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    Sailor moon, Fooly Cooly seaon 1, Inuyasha, Haruhi Suzimiya, Samurai Champloo, Naruto part 1 and 2,Super robot wars, Medaka Box, Medabots, Monster rancher, Digimon the first 3, Air, Higurashi, yugioh, Ranma 1/2, Yu Yu Hakusho, early Pokemon from the beginning to the johto region, Card Captors!, Tama and friends, Spider riders, Rumbling hearts.
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    Slice of Life
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    Sailor Scouts for sure. Anytime they came on i felt safe and happy. Naota from Flcl as well. I relate to him a lot as a kid.


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  1. Crevanille

    New to the forum

    That would be so freakin cool. Though I'd add the 80's kids since they're still kinda going into the 90's. They could appreciate the last best era being kids themselves.
  2. Crevanille

    Weather in your area?

    I spoke too soon. It's gotten cold again.
  3. Crevanille

    how important is money for you~ ?

    @efaardvark That's robbery! The way the tax laws are run in this country is incredible to me. Branches of government like the IRS can be crooks all they want but the rest of us are expected to be law abiding citizens? F that. Our current government needs major reform. Not just on the taxes either. As far as a christmas present is concerned, they can have every form of multiversal bag of d*cks that exists out there. That type of robbery can't be justified.
  4. Crevanille

    New to the forum

    Gah. Your not kidding. I'm seriously not looking forward to getting older. The older i become the further away i get from my birth era. I don't want to understand how someone lives to like 70 or 80 without losing their minds. I really don't wanna live that long.
  5. Crevanille

    how important is money for you~ ?

    Ah yeah that's true to an extent. But do-it-yourself only goes so far you know? If your trying something for the first time and don't know what your doing you could hurt yourself or break something. Hence having a teacher is important.
  6. Crevanille

    how important is money for you~ ?

    That too is also true. There are programs out there for people to learn freely. Though many either don't know about them and quite a few are limited.
  7. Crevanille

    how important is money for you~ ?

    I really couldn't have said it any better.
  8. Crevanille

    New to the forum

    Hello Illsuion of terra-kun. Welcome to the board and hope you like it here. 😁 I too am in my late 20's. Sucks being so old eh? Ha. We're old people. Dinosaurs. Sigh. So depressing.
  9. Crevanille

    Hello, I'm Riah...

    hella rlly-kun. Welcome to the board. 😁
  10. Crevanille

    how important is money for you~ ?

    Exactly. Teaching the general public multiple skills freely would actually help in the long run. The problem here is that in today's society unless your paying for those skills your not learning them. Many can take to literature and go very far on book smarts alone. Yet countless people need hands on training to truly grasp any form of new skills. Aye. Nevertheless Capitalism is synonymous with private enterprise. And what's the purpose of private enterprise? It's main aim? Profit. How do we define profit in a capitalist society? Financial gain. Trade itself goes back as far as the beginning of civilization. The idea of capitalism didn't even register until somewhere in the 1800s. IRS....Indefinite Raping Services. Seems about right. When tax time comes around i never get a return. Always somehow owe federal and state tax. According to them, i'm not withholding enough from my paycheck to stop these particular incursions. That on top of constant streams of nothing but bills? Gee it makes you wonder why people ram their cars into IRS buildings. 😠
  11. Crevanille

    how important is money for you~ ?

    I actually understand what you mean. Although all you need is to find the right person. One right person.If your trading for a car or need groceries, carry out tasks that would be the equivalent of what your asking for. You know how to fix a roof? Capable of saving your fellow trader the trouble of finding transportation? Offer to help them x amount of times. Honestly we've monetized natural resources that have no business being on a market. Since they're natural resources. And I agree wholeheartedly about people being the issue. Money in itself isn't bad.
  12. Crevanille

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    *chomps an Eevee*
  13. Crevanille

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

  14. Crevanille

    Weather in your area?

    I concurr. I've fallen asleep to a great many storms.
  15. Crevanille

    how important is money for you~ ?

    Well when people did trade they agreed that the services or product traded would be a fair deal. The trade wouldn't happen if there wasn't a mutual agreement it was a fair deal. I believe if this idea was expanded a bit more it could override our current system.
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