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  1. Sony has been working on discs called "prism" for a few years now. They're supposed to hold up to 5 PB of data each by utilizing multiple physical layers. I haven't read much more into it but that would likely require some form of hardware change. @efaardvark - that was kind of my point. For our general practice and discussion here, a spade is a spade.
  2. A disc drive is a disc drive for the most part. I have a BDP and a CDP in my rack. Both use lasers, both have optical lenses, both have DAC's, and both have preset output modules. The only difference is one has fewer components in it outside of the disc drive (the CDP) and doesn't have a video section (the CDP again). You can have better quality components, sure. But a laser is a laser. It will read whatever you put in front of it. It's up to the software or firmware to translate it. I remember once upon a time GameStop employees were telling people "CD's damage the BD laser" - which is absolute bunk.
  3. I just wish they were more open about the fact that this is a sofrware issue. When I worked for the game store, a whole bunch of our guys were saying it was due to hardware limitations, and so were the customers - and that's just simply not true. It's irritating.
  4. What people are going to start encountering more and more is the limit and finite-ness of streaming. It's very hard and difficult to beat the capabilities of physical solid-form media. The cost of infrastructure upgrades notwithstanding, the cost to maintain a constant and steady flow of bandwidth across the board is already difficult in lower tier markets. Have you looked at what a BD's transfer rate is lately? It's over 12 GBPs. A few go upwards of 18. Couple that with data caps, and no one can convince me we are anywhere close to having a sustainable stream-only platform in a mainstream service.
  5. Solid pass. Until they make me get a new console to get a new game I want - I won't be moving on them. Not a single ounce of technology in there that I can't already get elsewhere with better quality.
  6. Of course, but it's a legitimate strategy. It happens quite a bit, actually. While I get that for most people - they could see a sport as theatrics, a sport is a sport - and many players do take the game seriously. It is much better in some cases to sacrifice a walk to first rather than a scoring point.
  7. You see it happen a lot. It's perfectly legal to "throw" a hitter. Sometimes it's best to let the go-ahead runner get to first with a chance of throwing him out at second or third, rather than to risk him going deep.
  8. That depends on what the question is. Spill it.
  9. The correct side. Vanilla is the only answer.
  10. Go away. Vanilla is the only correct cake.
  11. How dare you insult the chicken in such a way? I'm telling on you.
  12. Give it to me. Of course. No, it's obviously chicken.
  13. This is your card, from Fate/Stay. https://typemoon.fandom.com/wiki/Shirou_Emiya If any person could find pipes and scrap metal exciting, well....it's definitely Emiya.
  14. Demand that @Endynyp provide you with pasta salad.

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