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  1. Looking back at this it's just a dead story. I draw the OC's from time to time but i don't really work on it much, lol
  2. I joined a few weeks ago, I just forgot to check this- UwUz
  3. Not many people I know talk about the manga/anime Kiniro Mosaic or known as "Hello Kinmoza". It's a cute slice of life What it's about: Shinobu went to England for a home-stay when she was in middle school and the place she'd be staying had a child around her age. When she arrived, she found out that girl her age didn't know Japanese and Shinobu didn't know English. So they're only conversations were "Konichiwa, Hello!". Even though there conversations were limited, they still became friends. Once Shinobu left to go back to Japan, Alice learned Japanese. Alice surprised Shino
  4. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I was so busy with school :< I will watch the anime if I get up and look for places to stream it. Thank you for recommending it to me! ^w^ ~Akane-chan
  5. Tbh, I'm not really sure how to describe it.... It's a rom-com, slice of life? Ye.... ^w^ ~Akane-chan
  6. I' m writing a manga right now, called "It's a Senpai/Kouhai thing". I thought it'll be cool if the noice people on here can give me idea's for a bonus chapter! Character info: Daichi Ito: First Year in High school. Student council member. Has a crush on Hana Izumi. Dere: idk -dere. Age: 15 Hana Izumi: Second Year in High school. Student coucil memeber. Has a crush on Daichi, but doubts it. Dere: Tsundere. Age: 16 Maka Tanaka: Thrid Year in High school. Student council Co-president. Doesn't have a crush. Dere: Bakadere. Age: 17 Uri Sauna: Third Year in High school.
  7. ~Akane-chan! Btw: My favourite character is Pikachu Boi and Icy Hawt (Denki Kaminari and Shouto Todoroki).
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