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  1. Ah... I see that the GMs had the same BETA events too. So many times did Baphomet reset itself. The GM were raging at the players.
  2. I won't question bacon with rice because bacon fried rice.
  3. <img src="http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18bl0swex6vv9gif/original.gif" alt="original.gif] The good thing about not having internal combustion engines...
  4. I bought the guide book when one the bookstores had it in stock. It really allowed me to further appreciate the hard work put into it!
  5. Pretty hard to solo RO2, even more so when your character is full support. *Needs more comrades!*
  6. I enjoy the sound of eating crispy bacon. Pork crunch for the win!
  7. I believe the Singapore client is the one you should download since we don't know any players out of the island. Knas, Livan and I have been active in the J-server. Our numbers are a wee little, so more active members will mean we can kick pretty much everyone's butt.
  8. There was a planned movie, until the script writer kept getting admitted to the hospital. I have no clue what is its current status.
  9. <img src="http://becauseracecar.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/COPS.jpg" alt="COPS.jpg]
  10. RagnaRulZ


    McDee's all day, er'ryday. I'm glad that bacon is finally in their menu over here!
  11. RagnaRulZ


    Yup, they are mostly dine-in. Very few selected outlets have drive-thrus.
  12. I remembered it the other way round, he was rescued and had his memories tweaked instead. It was deja vu that triggered his real past and he started to regain himself. The plot didn't cover much of it in depth... Not sure if the Gundam Wikia could be of help.
  13. I voted Blue too. It's so predominantly used in Hot Wheels packaging that I have grown fond of that colour since I opened my first.
  14. This looks the bees knees! Atta boy! One more day at work and my trip begins!
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