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    Fullmetal Alchemist, Gurren Lagann, Inuyasha, Ghost In The Shell, Akira, TriGun, anything from the early 2000s or nostalgic for me
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    Edward Elric, Kamina, Yato
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    Assistant Curator, Radio Operator
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    Resident Evil/Silent Hill
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  1. Here is mine! I'm not very active on MAL, but I'll leave it anyways if anyone wants to take a gander, its rather outdated and probably isnt very accurate but oh well! https://myanimelist.net/profile/vizyeay
  2. Yeah, this has been a spacer job I got after getting fed up with McDonald's, I've been here for a year now. And yes, I feel I came on board at a very poor time, the museum has seen much better times and the best we can do is focus on making the museum look nicer and having a diverse gift shop that represents the area well. We have been working on renovations and changing the stock of the gift shop, more so than updating the actual exhibits due to the lack of grants and drop in visitation. I am going to university for a public history degree, it's a new-ish degree that has been on the rise lately, though I have planned on majoring in it for a few years now. The difference between a public history degree and a 'history' degree is the focus on public relations and communications, as well as management in some aspects, this will be a great help with things like curation and teaching which opens plenty of doors. But it also allows me to build sort of a concentration, I plan on focusing obviously in archival methods, but I plan on getting a minor in Classical Civilizations, I love ancient and classical era civilizations and would love to further my knowledge on them, and mayhaps study some Latin or Greek as well I am very excited for college however I plan on getting rather involved during my time there so I may be suffocated when it comes to things like social media and commitments like Anime series, which is why I signed up for these forums so I believe I shall be able to keep in touch with everyone, thank you for this great information on the processes of the sort, I am beyond excited to get involved with the field
  3. Hello History Kid! I've seen a few of your posts, thanks for commenting on my intro post! I currently work for an extremely small scale non-profit museum covering the history of the county I live in, I've had a good record with the museum and introduced me to lots of information on the museum lifestyle. I'm not head of curation but as assistant curator I help the head curator divide the workload evenly between the two of us. I have to handle all of the temporary release forums, put the information from the forums into PastPerfect, and obviously have to assist manage the archives! Something about the museum lifestyle is thrilling, I am very exctied to continue with it into the future. My second job as Radio Operator isn't too complicated, it's nothing major either I'm mainly act as like a switchboard operator for my local state park and help relay messages between park rangers, and EMT all of that sort of stuff. Sadly I'm leaving for college in a few weeks so I'll be giving up my assistant curator position to study public history, but I will be transferring my radio operator position to a state park near the college so I'm really looking forward to that. I am happy beyond words with the work I do because it's stuff I'm really interested in and will help me in the future! Better than my first job at McDonald's lmao. Thanks again for checking out my post and profile!
  4. HI SESHI!!! Thank you for the very warm welcome! Glad to meet a fellow North Carolinian! It's great to meet you and I hope I am able to join in the rewatching of Trigun! Hope we can become great friends
  5. HI SOFI!!! Thank you for the warm introduction! I have been reading Fire Force, Dr. Stone, Promised Neverland, and JJBA lately, Dr. Stone has quickly become one of my favorite stories ever, and I am obsessed with the art of boichi!!! I have yet to check out any of these manga anime adaptations, haven't had the time to bother sadly
  6. Hey All! I am Sasser and I am a newcomer to AF! I've recently been feeling particularly nostalgic lately and wanted to get back into using forums. Tired of using apps like discord and other social media of the sort, would love to make new and closer connections! I've only recently become very passionate about anime and man oh man do I regret but I have been aware of it for a long time. Recently I haven't felt the dedication and ability to commit to watching anime series but I have found great joy in reading manga so as of late I have been preferring manga to anime because of things like time constraints and other sorts of hindrances like that. I'm very glad to meet you all and I hope to make some great friends here!
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