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  1. As a small kid, I vividly remember watching a very messed up anime, though how many times I try to find it nothing comes up. Most search results keep coming up to Howl's Moving Castle but I just know that's not it. I thought an anime forum would be more help than google so I thought to share it on here because the memory of this movie as a 3 or 4-year-old keeps coming back. Most of the movie in my head is blurry but I remember a couple of specific moments. The anime, in general, was very gloomy and had not many bright colors, most of the scenes I remember either had cloudy weather or it was raining as I remember it. The main character (male) had black or dark blue hair. I remember a specific scene of him walking on a stone street with the horrifying house walking behind him. Then there was a scene that really scarred me. It was probably a couple minute-long scene of a clearly unstable person in an almost empty and dark room. He stood on a chair with his head in a noose, except he didn't commit suicide just yet. I remember a person bringing him a bowl of soup or porridge and they laid it on the floor beside the chair though they never helped the unstable man. A day later he suddenly walks off the chair and starts moving like a fish out of the water due to the suffocation. I don't remember whether he was bald or even if his face showed but I remember this scene. I don't remember anything else like what channel it was on or any other detail, heck sometimes I doubt if it was just a nightmare or not even an anime. But if anybody has ever seen it, maybe you could help me out?

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