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  1. This is not the thread to make senpai notice you. Guess what I've got?!
  2. The level of kink in this thread has reached an unsustainable magnitude. Awesome. *pushes Sasuke into the fire* Ahahaha!
  3. We were originally going to cannibalize @OraOraOuroboros - but he came in clutch with nachos as promised. So we're feasting nachos. And booze.
  4. The most important piece of advice that I ever got was that anymore dual majors are no longer "if you feel like it." They are absolutely imperative in the competitive field. Your institution should be able to help you figure out a good second major to approach. That actually has some personal credence to it. In my case, you'd think that my "B.A. HIST" is what got me my job as a military historian. That's not true though. It was actually my "B.A. ADAH" - Art History - that got me the job. There are certain periphery components that a dual major candidate has that a single major will never have. As for Classical Civilizations - I had an undergrad focus in classical civ, but only because the military history components in undergrad are judged so biased that they don't exist anymore. That included Latin, which I'm still thankful for taking (despite the fact that there's not really anyplace for me to use it for in my occupation). The Public History degree sounds like it's hybridized between History and Museum Studies. That sounds good. Just be sure they aren't trying to shortcut things into that single major. I graduated light for a history major: 166 credits. That being said - management and PR is an important component that will safeguard you for other skillsets too. Definitely a smart move for degree inclusion.
  6. I see. County museums are getting to be a dying breed - and it's very unfortunate. The amount of funding that gets cut away from non-centralized public education programs has been a harbinger for museums for years, and it's just suffocating. You're heading away to a university, are you pursuing history or a museum studies degree? Was this just a spacer job between high school and higher ed? I was a delinquent dropout at 16. Took an extra 5 years off before going back into school. I lived in retail until my senior year. If you have experience (such as yourself) it helps make things easier when it comes time to market yourself. I don't handle museum duties very often - that's generally handled by CMH on post. Up until recently it was maintained by USAG. We're a senior command on post though, so if the museum needs something, they come to the senior commands history office. Museum duties are fine and all, but in the federal system they are incredibly monotonous. Ay yi. It's good to hear you've enjoyed your experiences up to now though. Always great to see an up and comer.
  7. Here of course. You should know this!
  8. I won the title? I was not informed I won the title. I thought it was being kept from me as collateral. Oh...uh. Yo @Sasser. Welcome and all that stuff. Where do you apply your curating skillset? Another radio operator too, RACES, Military, or Other?
  9. Characters are a driving point for most people, whether they know it or not. I would venture to gather that a lot of fans will like series that are notoriously bad just because of a character's looks or mannerisms. I'm not saying that's always the case, but it drives a lot of people. Likewise, a character sets the tone for the series. You can have a great story brought down by poor execution by the characters. You can have great characters that can't shoulder the burden of a terrible story. If I'm not caring about the characters and their growth, you don't have me.
  10. Hey. Yo. All that stuff. Have a spork.
  11. The heat finally broke here. We had several days with the heat index well over 110. It's just cloudy and humid now. Sounds like Monday is going to be nice.
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