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    Sailor Scouts for sure. Anytime they came on i felt safe and happy. Naota from Flcl as well. I relate to him a lot as a kid.


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  1. Crevanille

    Fooly Cooly V3

    • Graded Mode
    • 2 minutes
    • 10 Questions
    • 3 Players
    The most difficult FLCL quiz to date. With only 2 minutes to answer every question, you really must truly be on your toes. This is the final FLCL quiz.
  2. haha i forgot she was in buffy! That's good!
  3. Crevanille


    Hehe. Jim Dangle rip off. 😎
  4. I'd actually like to get Pokemon employed/unemployed. Wonder how that game would turn out...
  5. Crevanille


    I'm kinda curious now. When Nono asked this was he thinking of Mall Cop or the King of Queens? I mean he could be thinking of something else but those 2 come to mind when thinking of kevin. 🤔
  6. I'm kinda getting tired of their lazy marketing of Pokemon. I love Pokemon too but C'mon! Sword and Shield? Really? What's next? Pokemon Chair/Table. Pokemon Military/Citizen Pokemon Peanut butter/Jelly Pokemon Pulley/Crowbar. Pokemon Head/Arm Pokemon Smile/Frown Pokemon Noodle/Soup Pokemon Sour/Sweet Pokemon Country/Rock Pokemon Angry/Happy Pokemon College/Grad Pokemon Jupiter/Mars Pokemon Thanos/Warlock Pokemon Ice/Cream Pokemon Tokyo/Beijing Pokemon Apple/Orange Pokemon Hero/Villain Pokemon Grass/Dirt Pokemon Employed/Unemployed Pokemon Rich/Poor Pokemon Flash/Drive Pokemon Baby/Adult I understand their original reason for doing this was not being able to fit a bunch of Pokemon in 1 game but this laziness is becoming ridiculous. 😒 You don't think it could happen? At this rate i swear it's gonna happen. Watch. Mark MEH words. 😎
  7. What is Seshi catching?? Hamsters? Tire irons? Bowling Balls? Does Seshi go around looking for random things being thrown in the air to catch? I found Danny Phantom mowing my lawn yesterday. Your thoughts?
  8. Make a real or fictional statement and then say "your thoughts?" The person below shares his/her thoughts then makes a new statement of their own. Example: Poster 1: I really shouldn't have had that snorlax cupcake today. Your thoughts? Poster2: Maybe snorlax has a cake too. I wonder if i should've brought the ninja baby acid wax. Your thoughts? Poster3: Acid wax is for losers, REAL MEN PLAY WID FIYA! On the other hand i have some tickets to candlerot. Your thoughts? Ok then I'll start: Ten million birds kamikaze'd my house yesterday. Your thoughts?
  9. That's not sad. It just means you're a survivor. Everyone has bullies. It's way too common as a kid. I don't believe anyone has a 100% great childhood. Even as a kid I had hella problems. But when I look back on mine I think I could've had it worse. I grew up in poverty. But poverty wasn't the defining feature of my childhood. I remember my really good moments. Or at least try too.
  10. How is Sorry not here? Gah. But yeah. Monopoly,Sorry, Uno, Trouble, ah don't forget Life the board game. That's the first time I can say I had kids at the age of 11. And yeah rping was really fun. I had a friend and we used to rp like crazy. I'm crazy good at being a gamemaster. I'd add a variety of elements to our rp too. Like music during a boss fight. Never played d&d. Though from what I know of it its just rp with a board game. My former friend tried to get me into it. Just couldn't get into it.
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