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  1. Amazing anime with a unique art style. One of The best shounen animes. Its great if you wanna watch it, just remember that even though it has a little bit of comedy, something moments in this anime can crush your heart. But all in all its a great anime so go and watch !
  2. So I didn't stumble upon any forum mentioning about this amazing anime "No Game No Life". Well come on guys please give me some revuews about this anime, because personally I love it. I mean the plot and the characters are just so fitting !! The intelligence level of this anime alone can defeat that of Isaac Newton's(just kidding, maybe). The use of psychology and some of the truth of life just hits so hard from this anime. Tell me about your opinions !
  3. So I recently completed this anime, and i have to say one of the best animes i have watched so far. The never changing personalities of characters just moves something in my heart. Even though Gabiru was serving under rimuru, he still had his funny self obsession and how can we ignore Rimuru himself who after so many great victories never changed. Man i just love this anime. Would definitely recommend to all the newbie weebs.
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