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About this blog

I hope those of you who have friends appreciate them. There are many of us out there with no one to talk to who suffer in silence. Those who brave the cold and obstacles alone because they must.

Appreciate your friends. Please.

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The way it was.

I remember the days when all you had to do was worry about going to school and watching cartoons. Your elementary teachers who gave out hugs as much as they gave out candy and good advice. Maybe you had some homework that you threw off for awhile or it was easy and you got it done right away. Your teen celebrities that you had a crush on growing up. That summer camp you went to as a kid. When the only real issues you had to deal with was offline bullies and chores that you didn't really want to



Elite Pricks.

Today I ran into some pricks that pissed me off so much I wanted to roll up and jaw check them. Sometimes when your really struggling and keep your struggle to yourself you'll run into a few of these particular people who believe because you struggle or live in poverty your at fault or you made poor choices. They believe they can say whatever they want. Be held to a different standard then working folk. It's never that simple though. While its true many people can drag themselves



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