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  1. Thank you <3!!! and don't worry i've got no plans to take over the forums with the yakuza Im mostly into Magic the gathering but I haved play King's raid and Fire emblem heroes a bit and those we're really fun! And I really like indie music or PopRock bands like Panic at the disco and fall out boys. Its a bummer college has got you so busy, I feel that though its hard to keep up with much anime when you've got so much work on your plate. What types of games do you like playing? and What type of music do you like? Thank you for the warm welcome!~ Yeah i agree #geeks4lyfe :P. What are some of your fav animes and fantasy stories? Thank you for the welcome, I hope we can be friends!
  2. Hi everyone i'm TogatheGangster aka Noah! I'm a 20 year old college student from California who adores all things geeky! I like anime, trading card games, cartoons, fanfiction, etc. I've been trying to make new friends who i can express my nerdy side around more and really just get out of my shell. My favorite animes are; My hero Academia, Watamote, Made in Abyss, and Another. If a piece of fiction has really good world building i'm already sold on it. I also really love creepy/quirky anime girls (hence some of my favorite animes lol) and shy/easily flustered anime boys. Besides all that I enjoy listening to music, reading, playing video games, and just talking with people. I hope to make some friends and just have an all around pretty good time on this forum.
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