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  1. I just started art comission two days ago mainly anime style drawings~ I enjoyed tremendously this work and so far i finished 3 comission from three different costumers and they paid me 20 dollars and I earned 60 dollars in total! If you're looking for someone to draw anime I'm available. I offer fully colored digital all for only 20 dollars! You can pay me on my PayPal. Here are some of my samples~
  2. The thing is there are lot of things in my mind I want to talk in a particular topic and when I discuss it and finished talking I feel like I'm missing many in sentences like gaps between sentences, probably because I'm not used in talking. So how can I "perfect" it by saying most if not all from my mind when I talk a topic?~
  3. Translated in filipino language. I like his style so I train trying to get "it" by copying his works and fused it with some of my style~
  4. I have this manga story in mind, I called it "Sun art academy" basically the story is about art school that teaches cartoon, manga, hyper realism pencil drawings, etc. The owner is a professional/veteran artist, and he has other six professional/veteran artists as professors that teaches students, these six are known as "upper suns" then there's a choosen six best students as "lower suns". The lower sun 2 being the second to the best student is the main protagonist of this story This manga is not about action fights but about giving "knowledge" about drawing, sort of Dr stone, or mark crilley's book about teaching drawing in comic style, what you guys think?~ also want to share my OC drawing~
  5. Ever since they shut down kissanime I'm having trouble of stay tuned for top 10 anime each season. Is there other way to know the top 10 anime each year season
  6. I'm interested to enroll on a multimedia arts course, I wonder what sectionsI'm most fit in? This is what I'm capable of, Drawn from mind, self designed without help from any reference pictures/images
  7. So if every artist have terrible to mediocre, first drawings, is the the story sucks too? The thing is I'm working on a story and it looks too grand and big for first story, I can tell it's quite dark too,I will tell some summary of story: 10000 years ago an event happen which only has short story, 2000 years ago an event happen which is has fairly long story. past forward to the present, an excavation team discover a big object that looks man made but further analysis reveals its not manmade! 2000 years later which is where the main story sets, there's a very big Island, this island is the only place humans live, but these humans are kinda "special" they can cast magic! Yes a magic spells we see on fantasy settings! But the settings of the story is sci-fi slash magic. Ok so there are few people who they are considered have "defects" because they can't cast magic, they are labelled "Faded" and not treated as normal humans, for this people magic casting humans are normals, non caster humans aren't, so what they do on these non caster humans? they are sent out around the island to be train and defend the island. From what? the mysterious monsters which aren't even organic! These monsters are called "gnosis" and they are all over the rest of the world. The world outside the island has no animals, trees or plants only these monsters that only feeds on sea salt. Finally someone on the island has the mysterious object which is the main source of all magic. the object is called Zohar, and this person who has it will be one of antagonist of the story. Ok that's it for now, I'm still working on the story. But this might not be my first story, because I want it to be good and I can't risk it to be not good for because of being a beginner. Should I go with this as my first? also I want to share my a bad guy concept art, she has very capable combat skills. I'll probably make her a mercenary.
  8. My latest drawings, mostly drawn from minds but some accessories, environment and outfits are from reference images. and some videos The video
  9. Pocophone is the cheapest flagship of 2018. 300 dollars and still have best phone CPU of only that time
  10. Spoiler alert! Jin's grandpa says "there is nothing better than friends" yet here I am have no friends, and afraid of personal contact with people because I feel inferior to others and feel despicable to their presence. I'm a member of an online game guild Facebook group and it's very rare for me to talk to the group, they probably think I'm weird. I just pretend I'm cheerful and calm with other people but deep inside I'm sort of panicking. Right now I'm enjoying my life improving my self on manga illustrations. I don't like drawing other artist's anime character, I like creating my own characters.
  11. Hello guys. These past several days I suddenly got addict to drawing and my art shoots ups improvement quite high. It's almost scary because my art from year ago is nothing to my arts right now. I just started drawing several days ago and got so into it, I even made my original character. But I somewhat lose interest on watching anime like I always do for past few years It's like... I want to watch anime and at the same time I don't want to watch. Yeah it doesn't makes sense but that seems what I feel. And I want to draw all the time. Is this bad? So the problem is I want to watch anime but I can't(how is this even possible?) These are my newest drawings
  12. So I started a new channel mainly for funny anime ecchi scenes because my previous anime channel got removed. But I need to know if the anime is safe to upload to avoid being removed again. I notice that some anime only allowed a limited length video to upload by others but some seems the same but you get complain once you upload them. Is there a way to know? By the way this is my first upload but it's not anime. It's a gameplay of black desert mobile
  13. My YouTube channel "Big Boar PH" with 4700 subscribers is gone after checking this morning... What did I do wrong? I have lots of favorite list from others like music, philosophy, games, mysteries etc. My contents are videos of funny ecchi scenes of anime. I never upload that is not allowed by owners and I never upload longer than allowed length of video. My channel is 5 years old. Im the only one who uploaded some Nightcore III musics 5 years ago because the original owner got shut down. Now it's gone forever because I no longer have saved video.... My highest viewed video reached almost 900k, that's almost a million. And I have several videos with several hundreds of thousands views. This channel is cost a lot of love and effort for 5 years now it's gone... This is depressing
  14. So i found this remix of anime song. I wonder if the style is an authentic Anime atyle?
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