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  1. how is it? and what field? i always wanted to be a nurse but im scared of blood so its a no go
  2. I liked to play guitar but I stopped too, ugh really this habit is so annoying. And I haven't done anything else aside from going online and posting comments here, I like it here though.
  3. I CAN'T WAIT!! And of course obviously we all know who I ship, NaLu forever Anywayssss I've read the first few chapters in the new manga and even though NaLu is still not very official, they have a lot of lewd things going on with each other, and that keeps me satisfied for now. FOR NOW. Cause I will never be completely satisfied if they don't become official. But I'm still pretty excited for the 3rd season, really really really can't wait!
  4. eeeehhhhh.. that's such a waste! I bet you can do better this time! But I respect your decision if you really don't want to anymore though, I'm always like that, I don't do what I don't like doing even though it's a must. I stopped working not only cause I don't like it but other reasons too, long story lol Thank you! It's nice to meet you Thanks! I really am enjoying my stay here Community is great and fun! I know right! It's hella crazy! Lol I have an extremely short attention span too and easily get distracted but mostly because of the medicine I've been taking, it's not that bad for me, just few side effects here and there, oh wait, there's one that's actually bad, lol never mind the it's not that bad, but yeah been taking meds cause shit happened so yeah
  5. I am, I'm at season 6 now, but kinda stopped, but I'll watch it again.
  6. that is so adorable, but at least you got experience right? did you ever do it again from other websites?
  7. hmm i wouldnt say so, shameless is the only tv show ive watched these couple o years honestly
  8. ohhhhh i see, thats so cool, how many mangas did you do it to? well its okay if you dont remember
  9. Right now I'm watching the tv show Shameless, I wonder if you have watched few episodes of it, it's pretty... f*cked up, very.
  10. 7/10 I've never seen the anime but it's pretty decent! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_iuNaULT5k
  11. I'm really hoping that they make at least a season of HoriMiya but I've been waiting for years now and not even the slightest hope. But, I've seen and liked a lot of anime and forgetting most of them. Sorry hehe
  12. its okay, i had a good laugh XD
  13. i havent seen the whole of rave master, i only saw characters of rave master when fairy tail had this one ova with rave master crossover, they're very similar to each other
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