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    Sailor moon, Fooly Cooly seaon 1, Inuyasha, Haruhi Suzimiya, Samurai Champloo, Naruto part 1 and 2,Super robot wars, Medaka Box, Medabots, Monster rancher, Digimon the first 3, Air, Higurashi, yugioh, Ranma 1/2, Yu Yu Hakusho, early Pokemon from the beginning to the johto region, Card Captors!, Tama and friends, Spider riders, Rumbling hearts.
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    Slice of Life
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    Sailor Scouts for sure. Anytime they came on i felt safe and happy. Naota from Flcl as well. I relate to him a lot as a kid.


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  1. Time flies by too fast. Remember the days of youth? Your first video game? First song? Maybe you remember the first toy you received from mom or dad? First crush? First ever drawing? Your first memory as a kid? The days one of your parents or maybe your sibling woke you up for school? Nah. Maybe you woke up on your own to the sound of a radio playing straight up nostalgic music from your early days. That time you checked out your first book from the school library? Share your childhood.
  2. I got the feeling someone was gonna say this was too simple of a game. And i was right. I knew you were morally bankrupt nono. Something told me you'd score low. 😎 I kid of course. When it comes down to it, this quiz is based on what is perceived to be right. There really isn't a honest way of judging such circumstances unless your in them yourself. It's easy to say you'd sacrifice 19 or 30 to save millions. But unless we're put in such dire situations it would be hard to know. Also there were more than several areas for this quiz dealing with a score. So just because you score low in one area it's possible that your high in another. Truthfully? I say again: This test is based on what is perceived to be right.
  3. Self explanatory. Post and rate. I'll start it off with 3 videos: 1. Otogizoushi - Opening 2. Super Robot Taisen OG The Inspector OP 3. Paniponi dash OP2
  4. Type a word and add Kun to it. Applekun.
  5. @Crevanille Thank you kindly for the follow, I appearite it. Hope you're doing well have a wonderful week~ 🌹

  6. My belief is Sesshomaru can take this. He can hold his own. Kirito has been known to struggle. You might be right.
  7. How does Accel world not come to mind on here? Member that tiny little guy who had low self-esteem and had no real talent except at gaming? Forgot his name but I'm not bothering to look him up.
  8. That's very heartbreaking but also tells alot about you as a caretaker. It's good to hear stories like this every once in a while. Gotta remind myself of stories like this when I believe empathy to be dead. My username Crevanille is the default name of the silent protagonist of the Growlanser Wayfarer of time video game. He's shaped by how you play the game. He can be the most selfless courageous man alive saving others at the cost of his own welfare. Or he can be the most dangerous menace the world has ever known. He also has multiple romance options. I choose him because he's the only character that I find absolutely cool. No other anime or manga character has made me obsessed with their story like Crevanille. He has all these possible endings all these romances. Each one a alternate reality made within a fraction of time. Awesome red hair, awesome romances. Until Crevanille I never thought a character looked so awesome. Sailor Scouts don't count. They will always have a special place in my heart. (Sailor Scouts take precedent over every other anime for me. Even Flcl.) I relate to Naota more than look up to him. But Crevanille isn't a Goku or Naruto. He's not popular. But everything he ever did in that game was nothing short of incredible. He's simply amazing in my opinion.
  9. Try this moral game out. See how morally correct you think you are. Regardless of score there is no right or wrong answer. Feel free to share your score if you want. 67% was my overall score. Try it out: https://www.philosophyexperiments.com/moralityplay/
  10. That would be so freakin cool. Though I'd add the 80's kids since they're still kinda going into the 90's. They could appreciate the last best era being kids themselves.
  11. I spoke too soon. It's gotten cold again.
  12. @efaardvark That's robbery! The way the tax laws are run in this country is incredible to me. Branches of government like the IRS can be crooks all they want but the rest of us are expected to be law abiding citizens? F that. Our current government needs major reform. Not just on the taxes either. As far as a christmas present is concerned, they can have every form of multiversal bag of d*cks that exists out there. That type of robbery can't be justified.
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