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  1. Update, I made a new one! this is based on my OC Dahlia who I wrote about in my post in the writing forum.
  2. That's smart! I've used pinterest for other stuff but hadn't considered it for that. I'll look into it
  3. Thank you I've been having a ton of fun with her, and I just love the cutesy Harajuku style of everything. The only problem is I'm running out of ideas for shoots
  4. Oh the woes of waiting for packages to be delivered from overseas OTL

    1. Ohayotaku


      And in some cases paying more for shipping than  for the item itself

    2. Animedragon


      Here in the UK model shops are hard to find so I have to buy all my model railway stuff by mail order, so I have to wait until I have a decent sized shopping list and make a bulk order just to keep the ratio of postage cost to product cost at a reasonable level. And that's just for orders from UK based shops.

    3. Strawberry2456


      Ugh, I feel you both T_T it's brutal lol. Thankfully taobao is where I've been getting supplies lately and it's relatively quick, just gotta pay a separate shipping fee which is a bit rough >_>

  5. Hiiii again! I've finally got some photoshoots happening with my anime bjds, so I thought I'd share them here. I'm gonna start with my newest doll but will probably add some more as I take them. There's a few on my profile too as status updates. The final photo at the bottom is my setup for today's shoot I go a little nuts with the sparkles, lol
  6. It's been either too windy, rainy or sunny so I took some pics indoors 🥰 I love dressing her up so much that I ordered another body >w< so I'll be making another female OC of mine. 



  7. Did a few more! The first is a commission (in a random wig) and the second is for a doll I'm going to keep.
  8. I made a new Camelia doll 💕 My beloved OC now has a more mature look! I took her for a winter photoshoot today. Too bad there's no snow :[ 





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    2. Strawberry2456


      Thank you 🥰 It was a little nerve-wracking doing the face makeup (there's even a chip in the paint on her one eye T_T) but I'm glad I persevered! 

    3. Animedragon


      That's a really impressive professional quality character model.

    4. Strawberry2456
  9. Thanks so much :] It's been kinda therapeutic honestly, I love working on them. Did more today
  10. Thank you ^^ I know you've probably already seen the post about the heads bc I got back to you so late heheh, I'll go read that comment now. They're very fun to make!
  11. I painted these bjd heads recently! The eyes are also made by me with resin.
  12. My main hobby outside of writing has been doing BJD (ball jointed doll) customization. Mine are anime-styled, so the eyes I make out of resin are also more along the lines of an anime look. I design the irises in ibispaint, drawing em myself, and then print them and encase them in resin. It's a fun process! I will share some dolls I create once my supplies arrive.
  13. Hello! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I wanted to share the stuff I’ve been doing in my absence. After some grief and anxiety, I spent a lot of this past semester working on an original universe. It’s become a labor of love and the characters are all my precious babies, lol. I’m going to share some short stories involving OCs from a larger plot (one I’m not quite confident enough to publicize yet) and I’ll try to list them in as chronological an order as possible. I’m going into this fully expecting not many people to read them, but even if you could take a glance over one or two, I’d appreciate it! Also, I don't know why everything I wrote is bolded here, this happened last time and I couldn't fix it ;o; Winter Tales at the Tavern - Stern elven Colonel Vaeril Alvensheim falls victim to his poor ability to handle alcohol. This results in humorous and warm moments shared under the winter moon. In the company of his friend, a whimsical shopkeeper called Lianthorn, Vaeril laments the peculiar circumstances of his home life and potential romantic interest, Nimiel. Ceramic Hearts - After accidentally breaking a beloved trinket of Nimiel’s, Vaeril–ever the tsundere–brings her to Lianthorn’s shop to find a replacement while grumbling all the while about this and that without much direction. Short, sweet and sappy. Haemir- A dive into our beloved Colonel’s backstory paired with that same cozy tavern as before. A bit heavier in terms of angst, but has a happy ending. TW for death. A Toast to Tomorrow- This one dives into Lianthorn’s backstory, which is equally as tragic and I think quite Frieren-esque (though I myself have never seen that anime and just know it from instagram posts, lol). Opens up the overall narrative’s shift towards Lianthorn and his journey to finding love. Another TW will be issued for mentioned death. A Fated Meeting - Dahlia pt. 1- I have two favorites, and this is part 1. Dahlia, a human woman lost in grief and seeking some kind of spell to resurrect her late father, ventures into elven territory to find a certain cursed staff. She’s willing to sacrifice anything for a chance to see him again–even her own safety. Lianthorn arrives in the nick of time to save her, and what follows is something I can only describe as soul-cleansing (at least to me as a writer, heheh). It was SO comforting and healing to write this one, I just love the amount of sappiness and fluff and I can’t get enough of these two! Winter Woes and Wonders - Dahlia pt. 2- Part 2 of the super-duper-fluffy-wuffy wholesome fest that is Lianthorn and Dahlia’s budding relationship. If you choose to read any of these, I’d like it to be these two. Adult themes are briefly glanced over, but the scene is written as a fade to black, so there’s no inappropriate content. I am currently working on part three. Also, a little FYI– I’ve been using stable diffusion to illustrate these stories. Please, try not to crucify me for the AI thing; I know it can be shady if used wrong, but I’m only using it for this purpose, not to sell or pass off as my own drawings. I don’t need a lecture. This has helped my mental health immensely and I’m not interested in being attacked for it. I’m also not looking for advice or constructive criticism. Sorry to be that person, but I’m happy with my stuff the way it is, y’know? Unwanted criticism just hurts, lol. Anyway! That’s about it. I’ll try to be more active here if I can. Since finals season is over, I have more time. I’ve been kinda down so having some more friends to share stuff with would be really nice! I know I probably sound like an oversensitive crybaby, but I promise I'm not mean. Please feel free to add my discord if you want to talk! I’d be delighted to hear from you.
  14. Ok, I'm back again. Considering posting my writing here if anyone would be interested? I want to try and talk to more people, make friends and share stuff.

  15. Hi surprise I'm not dead! A ton of stuff happened, death in the family + driving tests and college so I've been busy and not super active. I'm probably here for now though? Idk. I've also been writing a bunch of stories on my own and illustrating em with AI which has been super fun! I may try to share those eventually. 

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