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  1. Yeah, that pic is really large. I just realize it when I posted it. But thanks for noticing anyways... 9 years!? That's a long time ago... Imma at my first year of high school so I guess I also started in middle school. I respect your opinion...yeah...anime really makes people think positively. ^^ I understand. I also spent a lot of money just for merch. So I guess that's a negative reason how it changed my life (or not)?
  2. Simple Question: How did IT change your life? I've been watching anime for almost 3 years now and honestly it changed me to who I am now. I was always the nerdy-type of girl, getting the highest grades, cramming for exams, then BAM!!! Anime came to my life. I became more positive and easy-going. I gained friends who are also anime fans like me. I learned speaking that 'alien language' which is a mixture of English and Japanese. I became immune to brutality ( thanks to gore anime) and ghosts (thanks to Another). Finally, I became more emotional >.< (please don't laugh at me). Shows like AnoHana and Charlotte really struck my heart and yeah... I cried. Well anyways...how about you guys???
  3. I love romances but it really depends on the plot. I don't want the heroines to be spineless and just keep running away every time the guy shows up ^^. Of course, side stories are also a must. Next, harems are really cringe-worthy to watching. I'm fine with Highschool of the Dead because it brings an awesome vibe. Nisekoi is a cute romance but too much harem. Well, I watch incest but not all that time. But the genre of mixing those three together?! I think it also depends on the plot~
  4. I download before but after my hard drive died (Rest in Peace), I started streaming. I don't really there is much of a difference, except I won't have the anime videos I wish to bring in the next generation... Or, a collection maybe.
  5. Yeah... Let's do that! TG always has the unique blend of music ^^
  6. Heya! The last episode of Tokyo Ghoul: re was aired last week and honestly, I don't find it that exciting [my opinion]. So, I am hoping a lot of excitement on :re's S2. I was spoiled a lot from my anime fan group in Facebook and based on what I read in the comments section, :re S2's story might be a mixture of the Kaneki Ken's and the real story before Haise Sasaki appeared on :re. I have an idea on the next occurances thanks to the fan spoilers, but I think the anime won't follow the manga's order of the story. So there is it, I am expecting a lot for :re S2 on Kaneki Ken's past before he became Haise, Touka and Yomo appeared at the last episode so I am curious on what are they gonna do. For Tsukiyama Shuu, I do think that he will be in Touka's and Yomo's care after what happened. All in all, I think :re S2 will answer all of our questions in :re. Why the hell did Kaneki became Haise? Why did he join CCG? Why did he forget anything?... and etc. A week before the last episode of :re, it was announced that :re S2 will be first aired on October 2018. Share me your insights~ minna... ^^
  7. Nice to meet ya! Not sure about games but I'm sure we can talk 'bout anime and manga (and grab some popcorn) ^^. Yeah! I'm so happy sites like this exist ^^! Looking forward to having awesome conversations with everyone Please take of of me;;
  8. You're welcome to ask me anything about anime... I got a ton of suggestions for new anime subscribers. By the way, Tokyo Ghoul is getting its 4th Season in October...maybe. It's a good thing it isn't still confirmed because Tokyo Ghoul:re feels so empty. I've got a ton of questions... Thank you for the warm welcome! It think that greeting would work ^^. Well, I think your drawings are funny but atleast you're a better artist than me I suck at drawing anything. Nice to meet you tho;; Nice to meet you toooo!!! *yawns... By the way, it's almost 1 AM here. I lack sleep but I think watching anime and hanging out here is my priority
  9. Hey Glitter Spring! Thank you for the warm welcome. Yeah of course, we'll become friends. Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 11 is out! Are you watching Tokyo Ghoul by any chance?
  10. I guess something like Noragami will fit your description. The art is not a good as Charlotte at all, but I think watching it in HD will fix it. Its ending is kinda disappointing so I'm hoping for a 3rd season. Hyouka is also cute but very little romance. It focuses in mystery and investigation so it's cool for people who loves detectives and the police. The ending also is not too satisfying but it gives you the THRILL while watching it. Slam Dunk is cool too but it is the OLD BUT GOLD type of anime so I don't know if it will suite your taste. At first, romance is slightly involved. But as the story goes, it becomes more of of comedy and sports-type. The ending in anime is not as good as the manga but I truly recommend it as it makes you laugh like an idiot...(really) Anohana is an amazing tear-jerking anime. I would also recommend Plastic Memories and Angel Beats! This 3 are on top of my best anime list so please trust me and watch it.
  11. Well, I don't dislike people who bite either...haha. I saw you a lot on other topics, so I guess you're really active here? I'm not that active because school's gonna start soon but please take care of me...
  12. Oh hey minna! Actually, I've been here for around a month or so...but I never introduced myself (because I forgot about it)... Oh geez, careless me! Found this forum online and I thought... finally! heaven for anime fans like us! So I hope we get to know each other... Thank You, minna-san!
  13. I prefer sub than dub. I think hearing its original Japanese dubbing while reading subs is quite better that English dub. And also, I can learn short Japanese vocabulary like BAKA or AISHITERU... But hey, dubs are not that bad (except it isn't updated). I watched the dubbed version of Kamisama Kiss and I think it's pretty cool.
  14. I just joined and I am here for a while but suddenly this question popped-up in my mind... Well, please take care of me from now on. There are many anime fans who are always updated (like me) in some new anime series or manga series. Some are really devoted (like me, again) and memorized the dates when the next episode will air. New animes really are 'kawaii' and 'sugoi' and some came with English subs and better graphics. Though, there are animes from the 1980s, 90s, and early 2000s that are really famous (or not) at their time and has a really good plot. Not all fans do this but I sometimes surf the net to find #oldbutgold anime that maybe my parents watched in their childhood or I watched in my early childhood. Here's some of mine: 1. Slam Dunk (this is one of the best, but it's incomplete. Though you can enjoy Hanamichi's baka-moments in this 101-episode anime) 2. GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) (it is not as famous as Slam Dunk but it has its own cool plot. It's a 40-episode anime and I think it has a 2012 adaptation) 3. The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge) (maybe many of you are familiar with Ouran Highschool Hostclub but...this anime came first!) 4. Kyou Kara Ore Ha! (this anime is also a delinquent-type, discovered it in the same category as GTO) 5...There are also animes like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Pokemon though I don't really consider them old because they're still ongoing...

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