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  1. This is true, I suppose I feel a great deal of mixed feelings about our last exchanges. Largely guilt for being a coward and not wanting to get involved. I could have reached out more but was too busy feeling unsure and easily fooled. Just more bad memories where there probably shouldn't have been. I'm not sure I could ever trust her again but if they come around I'd want them to know that I failed them as a friend. I can't, nor do I wish to reconnect and I'm sure time will change a lot of feelings. I just don't wish to spend that time here anymore, waiting and mulling. Mistakes were made/are still being made. Done at this point and I deserve the shame as I go because I took part in it. Which is okay in some ways because I learned that I needed to work on myself. Best wishes and thanks for always having been there. Many blessings to you.
  2. It's not, why would you think that. I don't even think this person comes here anymore.
  3. So I can't post appreciation for THK and Wedgy on all the crap they've been through? Nor how this appalling site has treated people who chose their dignity over keeping this place alive. Thanks Optic, truly. For sponging my previous account when a fellow member was stealing my creative works and reuploading them elsewhere. Always grateful but I don't understand why I can't even post a screenshot asking why my public replies to THK and Wedgy are restricted, on my own Activity Status? I can't even simply mention that I'm disappointed in AF and express regret in re-joining. 

    Feeling terrible for the lingering members on the site, there's so much going on behind the curtain and you all deserve better. Huge thank you to everyone that kept spreading awareness, I'll take a note from those that were wise enough to leave this place sooner. 

    I'll treasure the times I did manage to have fun here and it was wonderful meeting some earnestly good people along the way. Thankful to the friends I made above all else. Stay safe.

    1. Myouya


      Is this about the "Huge thank you." post that is hidden just before this one? Did you not do that yourself? I can un-hide it if you want

    2. Hällregn


      It's okay, you don't need to un-hide the Status post, it generally says the same as my comment posted on THK's thread. Whenever I tried tagging their usernames or tried uploading the screenshot of the content being hidden or simply asked if talking about this situation was filtered through certain words, my activity was being hidden. Thought it was weird.

      Thank you for everything you do here, Myouya. This place would literally not have any new active members without you. Stay true and good luck here. 💚 Don't let anyone take advantage of your time and efforts. 💚💚 Many hugs!!

  4. Test post to see if site owner has blocked replies on THK's topic thread or if special permission is needed. It's been a few.
  5. Shit, this whole thing is appalling. It's tremendously upsetting that you were treated this way and disappointing to read about the Staff forum. Same. I was enjoying the site until a fellow member started reposting my art and a few lines of poetry I had written onto their Tumblr. It was an interesting experience. Optic was able to sponge my account, considering I found that I could no longer edit or delete my own content. No clue why the feature was suddenly removed, and without warning too. Then I started reading things that were going on behind the scenes but damn, I had no idea it was THIS bad. Thanks for being open with the community. I truly regret rejoining. What a shame.... It was nice making new friends here and I had hoped to catch up after a busy Summer but I no longer feel like I can support AF. The lack of concern or interest for the community and staff- remaining and former- is nothing short of disconcerting. What Wedgy had been put through really turns my stomach. It was also discouraging to find out that an individual I used to chat with was... well, I suppose they did what they did (or still do, I have no idea what they're up to these days) to keep topic flow going and I'll leave it at that. I get the passion they may have had to keep the site going but it didn't really sit well with me. Although it has more to do with the state of the forum rather than being completely dismayed with them. Overall, I feel it's not worth spending the time and energy here anymore. I feel so horrible that both of you are even needing to address these issues in the first place and not having your requests met is entirely baffling. Drives the final nail in the coffin about how I currently feel towards this place. You all did your best and then some. Beyond grateful! The members that still linger deserve better. Like everyone else that's been wise enough to leave sooner, I'd rather choose dignity. By the way, thanks for the book recommendations on German aircraft, THK. They eventually led me to model building again, fun stuff. Appreciate you taking the time to discuss your work with me on a few occasions. Especially during the pandemic. Stimulating insight, was always intriguing to read. Be well and again, thanks for everything you've all contributed as members and Mods. All the best to you and your loved ones Wedgy. Super-Mom is an understatement.
  6. Finally have enough time to jump back into World Trigger. I don't know what it is about this anime but it gives me a lot of nostalgia.
  7. Was going to drop the news here but okay. Most anticipated film for me. Glad we finally got a release date!! I wish they would re-release 7.
  8. I've seen a few videos from the McFarland channel. Some of them are really funny. I think these videos are way too wholesome and cute.
  9. Feeling lucky that I haven't gotten sick yet from helping my sister out. Summer cycling time! Best feeling in the world.
  10. Dark City. I love a lot of Guillermo del Toro's films and art. The Shape of Water was one of my favorites.
  11. Stranger Things S4, Vol. 2 was super fun and emotional! Good time.
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