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    In my limited anime experience my favorite so far is one i watched recently and that being Darling in the franxx. I think it has an amazing love story, just a shame about the ending....
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    Rias Gremory. Zero Two. It's early days and there will most likely be more in the future :)


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    Call of Duty.

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  1. Thank you for the reply, i'll check out future dairy now
  2. I cant believe how much i like it, it's so ridiculous but has me in stitches. Lots of fun and very enjoyable
  3. Sorry it took so long, i just binged Brynhildr in the darkness, thank you for the response btw
  4. I don't often watch any series because i cant stand to wait a week, month or year + (with game of thrones), to see the next episode, it's unbearable being left on a cliff hanger and having to wait so long to see what happens next lol
  5. I uploaded a profile picture and it shows as a black image, i'm wondering if that is because it has to be approved or if i have messed it up somehow? Thanks for any replies
  6. Thank you, i will check them out and if i like them i'll watch them in the future. I like to binge watch an entire series or at least til i fall asleep lol
  7. Hi everyone, i hope you are all doing well and finding things to occupy yourselves in this quarentine. I have just joined these forums and i look forward to getting to know you guys. The reason i am posting today is because i have just completed the Darling in the franxx anime and the ending has left me lost, i am gutted how it ended and now i'm stuck in a void between being unsatisfied and not knowing where to go from here. I used to be into manga as a young teenager but as i got a bit older that got left behind and i lead a different life, i thought i'd rekindle my past love but i'm having trouble as i don't know much about anime anymore. I like a love story where 2 people have to fight for love and i like happy ending's where they get to be together, (preferably alive). During the whole of Darling and the franxx i longed for Hiro and Zero Two scenes, every moment i watch the episodes it was for that reason and i'm looking for more of that' I'm hoping you guy's and girl's can point me in the direction of something similar. Also i have watched season's 1-3 of High school dxd and i'm finding that a lot of fun too. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and thank you for any suggestions you give me :)
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