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Elite Pricks.



Today I ran into some pricks that pissed me off so much I wanted to roll up and jaw check them.

Sometimes when your really struggling and keep your struggle to yourself you'll run into a few of these particular people who believe because you struggle or live in poverty your at fault or you made poor choices. They believe they can say whatever they want. Be held to a different standard then working folk.

It's never that simple though.

While its true many people can drag themselves out of the worse situations and when many put their mind to it they can overcome, every circumstance is different. You can't paint one entire brush on a whole canvas. You're not gonna get a different color.

I'm not one for excuses. If I did something wrong I can admit it. I'm the type of guy that won't ask for help if I can avoid it. When I do ask for help-and it isn't often- its a hand up. Not a hand out. 

But then you have these group of people who undermine the very meaning of struggle. They're so blessed with people in their life that CARRIED them or could use money carelessly without any repercussions. They'll utilize nepotism and explain to you your faults are the reason you failed in life. Nevermind they have 5 or 7 people in their life to lean on. Those of us that have to brave and endure alone when we have no one. Or someone who needs to lean on US. And when we do take the risk-the chance to reach out- we're looked at as indolent. We working people who barely make ends meet. 

I'm really tired of running into these sort of people. Entitled shits who think they own everyone. Or everything.

Quite a few people have to adapt a survival-like mentality just to survive... but i've been told countless times by countless people people are good. You can't adapt a survival mentality and leave room for morality. That's bullshit. Only people who can do that are people who never got their hands dirty.

These people I ran into today. Hell I swear. Their shit must gold. 

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I fully agree with your complains here, but don't worry much, that sort of people is the one who can't be happy, because of the fact that they get frustrated easily and focus all their attention on what's minimally wrong instead of on what's right.
I'm assuming, you can do different than that. Remember that you at least, have what it takes in your mind to be satisfied by yourself.

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