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  1. haha i forgot she was in buffy! That's good!
  2. Crevanille


    Hehe. Jim Dangle rip off. 😎
  3. I'd actually like to get Pokemon employed/unemployed. Wonder how that game would turn out...
  4. Crevanille


    I'm kinda curious now. When Nono asked this was he thinking of Mall Cop or the King of Queens? I mean he could be thinking of something else but those 2 come to mind when thinking of kevin. 🤔
  5. I'm kinda getting tired of their lazy marketing of Pokemon. I love Pokemon too but C'mon! Sword and Shield? Really? What's next? Pokemon Chair/Table. Pokemon Military/Citizen Pokemon Peanut butter/Jelly Pokemon Pulley/Crowbar. Pokemon Head/Arm Pokemon Smile/Frown Pokemon Noodle/Soup Pokemon Sour/Sweet Pokemon Country/Rock Pokemon Angry/Happy Pokemon College/Grad Pokemon Jupiter/Mars Pokemon Thanos/Warlock Pokemon Ice/Cream Pokemon Tokyo/Beijing Pokemon Apple/Orange Pokemon Hero/Villain Pokemon Grass/Dirt Pokemon Employed/Unemployed Pokemon Rich/Poor Pokemon Flash/Drive Pokemon Baby/Adult I understand their original reason for doing this was not being able to fit a bunch of Pokemon in 1 game but this laziness is becoming ridiculous. 😒 You don't think it could happen? At this rate i swear it's gonna happen. Watch. Mark MEH words. 😎
  6. What is Seshi catching?? Hamsters? Tire irons? Bowling Balls? Does Seshi go around looking for random things being thrown in the air to catch? I found Danny Phantom mowing my lawn yesterday. Your thoughts?
  7. Make a real or fictional statement and then say "your thoughts?" The person below shares his/her thoughts then makes a new statement of their own. Example: Poster 1: I really shouldn't have had that snorlax cupcake today. Your thoughts? Poster2: Maybe snorlax has a cake too. I wonder if i should've brought the ninja baby acid wax. Your thoughts? Poster3: Acid wax is for losers, REAL MEN PLAY WID FIYA! On the other hand i have some tickets to candlerot. Your thoughts? Ok then I'll start: Ten million birds kamikaze'd my house yesterday. Your thoughts?
  8. That's not sad. It just means you're a survivor. Everyone has bullies. It's way too common as a kid. I don't believe anyone has a 100% great childhood. Even as a kid I had hella problems. But when I look back on mine I think I could've had it worse. I grew up in poverty. But poverty wasn't the defining feature of my childhood. I remember my really good moments. Or at least try too.
  9. How is Sorry not here? Gah. But yeah. Monopoly,Sorry, Uno, Trouble, ah don't forget Life the board game. That's the first time I can say I had kids at the age of 11. And yeah rping was really fun. I had a friend and we used to rp like crazy. I'm crazy good at being a gamemaster. I'd add a variety of elements to our rp too. Like music during a boss fight. Never played d&d. Though from what I know of it its just rp with a board game. My former friend tried to get me into it. Just couldn't get into it.
  10. Crevanille


    Who? 😎
  11. I think just saying hello and thank you helps a bit. Especially at a thankless job. Yeah. Thank you and hello sounds good.
  12. welcome hummby. Hope you enjoy AF. The people here are real nice and laid back.
  13. Replayed Fallout 4, Dragonball xenoverse2, until dawn, guardians of the galaxy telltale, and a bunch of other games.
  14. That's good fortune then. I wouldn't play russian roulette to see how many times i could do that though. That's my individual choice. I'd kill them-KILL-them before i let that happen. Because i only have 1 person left to lose. And I couldn't afford to lose them trying to keep some random criminal alive who made themselves a threat in the first place.
  15. Just keep being how you are.
  16. Not what i meant. This quiz is about the choices that lead to your moral thinking. Multiple or lack thereof elements that influence your thoughts. What i'm saying is that moral parsimony in general is based on a certain level of social correctness. The makers of the quiz definitely took this into account in order to judge your choices. What other way would they judge that outfit without using social correctness as a base? They wouldn't need to make moral judgement on their own merit. You don't know that. In the military is standard knowledge that you shoot to kill. Attempting anything other than that puts your brother and sister in arms at risk. I'm no military man. But that's just standard protocol. It's a them or us mentality. If your willing to try to keep someone who is a threat to you alive in some twisted idea of hope you gamble with the lives of the people you care about. In the moment your number 1 concern would or at least should be the lives of those you swore to protect. An attempted rape? A murder? Your attacker is stronger? Believe me. If your attacker is stronger and you know there is only one course of action left your not gonna wanna see your best friend maimed in order to keep the attacker alive. Not in the moment. It's just not happening. That being said it's tough to be put in positions that don't leave any room for morality. But decisions like these are real. People who want to hold onto morality while making these choices are admirable-but not realistic. Only in fictional stories can heroes who have all the power truly save everyone in the world and heal everyone's pain. People aren't heroes. Not the all-encompassing kind. They're people. Fallible. You didn't but i get the impression you would. Would you? Maybe. Here it is though: The possibility of reform that so many people are willing to spare for a criminal life. I honestly get it. For what it's worth I don't consider this derailment. The purpose of this quiz is share your results and invoke conversation about morality. Kinda doing it's thing here.
  17. Time flies by too fast. Remember the days of youth? Your first video game? First song? Maybe you remember the first toy you received from mom or dad? First crush? First ever drawing? Your first memory as a kid? The days one of your parents or maybe your sibling woke you up for school? Nah. Maybe you woke up on your own to the sound of a radio playing straight up nostalgic music from your early days. That time you checked out your first book from the school library? Share your childhood.
  18. I got the feeling someone was gonna say this was too simple of a game. And i was right. I knew you were morally bankrupt nono. Something told me you'd score low. 😎 I kid of course. When it comes down to it, this quiz is based on what is perceived to be right. There really isn't a honest way of judging such circumstances unless your in them yourself. It's easy to say you'd sacrifice 19 or 30 to save millions. But unless we're put in such dire situations it would be hard to know. Also there were more than several areas for this quiz dealing with a score. So just because you score low in one area it's possible that your high in another. Truthfully? I say again: This test is based on what is perceived to be right.
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