the ill-fated FMV sequences. In it, she confirms that the costume was actually intended to portray the Hell Barons ( not the Cyberdemon ), which makes more sense. She mentions something about a recent article pertaining to the FMVs but never posted a direct link in the video description. Heineman has a lot of insight on the expenses that go into film making, which is useful.


Below is a link to the photos from the set on Github ( apparently uploaded by Heineman herself ) :



It is actually a pity that we never got a version of Classic DOOM with cool live action scenes like Resident Evil had...I have seen people draw a comparison to the lost cutscenes from the original "Twisted Metal" but the difference is that those were still eventually released.



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