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    Blue Period, Initial D, Witch Hat Atelier, Beck, Real, Slam Dunk, Gunnm, Chainsaw Man, Ouran High School Host Club
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    Takumi Fujiwara, Haiji Kiyose, Balalaika/Sofiya Pavlovena, Maki Zenin, Reki Kyan, Levi, Haruhi Fujioka, Wenge Kong, Haruka Hashida, Akane Kashiwazaki, Yakumo Murai, Coco (WHA), Wang Ye, Yu (TB)


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  1. Been taking care of my sister for four days now. She has Covid. She's been doing okay, a little stronger this morning. Just waiting on my turn now.
  2. Appreciate the extra info. I like themed albums too! A few years ago I had Blind Guardian's Into the Storm as a ringtone. Kinda nice to talk about them again. But definitely getting into Ayreon.
  3. Nice share! Adding to the playlist, haha. The first half of this song has been stuck in my head all day!
  4. Started Beck again, it's one of my favorite comfort mangas.
  5. I wanted to comment something like "you can do it!" But pace yourself okay? As for me, gah! Now I remember why I dropped TG in the first place. Shuu Tsukiyama was such a creeper. Thank goodness Nishiki and Kimi make it somewhat bearable.
  6. Decided to give Tokyo Ghoul another chance after initially dropping it before I could finish it. It took a lot of convincing though as I prefer the manga. But it's been a long time and I'm curious of any new perspectives.
  7. There's: Claymore Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Another Deadman Wonderland Ajin Future Diary Parasyte: The Maxim Basilisk BTOOOM! High-rise Invasion Elfen Lied Zetman Speed Grapher Tokko Wolf's Rain Akira Hope you've got plenty to keep you busy! I'm not good with recs but the community has seen some stuff!
  8. Was short on time so I grabbed a bag of sunflower seeds.
  9. Doing good. Got a lot done today. The new cell actually syncs up to my car. Waiting on traffic isn't too bad with the right kind of music. Having a few peanuts with a cold glass of fruit water. Sister called and filled up the weekend with new errands to run after work. Only said yes because we struck a deal to go half on dinner at a new dockside restaurant here. Should be fun, haven't caught up with her in a while.
  10. Re-watching Stranger Things while I wait for S4 Volume/Part 2. Has a good storyline, I swear.
  11. One of my favorite anime couples. Also Yuta is kind of adorable but I've adopted too many sons already.
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