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  1. The taco truck came back today...…...I have emotions!

  2. I've noticed that. What is disconcerting is that they clearly put an incredible amount of effort into mastering that doesn't translate well into the streaming bandwidth. The amount of clipping in Apocrypha is enough evidence of that for me. Boo...
  3. I've just used Amazon lately. No good place for English dubs really it seems. I've been trying to find an English dub BD now for weeks of Fate/Apocrypha, and no luck anywhere though...bummer.
  4. Welcome aboard. "Intense High School Weeb" - sounds like an amazing occupation. Good choice on the favorite topic, though...Hetalia hurts my head. If you have any questions, feel free to holler.
  5. I'm more interested in knowing what the production value and impact is of anime shows in Japan to the overall GDP of Japanese economy. It surely can't be that high. Thus I'd find it reasonable that one would call the salary "mediocre."
  6. I am displeased. It is way too early to be this cold.
  7. I mean...I park my cars in my garage, so I'm not going to go outside when there's a perfectly good door right there. As for guests, it really just depends - but most people go to the front door, even though the side door is technically at the front as well. Two doors off the sun room, but unless we're counting dogs - most of the time they aren't used.
  8. I mean...... I do educate (sometimes), yes. Just trying to get more people into it - story of a profession and all that jazz. Especially jazz. Erm...sorry, my puns are showing... Didn't you already discover me? Rere...re...discovered? I'm like muricuh...
  9. The announcement thread with all of the rules and info is over here:
  10. Depending on where you are in the world, it's one of the best times of the year. Fall. The leaves are changing, sweatshirt weather has appeared, and we can sit and sulk as we realize another year has gone by without skydiving or bungee jumping. (Or just celebrate that you made, it - I won't judge.) To celebrate this, we are kicking off with a series of contests I've wanted to experiment with for a while. There are two parts to this contest, but the rewards and method of posting to enter them are the same. The Gist: 1. Make sure you have an AnimeForum.net Blog. If you don't head over here to get one! 2. Read the rules of each part. You may participate in one or both of them (or none, I'm not the boss of you). 3. Write your entry in your blog. 4. Post a link to your entry in the contest threads. Part One | Part Two 5. That's all there is to it. There are first, second, and third place prizes for each part. The first prize winner will win a $15 Amazon gift card. Rules are posted in each thread, but I included them here as well. Be sure to take your time and have fun. These contests have about a month a piece to work with. Incidentally, I will only be judging one of these (Part One), we will have another lavish and extravagant judge to work on Part Two. I hear this other judge got into an arm wrestling match with Chuck Norris and won, so no cheating! Cheaters will be forced to fight to the death against the Berenstain Bears and Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. Have fun, y'all!
  11. This thread is for the Part Two submissions for the Fall Festival Contest. See rules below, or see the main thread for more details. Link to Part One Link to Announcement
  12. This thread is for the Part One submissions for the Fall Festival Contest. See rules below, or see the main thread for more details. Link to Part Two Link to Announcement
  13. This is your daily reminder to protecc dat smile.


    1. Musuko


      Have you ever seen a head so pattable before? I haven't.

    2. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      Indeed I have not.  Protecc the protecker.

  14. Heading into the weekend totally ready...

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