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  1. Crevanille

    how important is money for you~ ?

    No. That's not struggle. If you still can afford something you want you don't understand true struggle. When you must choose between needs like rent OR food. That's struggle. If you don't have enough money to pay bills and have to go to plasma centers just to make rent knowing you normally use plasma money just to BUY groceries or try to save up money because you make very little at your job. That. Is. Struggle. Food banks, clothing closets, avoiding hospitals when you're sick because your not covered or your coverage wasn't enough and you have to make up the difference in the bill, working such long hours your at work 90% of the time versus the roof your paying for. Dealing constantly with morality vs survival situations because you realize it's impossible to be a nice guy below the poverty line AND provide for your family while doing so. You get to see what type of person you are, have or would become. You get see people for who they truly are. People who measure you by what they're capable of taking from you. When you realize you were apart of a working class and lose your job and now looked at like the lowest form in society. There are no good people. Just people. That's it. See how "good" people are under extreme circumstances. See how much people are willing to help stranger's at the cost of themselves or loved ones. I've been pushed so far into struggle I've found out things about myself I'd rather not know. You do things to survive even at the cost of others. Its incredibly easy to judge a person if you're in a better position than them. Its easier to take the high road when not your forced into risk. Many don't have that luxury. They must do what they can to survive even at the cost of morality or other people.
  2. Crevanille

    how important is money for you~ ?

    What do you mean? Is it really required for you to post a certain amount of posts? Aren't you a mod? And as far as money is concerned. I f*cking hate it. I could live not having to see the very worse of people because of it. For myself I'm poor. Literally. No. Scratch that. I'm broke. Poor means you have some sorta funds. I have none. I've known very little of money in my life. I've ALWAYS had to struggle. To say I don't need it would be lying. But damn if I've seen the worse of humanity because they don't have it or have too much of it. I could walk downtown right now and see people begging for change. No self respect for themselves. Any dignity they had stripped. People are at their worse when they've struggled to much and when they haven't struggled enough. Honestly. Truly. If people were unified and tried we all could all do without money. But that would mean most people would have to care about others and want a new system. I'm a cynic so I'm sure it's not gonna happen. But I'm sick of this "well at least I got mine" mentality.
  3. Crevanille

    Was Zatch Bell a pretty forgettable anime?

    I remember it. I didn't like it though. I think the only thing I did enjoy was the shout and the intro. Nothing more than that.
  4. Crevanille

    FLCL Progressive

    The original flcl was classic. I feel just introducing Haru-San into the sequels isn't enough. If they wanted to do sequels they should have brought the entire original flcl cast back. Have Naota as a adult. Give him a kid maybe. Let's see Ninamori-San. Naota's friends. Naota's dad. What made Flcl great was the characters. Haruko is only 1/10 of what made Flcl so great. Just introducing 1 character that didn't carry the original series alone isn't enough for me. I grew up on Flcl. So seeing the characters from the original series grow up would have really got me hyped for it. But nope. The directors felt Haru-San carried the show by herself. Nevermind Naota. Nevermind Kanti. Nevermind Eyebrows. I honestly tried to give it a chance way back. But it just won't compare to the original cast to me. The sequels just weren't done right in my opinion. I can still hear Last dinosaur and Crazy Sunshine in the background when I think of Flcl. I know they brought back the pillows but again the music only counts like 2/10 of what made Flcl so damn great. The original people from Gainax were just messing around when they were making the original. The sequels feel more like a grab for some extra cash. Flcl is too great of an anime to sequelize and not leave everything that was original about it intact.
  5. This is a challenge to everyone on the thread: I'm going to create a character by the name of Shikui Koizomi. Going down the page, each poster will create a disaster for Shikui in which it seems like he might end up dying....except plot armor will save him. Every. Single. Time. The way it works is I'll start off a narrative. Once i trail off on the narrative the person after me puts Shikui in danger. Then the next person induces plot armor to save Shikui. Back and forth down the page forcing Shikui into a continuous loop of danger/plot/danger/plot/danger/plot. There are no limitations to creativity. You can add to his family, friends or enemies. You can introduce characters from other animes as a danger or plot device. The only rule is to keep Shikui alive through Plot Armor. 😄 Shikui Koizomi was walking home from high school from a long day. He's hungry and sees a ramen stand so he starts walking toward it when-
  6. Crevanille

    Harassment Warning!!!

