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  1. Status Update:

    Hey guys. Sorry for not being online for the last 8 to 10 days, (and counting) I don't have electricity in my house atm cuz the meter and wiring in the house needs repairing. Don't know when I will get back power & be online fully again so please be patient with me (hugs)

    1. XII360


      stay well, and care out there~

      no electricity is just a suffering thing

  2. Congrats on becoming an Admin ^.^ Yay!

    Oh wait....were you always a Staffer and I'm now noticing or o_O???

    1. Geano


      Thank you much. I have just been working on the rank text for the sttaff thats all new except mine and Optics. I started just the other day.

  3. Me personally, I just don't like the hype that fans of the show make about it. They act like it's "the best" anime ever - (as if there is no other anime out there to view) I also don't like D's art style or their animation quality, lol. I've seen older anime works that came out better o_o
  4. I liked your descriptions of what keeps you cumming back to anime. :)

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    2. Anisa Mazaki

      Anisa Mazaki

      You mean attracts ^.^

      I hadn't been in the forums for a while, so I figured I'd post some of my views etc in some of them, just to stay alittle active - since I only come on here once or twice for the days to check on messages - if any were left :) And again, I usually speak based on the perspective of an animator/storyteller these days - due to my Uni classes.

    3. Geano


      Thats all good by me. Hope your classes are going well.

    4. Anisa Mazaki

      Anisa Mazaki

      Erm... I currently don't have Uni Classes. When I refer to them. I meant like when I used to have them (like back in 2013 - 2015 o.o)

  5. Out of all the assassins so far, Connor is my favorite I also like the game too.
  6. For me it's > How they tell their stories through the characters. > Quality of animation. > Their attention to detailing (particularly for backgrounds and environments) > Attention to character development. (If they make their characters relate-able and don't bury their work in a ton of male/female fan service, sexual innuendos, panty/breast shots etc, then I consider the show like media gold.) > Their sense of "slap stick" humor and exaggerated character facial expressions. > Art styles. (I kinda prefer the slender/skinny built characters, over the muscular, toxic masculine ones and for females, I prefer if they weren't used a "sex object" and/or "damsel in distress" type in the show.)
  7. Naruto is not the "best anime in the world" nor is it "amazing" - as people keep claiming it to be. Sames goes for One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. This is pretty much why I've stayed away from these shows - cuz of the fake hype people put on them. They did the same for "The Ancient Magnus Bride" and well I found that show to be a waste of my 2 days of binge watching sadly. Atleast when I watched Naruto/finally gave that one a chance - I didn't get 100% bored to death. (but I know I am not watching the rest of it sadly ie Shippiden and Boruto) Sometimes I feel like people hype up the wrong shows, cuz they have very mediocre/poor tastes when it comes to entertainment content - cuz it's not only anime that has fallen victim to this "hearsay" trend, but also american flims & shows too.
  8. This sounds oddly familiar. It's about a girl who I think. got adopted by a traveling Gypsy/Street Performance Caravan - (who i think was actually trying to protect her from somebody for some reason - can't remember) She did wear a blue dress, with a bow like neck tie, and had a heart shaped, family heir-loom locket. The anime in general had a sort of European culture, feeling <.< (least to me, based on the background work of the anime.) The last episode I saw was I think, where she was escaping an orphanage or someplace that she was sleeping at (being burnt down at night) from some bad guys who were after her - (well they weren't after her, They were after the locket. - Least that was my understanding of show.) If that's the show, then yeah, you and I have the same idea. Only problem is, I as well don't remember the name of the show, cuz it aired on Cartoon Network in Spanish - (which is probably why I don't remember, cuz back then, I didn't understand much in Spanish. They had aired "Meirmo Zebang" the same way, and Zatch Bell - and while I understand that CN did the Spanish stuff cuz it was "cheaper" back then, I sadly consider it a crappy move, cuz half the time, even with translation, you were lost in the shows.) This was also around the time that Cartoons like Kids Next Door and Ed, Edd and Eddy were running and popular and they didn't have Adult Swim/Toonami yet - (cuz I remembered how they used to do their schedule announcements back then. It was kinda cute and energetic.) You might want to look through CN's Anime Listings over the yrs (if you can find it), to find that anime
  9. Welcome to Anime Forums. If you feel old, then I must be a mom level to you o_o I'm 27.... Oh, which CS are you watching? The old one from the 90's or the revamped one today?
  10. I know I'm late, but Welcome to Anime Forums
  11. Welcome to Anime Forums, and what a coincidence too. You have a similar name to one of my favorite comedians - Trevor Noah :3 Nice to meet you ^.^
  12. > Favorite Food: Trini Soup, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Lasagna, Curried Beef/Chicken, KFC - made in my country, French Fries, Kelbasa Sausages, Motzerrlla Cheese. Cormeal Porridge/Oatmeal. - (when it's cold) > Favorite Drinks: Cold Water, (real) Coconut water, Sprite and Mountain Dew. > Favorite Deserts/Snacks: Chocolate/Nutella, Rum & Raisin Ice-cream, Honey Bunches of Oats, Shred Wheat Cereal, chewy chocolate cookies, gum, Chex Mix, Chips, Cashews.
  13. I know I replied to this thread already, but I'm currently watching Gintama, (since AOT airs weekly. I have nothing to watch while I wait for the next eps.) I kinda wish people told me about this Anime alot sooner though. It's hilarious so far XD
  14. Hay there Anisa how has things been. Bet you've been cooking up some awesome art. ^^

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    2. Anisa Mazaki

      Anisa Mazaki

      Yeah I considered all of that, cuz the troll and it's fake account (eggroll and humms) - they have premium membership and a shit tone of friends (most of them who don't come online anymore) and CR points and they are using that privilege to trash me and lie about me in the forums. It's disgusting. It's like it's a mini version of trump/alex jones. But that's not the part that bothers me the most about it. What bugs me is the fact that some people know that egg/humms are trolls and think trolls are the "norm" in this day and age. Like do these people NOT know it's 2018 or what? You all can hashtag metoo a guy, or make a racist loose their job or kick High Guardian Spice for their "agenda", but trolls? - "nah, they're part of the internet, so grow the fuck up" (I kid you not that is exactly what someone wrote to me in CR yesterday) Like wtf? Seriously!? It's people like those who are neutral to issue or even support the troll who seem to make life the worst for everybody eles - and I really do feel sorry for them. On other Social Platforms, you report a Troll - they are usually gone the next day - irregardless of of their "status" But not CR.....Nope. Let em come on right in -.- (Steups)

    3. Geano


      Well like I mentioned you got this forum now, and I happen to rather like talking with you. I hope we can become friends as well. Maybe you can even help me improve on my drawing, and I can show you some things in return.

    4. Anisa Mazaki

      Anisa Mazaki

      Sure. That sounds like a plan ^.^

  15. Oh, awake I see :3 

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    2. Anisa Mazaki

      Anisa Mazaki

      It's my living. I'm usually hired/commissioned to draw stuff for people and get paid for it - (that's what a Freelance Artist is/does) Why?

    3. Kohloo


      I was just curious, because we were talking about what I did for a living lol

    4. Anisa Mazaki

      Anisa Mazaki

      Oh. Fair enough lol :3

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