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  1. Hello. I joined earlier this month.
  2. I remember getting really excited as a kid when I found Tenchi Muyo because of how its setting and characters looked only to get incredibly disappointed when I realized what genre it was in.
  3. I'm currently watching this as well. As a fan of the 110-episode OVA, the remake is nowhere near as good to me. A lot of the more personal and intimate moments of the story are kind of blunted by some really odd directorial choices, the depiction of battles is always pursued with the attempt at making every second a blood-pumping setpiece but it often comes off as tonally inappropriate and sometimes unintentionally hilarious, a lot of the principal characters either have their designs changed to something generic with others being transformed into fujoshis and a lot of the art seems less gritt
  4. I watch a lot of sub and prefer sub a lot of the time but there are still a considerable amount of occasions where I honestly prefer the dub or consider both the dub and the original voice acting to be equally appropriate. It can depend on a variety of things like setting, character interpretation on part of the voice actor and perhaps even the particular genres that a certain show may happen to be part of. It's become quite a situational decision for me when it comes to any anime since I've found quite a bit of both that I enjoy.
  5. So, since Production I.G.'s new adaptation of the classic novel series by Yoshiki Tanaka was released during this year's spring season, I thought I'd make a thread for anyone to share their thoughts on it and how it necessarily compares to the 110-episode OVA that originally started in 1988 and ended in 1997. As I've stated in a prior post, this is probably my favorite anime series of all time and with my admiration of Production I.G.; I decided to give the new show a try. I do not know how many of you have seen it but I have seen the first two episodes and have some thoughts regarding the new
  6. I second these recommendations. Also, if Psycho PASS will be mentioned, then Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex might also be good recommendation.
  7. I'd recommend virtually any anime directed by Shinichiro Watanabe for a quality dub. Same with Baccano! and Black Lagoon. Those should be good to start off with.
  8. While I wouldn't particularly call myself a fan of isekai, the persistence of SAO utterly astounds me. I remember watching the first few episodes of the first series online and I was flabbergasted by how quickly the show's narrative approach undermined its characters, its concept and all of the possible depth that could have been found therein. Gun Gale Online just comes off as a really pointless expansion on SAO II's increasingly ludicrous tendencies to double down on all of the mistakes Sword Art Online has made since its beginnings. I seriously don't get who the audience for this would even
  9. Naruto has this unfortunate tendency to have a supporting cast that far outweigh the main trio in terms of thematic depth, which made a lot of the story going into Shippudden disappointing.
  10. If I could narrow it down to ten, it would most likely look like this: 1. Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Pretty much one of the best anime series ever written and a monumental work of military science fiction in its own right. The way that it juggles so many different perspectives over a long stretch of episodes in order to create a truly expansive story along with its grittier art style (more a product of its time but it's great nonetheless) that makes it a breath of fresh air when compared to the trends appearing in a lot of anime throughout this decade. 2. Baccano - The nonline
  11. The first manga I ever read was Rurouni Kenshin which promptly ruined a lot of shounen for me due to my expectations rising after that.
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