    Yeah. That would make sense. If your gonna troll your probably going to want to avoid the mods as long as possible to get the responses you want.
  7. Crevanille

    FLCL Progressive

    I love the original Fooly Cooly. The new ones i can't get into.
  8. Crevanille

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    2 more dimensions have been made.
  9. Crevanille

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Just by thinking that particular thought, this reality came to be. Maybe. Ever heard of that theory that when you think of certain events they take form into a new reality? Not like a self fulfilling prophecy. When you think of making an alternate reality, it actually takes form in another universal dimension. In theory anyway.
  10. Crevanille

    Cartoons that you've watched..

    Ha. That's another show I've not heard of. I honestly thought i knew a good portion of cartoons but apparently not. You could probably draw up a list of cartoons you've watched that i haven't heard of because up until now there were many cartoons i thought i knew about in the late 90's and early 2000's.
  11. Crevanille

    Lemon Angel Project

    So i got a few number 1 contenders for that song of yours but i'm not 100% sure it's the songs your looking for. If not, just gimme a holla and i'll look again. But it seems you'd have to buy it instead of download: https://www.play-asia.com/lemon-angel-project-character-song-single-1-i-will-mikazuki/13/701553 www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/AVCA-22580 https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/lemon-angel-project-op-single-angel-addict-l.a.p. Sorry it took so long.
  12. Crevanille

    Happy New Year 2019!!

    I'm just gonna take a stab at your age. You don't need to tell me. But i'm guessing your probably like 47 or 49. Is it specifically bad news about mom? If it is I'm sorry. I mean that. Moms are important. I always keep kinda hoping my own mother outlives me. I don't want to live long enough to lose my mom. I couldn't take it. I couldn't. It's much harder to lose someone when they're the sole family member you have. In any case whatever is the case with your mom i'm sure she's a fighter. My mom is.
  13. Crevanille

    Your Favorite Technology!

    Alot of words of wisedom on this thread. I've been saying that for awhile. Depending on someones motives, something could be used for good or bad.
  14. Crevanille

    Happy New Year 2019!!

    Too true brother. Too true.
  15. Crevanille

    Presenting the 99 trillion 6 Paths of Pain!

    All this means is that both parties involved are MFTL. Let's say each hero on our side has to contend with 100,000,000 to one like in your scenario. You could break the 6 paths of pains down in 6 parts dealing with Saitama: 25,000,000 of the Animal paths utilizes Kuchiyose no jutsu while Rinne Sharingan is active with MUI: Assuming the animal path is using 1 summon a piece that's still 25,000,000 summons. Along with the Animal paths themselves. Now 25,000,000 of the Naraka Paths utilize their healing abilities while the Rinne sharingan and MUI are active just in case Saitama destroys quite a few of them: They would be moving much faster than this thanks to the Rinne Sharingan and MUI. 5,000,000 of the Human paths are utilizing Rinne Sharingan and MUI while waiting for an opening to yank the soul out of Saitama: 15,000,000 of the Asura Path are utilizing their military warfare while Rinne Sharingan and MUI is active: 5,000,000 of the Preta paths are utilizing Rinne Sharigan and MUI while protecting the other paths from harm using the barriers: 25,000,000 of the Deva Path are utilizing Universal pull and kamui 1 sec apart from each other every 5 seconds while using Rinne Sharingan and MUI: Keep in mind all of them have 9000x times the normal chakra as well. Your a riot. Why did i figure you'd say this?🤣
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