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  1. Saw The Equalizer 3 good finish to the franchise and decent action movie. Criminals dumb as usual but that is typical with these types of movies and I expected it.
  2. Also could buy a used android phone without activating it. Use wifi at computer center and put the activation application on it. If anything you can install google voice on it and use wifi calling. That's what I did when I couldn't afford a phone plan.
  3. Next in line Kirinmaru 麒(き)麟(りん)丸(まる) The Beast King 獣王, Kagura 神楽 This one features her attack Dance of the Dead しかばねまい. Bankotsu 蛮骨 Barbaric Dragon ばんりゅう
  4. Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (The Apothecary Diaries) One of the best shows of this season so far.
  5. New update this time Bankotsu 蛮骨 His attacks are a good counter to the MC using his sword the ばんりゅう Barbaric Dragon.
  6. Reminds me of southern Ohio towns near the eastern mountains. Houses built up on the sides of hills near the Ohio river and of course our weather during this time of year nice and overcast.
  7. Going to do some InuYasha Themed Sigs First Covering some Villains. I'll be adding to this post as I go along. First in Line Kagura 神楽 This one features her attack Dance of the Dead しかばねまい. Bankotsu 蛮骨 Barbaric Dragon ばんりゅう
  8. What would you be looking for? Anyone is also free to use any I post no prob.
  9. If you are just signing in on your computer you can use BlueStacks to simulate an android phone. If it's asking for text verification setup a google voice number install the app in blue stacks. This will allow you to receive and send text messages and phone calls. Also you can install the Microsoft verification app via the google play store. This will at least allow you to change the verification email to something else that you can use. Wouldn't do this on a public computer though.
  10. Back to Diamond 2 in Rocket League. Was solo playing today was a struggle and had to carry a few games.
  11. Hanging about with some old armor! Up until a few years ago these were running but over time parts got hard to find and now they are out front a mil surplus company near me. They used ride the one below with the rubber track feet in parades with people dressed up in period gear. Sadly no pictures of it running that I know of.
  12. Each branch of CR has to negotiate a different contract with the Japanese license holders. It's been that way for as long I as can remember.
  13. 31°F | -1°C Precipitation: 15% Humidity: 84% Wind: 15 mph (24 km/h) Light snow
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