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  1. Kinda sounds like a scene in mob psycho lol..its probably not that though
  2. Ok I know this isn't anime related but like I haven't been on here for a little bit and all of a sudden its overrun with ads! It might be because I'm using a phone but I'm not just seeing things right!?! If there have always been ads consider me shocked..or blind cos I havent been seeing em lol.
  3. There is a new show coming up that takes place in the american west so I guess your wish came true @Big Boar. I forgot the name but it like a race which the winner wins a huge sum of money
  4. @Ohiotaku that was my gut reaction at first...that this was a spoiler. But as a manga reader this theory is just that. A theory. So it isnt a spoiler thank goodness cos I hate those lol
  5. Ohh if you meant they should make an anime version of Battle Royale (the book) then yeah that'd be fun to see lol
  6. @Big Boar Aren't there already a couple of those? Like Danganrompa?
  7. @Xyro yeah I've heard what a sh!t show it is lol...didn't expect that cute baby to be in that.
  8. Yes! I am definitely ready to join the hype train!!!
  9. @Seshi thanks for the info!
  10. Try Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! KonoSuba for short...comedy..main character is male and an overall great cast
  11. I was actually gonna start reading the manga but wanted to hold off incase an anime was made. I kinda don't like watching anime after a manga cos I always end up disappointed . When do the episodes come out?
  12. @Seshi so true! Though I think in recent memory Haikyuu seems to be the one that made me try for literally months to find a similar series . Oh well "all good things come to an end"
  13. Have you ever watched an anime that just made you appreciate life and when it's over it's kinda like life gets crappier? Like your day might be going to sh!t but just the thought of watching that anime or even remembering some scenes makes you smile? Mine is Haikyuu. I was on a topic one time and I said I didnt like it but I swear I've watched it 20 times now..all seasons lol. And after I finished it and the manga I went through like a period of time where I tried to find similar anime but none of them measured up and still dont. Anyway I've decided to go though life knowing that I'm just gonna have to stay dissatisfied.
  14. Sometimes when we're younger we can mix up memories of different things. On that note are you sure you're not mixing up the anime with a different one? The 1st part does sound like Howl but I dunno about that 2nd part about hanging lol
  15. @Wedgy omg I remember that episode funny as hell..and yeah gintama is just a class of it's own
  16. Wasn't into it at first because I hated how Reigen treated Mob lol but one of my friends convinced me to go back to it and honestly...best decision of my f-ing life . Does anyone know when season 3 will probably b airing or is there no set date yet?
  17. @Vivi Hyuuga I'm actually planning on starting it in a few days so yeah ..and whaat? They show Chuuya as a kid??? Might have to start this today then lolol
  18. Thanks for the info! Guess we r back to being internet buddies
  19. Shii...just saw this post lol...I would have answered cos I just found it a few weeks ago after looking myself lol...anyway glad u found it!
  20. Oh ma gawd! You didn't like the art style?!?! I just...in the short period that I've known u (5 seconds to be exact) I am sad to say we are no longer considered internet friends. Jk in all seriousness though the art style is what drew me to the manga in the 1st place. I actually saw it as I was reading another manga...that manga was featured in jump and demon slayer was the prominent artwork on the front and i literally searched for hours (felt like it) to find that specific issue of jump then find the manga lol. I just find it funny how people have such differing tastes but that's life . Side note where did u order the manga from? I think I'd want to own some copies lol
  21. Haven't really gotten around to seeing it cos I've been watching other anime..and also life . Cant wait to start watching though.
  22. I actually quit halfway through the 1st ep (pls dont kill me ) but that's a good thing bc with shows that I quit in the beginning, i tend to go back and watch a couple more episodes if I'm convinced. So I might try again lol
  23. @Seshi I think the quality matches how it's drawn in the manga which to me makes sense. Claymore is kinda in a class of it's own cos it didnt have any comedic scenes unlike demon slayer. Side note I tried for days to find an anime like claymore and I got disappointed that there weren't any good ones
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