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  1. so.. this game allows you to fight with two other characters, there are stages that allows you to fight with controlling giant spaceship and mecha, there's also a house, dormitory mode that allows you to place/arrange appliances and make them, there's also a base mode. there's tons of features and after playing it for few days im actually having a Blast! its probably the best mmo game i played on mobile! it seems cheap pay to win too.
  2. OWUUUUUUUU~~~!! i love gurls!~ check this game, it got score of 4.8/5 on review! its awesome wu~
  3. Want to share of my video drawing a manga page :)

    not really working on a actual manga, this is just a Sample
  4. so i saw this anime trailer that sets in vatican. im an atheist and i don't believe in christian miracles and fantasies however i still like fantasy settings along the naughty stuffs that includes nudity. that's why i like berserk and claymore. so in trailer i think i saw a Hot nun about to stab a Hotdog on a plate with fork and it looks perverted, is this one of naughty stuffs? Owu~
  5. hello, i just joined in this forum. im from philippines and im an illustrator and also watches anime. i joined because im hoping to share some of my drawing manga tutorials and Anime discussions. nice to meet you all! also want to share my latest tutorial on how to draw female facing up and armpit detail. but i speak Filipino Here most of the time so some may not understand what im saying, hope you like it
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