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  1. Any luck with the search so far?
  2. It was on haitus yeah but it's back on thank God lol.
  3. @Arslanio was it disappointing because Shipudden was less focused on the supporting cast?
  4. Berserk. If you haven't read it I highly recommend it. Seriously. Oh also what type of manga/anime are you interested in? This would help with recommendations
  5. @Reiko XXX does have a big range but I'm speaking in a general sense. The rappers that you mentioned, most of their songs that are marketed sound the same because that's what sells. It's not a bad thing but, like I said, gets boring after a while.
  6. @ReikoI think most of those rappers that you mentioned have good beats but they don't have a lot of substance to their lyrics. I can easily listen to any of em if I wanna pump myself up but I get bored after a while and they start to sound repetitive and grating to me.
  7. @Beocatit's not hard to censor myself, and I have in previous posts. I just wanted a clear rule just in case I'm in a rant and happen to throw a bunch of words around (better to be informed than make a mistake and offend someone).
  8. Lol @seemore_bhutts.....damn dude...oh crap I just cussed😱
  9. I'm just wondering whether I'm allowed to cuss because I've seen some posts and people censor themselves (which is good don't get me wrong) The only thing is if I wanna rant I might say some things and accidentally cuss (I know, it might cause babies and puppies to die somewhere) so wanna know if it's gonna offend people.
  10. It sounds a little bit like Kekkai Sensen...do you have any more details that you can remember?
  11. @efaardvarkI honestly don't know how you managed to sit through more than 5 minutes of Black Clover. The voice was annoying af but the pacing in the manga is better. It's just choke-full of cliches but if you don't mind that then I would recommend it.
  12. For those watching Black Clover, I deeply admire your skills of withstanding that horrible, horrible scream/gurgle that comes outta that midgets mouth...seriously, I lasted 5 minutes and I'm not exaggerating. I think the manga is better and it is certainly faster paced so if people are still interested you should try that. Anyway I'm currently watching Darling in the Franxx and My Hero which are awesome btw, if anyone is looking for new animes to watch.
  13. Yeah it's kinda hard to go back to anime that you've stopped watching...especially since it's kinda old lol @ssjup81 yeah they have tons of fillers, which is the most annoying thing ever but i guess its because they wanted the manga to move further ahead? still didn't make it any less tedious though
  14. 😱...I never thought of that before *goes to hide in an underground bunker* Yeah my friend is really sympathetic towards him because of his inferiority/superiority complex. I mean I kinda get it...but I still don't like him lol Yes you should. it's actually pretty good...I don't wanna say much about it because I might spoil it but I warmed up to it (just not Bakugo)
  15. Bakugo. So my friend recently-ish got me into My Hero and I love it. Breezed through the first 2 seasons but I haven't started season 3 yet because (insert numerous reasons). Anyway I went ahead to read the manga because I couldn't wait for season 3 but at some point I just said f**k it. I already didn't like Bakugo but at this point I just want him to die in a hole somewhere. It's so bad now that I've actually stopped reading the manga because I just can't stand him. Anyway, maybe I might be convinced to pick it up again who knows. I just know that I'm not going to warm up to him anytime soon.
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