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  1. I think my drawing still not good enough to compare to people like MikeyMegMega and mark Crilley but I know some basics. Still need to practice on complex poses and foreshortening.
  2. Hello all. I'm a manga artist, but I'm REALLY bad at color, so all my works are colourless and black and white. I can't tell complex colours and I barely recognise differences of basic colors into similar colours like pink into light red. I probably cannot tell differences if they're separated apart. Is this kind of art bad for artist? Color isn't a must for being a manga artist right? Also want to share my work
  3. So I read the manga and it seems the story is about to end. Muzan is the only one left and all his main subordinates are dead, is this manga going to end? I have a bad feeling that all Pillars will die or at least giyu will be the only one remain Like Aizen from bleach defeats all main swordsmans one by one.
  4. Some anime scenes can't be uploaded right? How con others able to upload a scene? Even a whole episode. I don't think they are part of the anime's company.
  5. I can't believe I watch 8 episodes straight in one day, it's hard to stop! It has such fun story, and very likable characters. So the basic story is our current world got wipe out and starts over from "prehistoric" stone age, and one boy survives the apocalypse and gets all science technology knowledge of old world. Now he's trying to revive civilization with knowledge from old world.
  6. Yeah i really like the story, its really good. My favorite is the part that mob got trapped on a dream and he got bullied but he overcome it.
  7. Hello! I just got this idea on some you tube recommendations. What do you think about a funny "ecchi" anime plot about a hot 24 year old mother with 19 year old daughter and they become friends with a young adult neighbor boy? Omg just picturing it and the mom and daughter talking to each other so casually like siblings haha would that be a good plot?
  8. Hello. As some of you may know, im currently studying japanese because i want to understand anime. But im thinking of living in Japan because i like Japan. The thing is im not familiar with streets so i will get lost there, im industrious and i heard that they have big salaries, i also hear there are lots of Filipinos there like me and some even a high school students. So what are step by steps when first time visiting Japan? Should i hire some tour? Im well behave(but not talkative and no friends) and not a jerk like Logan paul.
  9. I still takes a while to read a Japanese translated words... I want that I instantly know it's character meaning like it's "Re" or "ho" immediately. Some characters I instantly recognized like "ka" Hiragana but only the few characters, most it takes few seconds to recognize each character. Any tips to easily recognized the characters Immediately? Also is kanji should be learn if you want to learn Japanese? Thank you! Im from Philippines by the way.
  10. After memorizing Hiragana and it's dakuten and handakuten, I tried testing my memory by translating some romajis names. Even though I memorized the Hiragana I still takes a while to translate. Will I become faster and instant on this? All that is left is to learn Japanese words along with basic sentence order. Subject-object-verb and I can now talk and write Japanese!
  11. but when i tried to translate some romaji into actual japanese, some i cant translate. Like "azai nagamasa" the "ga" and "za" isn't included in the chart. How can i write them? Are they katakana or kanji?
  12. Hello~ I found this book "Genki" that teaches Hiragana, and there's also "intermediate Japanese". Should I buy one if I want to learn and speak/write Japanese fluently? How long it will take to at least understand most Japanese if you have good memory?
  13. I nightcore this myself. Is it good? Its a breakbeat style song haha XD
  14. Hello people! I'm currently addicted to an anime Android game called epic seven. But another upcoming anime style game called overhit is very anticipated by many mobile gamers if anyone have knowledge about these games please tell what makes the other better. Overhit will come this end of May.
  15. It's kinda interesting question. Saitama punch seems to have infinite power force but can it kill Logias characters in one piece without haki?

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