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  1. That's me whenever I see that there's something I need to buy My internet crashes constantly and the provider won't do anything. Some companies are so irresponsible. I feel like prices just keep getting higher too.
  2. I'm rewatching the OG Sailor Moon. Crystal just wasn't the same
  3. Down time is my favourite time, but actually doing something priductive does make me end up feeling much better in the end. I'm just not very strong willed It's almost scary how much of what I like doing depends on having internet
  4. @SeshiDoing nothing can be fun too, you need a bit of time off nice in a while
  5. I remember that being wierdly relaxing. It was a good show.
  6. I've been very busy, but now that it's the weekend I finally have the chance relax and check ot AF, so I'm really happy.
  7. Pretty average. It's been stormy on Mars lately
  8. Good evening for me and i've been doing pretty well today
  9. @SeshiI like those too, since they are also usually the most memorable scenes. Btw, your new avatar is nice
  10. Snickers are also a favorite... it's been a while dince I had a twix bar though. When i was a kid I thought that getting two chocolates inside one wrapper was the most amazing thing
  11. Drats! How did you figure it out?!
  12. All kit kats are good kit kats, except white chocolate (that's the ultimate evolved form of the kit kat) I'd love to try some of the more exotic flavors you can find in Japan. They are basically impossible to find where I live.
  13. As if that was ever in question

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