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  1. 1. I hate when people use one word responses like "lol." It usually leads to me never messaging again, as I can't stand boring, tedious conversation. 2. I light a large, scented candle when I'm drawing or trying to get into a creative mood. 3. I can eat mac 'n cheese and call it a meal. 4. I drink fruit flavored things, but I can't stand eating fruit because of the texture. 5. When I buy fruit, I put it in a blender and make it a smoothie.
  2. I just recently binged Naragami myself without knowing it was incomplete. That's something to note before you decide to binge. One of the writers got an illness and both the anime and manga have been placed on indefinite hiatus. So there will be no season 3 and no continuation of the manga. If you don't mind a cliffhanger, binge to your heart's content. The story and character development was good, just would have liked to see what happened with the characters.
  3. I don't drink coffee very often, but I use my Keurig anytime I want some, then create a frozen frappuccino in the blender. I used to drink sweet tea a lot, but not so much anymore. I sometimes make raspberry tea, though. At some point I will try bubble tea.
  4. I started watching anime when I was 3. My first one was Sailor Moon, back when it aired on PBS.
  5. There's nothing wrong with a weak protagonist as long as its done right. The protagonist should change during the story. If you have a weak protagonist, they are supposed to change during the story. They're supposed to grow, learn something, gain something, or become stronger. A story that doesn't do this and the protagonist remains the same throughout is a dull/bad one.
  6. I'm on the third episode of Gugure! Kokkuri-san. I listen to it while I'm working sometimes. It makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood. :3
  7. You should head over to a bookstore and bring back those old times again. Who knows, you might find something really interesting. Plus, bookstores are always so colorful and immediately bring that "place filled with knowledge" feeling when you step inside. Or maybe that's just me. I was always the type that read the manga before the anime and became disappointed when I finally did watch the anime, either by animation style or by the voice acting, mostly the voice acting. Vampire Knight was a good example of that. The artwork in the manga is gorgeous, and the story flowed well. Then th
  8. You could try Skip Beat, Kuzu no Honkai, and Your Lie In April if you haven't seen them yet.
  9. As the title suggests, what made you purchase a manga? Did you flip through pages in the book store and found one page interesting? Was it a recommendation? Or was it simply the art style? Whatever the reason, I'd like to know what your reason was for buying one. :3 Personally, I enjoy story and art style. I see the name, then the front cover, and start flipping through pages. I tend to read a few comment bubbles to get an idea of how the story flows, then I look at the back of the manga to find out what it's about. If it interests me enough, I'll buy it. Otherwise, it gets left on the s
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