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  1. Wouldnt necessarily call myself a developer as of yet I'm learning to code for games. I'm trying to build own game on Unreal right now. The reason I chose Unreal over Unity is cause of the node coding system. I mean I'm also learning C++ but you know, doing both whenever I can. What has my experience been like? SLOW lol. I barely have any coding knowledge and the one or two classes we did have in college between modelling isn't enough to create anything of substance. So yeah slow, but it's been good but you learn quite a bit about stuff that you want to do, stuff that you are ABLE to do/learn and what you should cut off.
  2. I'm kinda proud of this one. One of my friends commissioned me to make this character for him. I wasn't sure about doing commission work since I only JUST got back into drawing after at least 5 years of not doing it seriously. But yeah hope y'all like it. It was inspired by the Jack Frosts from the Persona games and Craig Tucker from South Park.
  3. This old show on Fox Kids show was legit so dope and the opening song was absolute FIRE! It was essentially ghost Stands before I even knew what Jojo's was at the time. I'm excited to see this new version. I'm glad to see they've made new changes to the style to be more current. I have a few critiques nonetheless from this trailer. Of what I see in the trailer so far, Amidamaru looks like a scrawny anime boy protag instead of the tall noble honorable warrior he was depicted as in the early 2000s. Also it's definitely a drawing style difference and technology progressing through the years but I quite liked the FX they had in the old one. It was simple and compliments the rest of the style. Speaking as an animator myself, when there's moving parts like the ki flames and they seem to have all these crazy layered on effects that make it glisten and glow, that completely tries to distract away from what the character's doing. I get that it's to distract from the fact that they may have less frames and just a good pose to work off of but in my head, it just show how still not moving the character actually is. Either go super over the top with literally everything or simplify it but that consistency is the key to not make it look like a(n albeit well done) fan made animation. For me it's much a kin to seeing a really cool 2D fight sequence between two characters all done with 16 bit SNES sprites but all of the FX are of these super high detail flames, lightning bolts or beams that is done with full shading and glow effects, making it feel cheaper in quality than it looks.
  4. What do you guys think a 3D Open world Mega Man game would look like? Just imagine you're in the year 20XX, the X series hasn't been created yet(though that doesn't mean that and the powers inthat game can't be refered to in some way) and the world is essentially an Ecumenopolis, a planet wide city. You still have robot masters to defeat and a whole world to explore. What would the game play be like? I wanna stay away from the whole amnesia trope that BOTW has to elicit a feeling of discovery but I still want discovery to be a huge aspect of the game. My thoughts are that Mega Man has the ability to take on 3-4 job classes at once. And by job classes I mean the powers bestowed onto Rock by either defeating robot masters or scanning their data. Rock would essentially work as a hands on Civil Servant. He takes on jobs like Kitty Wrangler, Volunteer Firefighter(Aqua Man Abilities), Mover/ Construction worker(Guts Man abilities). Each power has 3-4 different types of uses and allows him to either traverse the world around him in interesting ways or let him deal with obstacles in the way like with Gutsman's carrying powers. He was just created in this world and is the "first" of his kind that can have multiple abilities like this, not knowing Proto Man was already created. but Rock and Roll are the two parts of Proto Man that needed to be separated in order to not have insubordination. Essentially Rock would have the powers and the more obedient mind to carry our orders while Roll would have the super intelligence to coordinate Rock externally much like you see in The Oracle from the Batman series/comics or Futaba in Persona 5. Whats the mystery though? I could just have it be character driven like why both programs in Proto Man couldn't run simultaneously and ended up corrupting him but it can also maybe refer to the world illustrate how the sigma virus started? I also want the world to have a bit of discovery elements to it and maybe through the different aspects of the world, you realize that combinations in programming cause the robots to malfunction and it's your job to fix it or make sure it doesn't happen again. Maybe there's a scrap pile for all of the thrown out robots and you can get weirdly "cronenberg-y" with it with Robots tryin to assemble and create deformed looking versions of themselves. Maybe in a less horror note, the robots have found a sanctuary that allows them to be away from the busy bustling life of humans and have learned to live amongst nature like the so called murder robots in Laputa Castle in the Sky. How would Rock deal with that and is that enough for the sense of discovery? How would one in this type of setting get the BOTW sense of discovery though? I'm curious about your thoughts.
