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  1. I haven't played that one, my cousin warned me off, he said it was absolutely scheisse.
  2. So I suddenly developed this obsession for World War II so if I'm not playing Black Desert Online I'm busy with Company of Heroes.
  3. Xenosaga was a bit of a disappointment for me. I'm still waiting for the next Suikoden game which may come out after half a millennium.
  4. Impressive trailer but the game itself is scheisse? Hmmm not happy about it.
  5. My cousin bought the Spiderman game but it looks toned down compared to the trailers before. Did they reduce the quality of the graphics?
  6. It was amazing and took them 2 years, if I'm not mistaken. Their level of patience and dedication is astounding. I wonder if they can recreate Calpheon City in Minecraft too...
  7. Checking it out. The only games I am aware of from Atlus are the Persona series and Evil Zone.
  8. I've seen a video where they recreated Midgard from Final Fantasy VII.
  9. RPGs are actually the best genre of games, imho. Especially JRPGs, I love them. I think fail videos are in these days. And really hilarious videos of guys playing horror games then screaming their lungs off. Have you guys watched Poiised? I watch his videos sometimes while I go AFK fishing in Black Desert Online.
  10. I'm not very good with fighting games but I loved some of the characters from that series, especially Bridget and Noel. I wouldn't call God of War retro, unless I want Kratos to rip me in half. Currently deciding if I'll give Closers a try.
  11. My uncle plays that too from time to time and really enjoys it. I think we can consider PS1 games to be retro now?
  12. GLOCO from the Philippines playing Cat Mario is over the top madness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IyTaJh_eF0
  13. oh, a fellow Dante fan. I'm looking forward to Sekiro too, the visuals look good like Black Desert Online and I'm always interested in games that show other cultures. Cyberpunk feels like Grand Theft Auto (haven't played it but have seen it numerous times to be familiar) so I'll probably pass on that. Deus Ex looks better imho.
  14. Yes, you cannot place your trust on other players so easily. So whoever thought of the Marketplace or Auction House is a genius. It's a far cry from other MMOs that still allow for direct trading with other players. This is one of the features I like in Black Desert Online and I've never been scammed, not once.
  15. Oh OK, I'll still spend time on Black Desert Online then. i just bought my first boat so I'm thinking about exploring the sea for a change. I just hope I don't encounter sea monsters.
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