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    Oh ! Hai there Optic ~ b'aww you still remember me. haha thats cool! I got too busy playing moba so I forgot about everything and now Im back since im hibernating to THAT moba game and picking up RO2 again
  2. DrHime


    Hai I forgot to make an introductory thread and based on looking at my history I was only posting about RO2 <was my game then> Im DrHime - enjoys gintama very well - Support as preferred role on any game - gunpla enthusiast - cosplay at times Bai
  3. Picked this game up a few months ago and now this eats for about 4 hours of my very limited 24 hour schedule. I play with friends since solo QQ is Ellohell. :v
  4. Requiem.. it's a bit different to all the mmo's i've tried not to mention the goth / gore like graphics..
  5. Simulator: http://www.ro2skillsim.com/
  6. Slightly a bit biased over Coffee, however Milk Tea makes me re-think
  7. Reset? On SEA? I wasn't there on the Bapho event.. I was busy harassing NPCs
  8. What normal people do on BETA: What I do on BETA:
  9. I was able to access WP's server (NA) just this beta.. though I'm not sure if it'll be accessible after the release.

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