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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

  2. I remember the days when all you had to do was worry about going to school and watching cartoons. Your elementary teachers who gave out hugs as much as they gave out candy and good advice. Maybe you had some homework that you threw off for awhile or it was easy and you got it done right away. Your teen celebrities that you had a crush on growing up. That summer camp you went to as a kid. When the only real issues you had to deal with was offline bullies and chores that you didn't really want to do but you did anyway. Friends you'd make. Or didn't make. Authentic people who truly cared about you and you them. Now everything has changed so much. The teen idols you grew with are either on drugs, considered obsolete, or dead. Rent and Bills are your indefinite companions. Bullies are now cyber as well as tangible. People seem either fake or unconcerned. Cartoons you grew up with as a child are considered old school. Music now sounds the same with no variety. Losing so much now than you ever have as a child. And now using nostalgia as a way of coping with a horrid future. I miss the way it was.
  3. I'm wondering if i have what it takes to protect the 1 person i care about the most.
  4. Your brave sacrifice will not be forgotten. Slap back
  5. I want to break the "hug" cycle but then the other options would be pretty bad in this situation. So...hug.
  6. Wait...BOTH of my couples were 9? Or are you talking about your couple? I'm confused. Even so in responds to Serge Heartless's couple.... Train Heartnet is awesome!!! He goes well with anybody!!! 9.7! Sarah Michelle Gellar (1999) x Ian Somanhalder 1 being the lowest. 10 being the highest. What do you think?
  7. I don't think i could ever stop watching cartoons. It's pretty much all I watch aside from anime. I don't watch new age cartoons but I do love the old ones from the 90's and 2000's.
  8. Did you guys see the last page of all the cartoons i posted? XD I had quite a few of them.
  9. Heh. Marvel. Which one would you prefer to be: Robot or Cyborg?
  10. Ah...it always comes back to the pic. I've never been a guy to take photos. I don't do selfies period. So it would be odd seeing myself in a photo. Matter of fact....I think the only photos I'm in are the ones where people use their camera and I'm not even aware I'm in the way. Even so, maybe far. VERY far in the future.
  11. My mind is blown as well honestly. They fit the par too well. I truthfully came to the conclusion myself they we're dating. XD
  12. I'm kinda gonna have too. They just fit the role too well. XD
  13. A Shark. If you had the chance to be reincarnated however you wanted, whenever you wanted, wherever, and finally whoever you wanted. Would you do it or move on? If so, where, how, when, and who?
  14. Video games 4ever. Invasion of your home: 10 million cockroaches or 10 million rats?
  15. I'm sorry your going through that. Really I am. I wasn't aware you were having surgery. Is it serious?
  16. Hehe. You guys crack me up. Even while you say that, all I see is Asuna and Kirto talking here. XD
  17. Ah I meant relationship as friendship since relationships don't have to be mutually exclusive to romance.
  18. hm. it would take a special dedication for me to try a relationship offline. Maybe one day. Maybe.
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