  5. I think this upcoming season 4 might focus on her trying to be happy. Aside from the accounting job she did with OTM Girls and the fact that she helped make /build the business, the other attempts she's made with happiness have been very shallow. I mean take a look at the first business with her friend who runs an online store, those guys she dated whether it be the boring plant guy Resasuke or the Bear dude Hirota, even dating the billionaire tech mogul Tadano. They were all ways to try to escape the modern life that she's so tired of. There was a glimmer of hope at the very end of season 3 with Haida claiming they can "punch" or hit the world back. Meaning if she's afraid, he'll help her be strong so that they can fight it together. I'm hoping that's where they take it. Instead of flimsy little methods to escape, I'm hoping she learned from her experience with OTM Girls. That she will need to fully embrace that job or that life that she has and really buckle down on fighting for the life that she wants. Haida says he "wanted to be where you(Aggretsuko ) belong" this might just mean that he'll be her support in fighting the battles that may come. Who knows? She might be a pop idol again revisiting the Aggretsuko name but the fact the she doesn't have to hide it anymore, might make it easier for her to make it a complete reality. Through that maybe she can find her true happiness.
  6. One Piece for sure. The pacing of the manga seems to work cause I can take my time on any given page where as the show seems to have a problem either speeding things wayyy up or slowing quick action bits to a crawl. No more did I feel this way more than the Marineford Arc. I get that they probably wanted this arc to have some huge significance but I feel like if they wanted that they should have shown it in their animations or pacing. As an animator myself, I feel like I have a bit of credence to talk about this but *** *** But yeah the One Piece animehas a pacing problem.
  7. Thank you! I hope so too. It's honestly my first time being on any forums such as this site and I'm kinda lost on what I can do or talk about but I guess that's part of the discovery process. Hope to see you around sometime in one of these discussion pages.
  8. It's probably the convenience of not having to look it up online. Sure I paid money for it but I usually only buy manga that is not the usual battle manga stuff like adults just being weird and quirky like I am. Kinda like The Way of the House Husband or The Life Changing Manga of Tidying by Marie Kondo. Even though hopefully I'll have enough courage to buy all of the One Piece and Dragon Ball graphic novels up until now, I haven't started yet cause I don't have my own place and space is limited.
  9. I'm currently reading One Piece online(that's the only one tht's like a weekly recurrence) but I have been loving "The Way of the House Husband" and I'm collecting the graphic novels of that and I just started one called Stupid Crazy Love... It's premise was a girl who can't get anything done has a new editor who don't take no GUFF and she tries to be better and get work actually done on time. I can super relate to that and it is a rom com so I'm hoping to see some working adults being rom commy kinda cute.
  10. Hi y'all! You can call me Imaginary! I've been a life long anime fan having Dragonball Z as my first ever anime. I'm quite a big One Piece fan. Caught up in manga but not in the anime... Still on Cake Island there. I'm currently revisiting a lot of anime-esque games that I've played in my childhood like Persona 4(Golden on Steam) and Disgaea(1 complete on the switch). Anyways inspired by Geoff Thieu of Mother's Basement, I've decided to start making my own analysis type videos. I'm no where near great with the writing or orating just yet but they are all skills that I'm practicing at home to hopefully make better anime/ game/ pop culture analysis content. Below is the first video of it's kind that I made and even though it took a long time to make, I really enjoyed myself throughout the entire process. If there's anything you think I can do to make a better video please let me know. Also yes I understand that my idea bounces around never fully landing on one and that's another thing I'm trying to fix. And I would love someone to talk to about with current videos and topics that I am making. You know like is there any information that I'm missing and all that. Anyways I'm excited to be a part of this community. Love y'all! Thanks! {LINK REDACTED}

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