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  1. The History Kid's post in Profile picture. was marked as the answer   
    My guess is that the file upload was incomplete.  The file that the server had showing was around 6 KB, the version I just uploaded was about 31 KB.  Anymore, if IPS detects a bad file, it'll just blank it (it handles this differently for different file types and placements).  Should be good now though.
  2. The History Kid's post in We want bigger signature Dimensions!!! was marked as the answer   
    The thing that has to be considered currently is moreso on data-cap restrictions.  I'm not saying that these files are huge, but if you're talking about 10 to 20 pictures on a page, that can quickly run up to 20-40 MB per page, per cycle.  Couple that with the delay of the CDN, and you have yourself a recipe for a majorly slow page load.  AF's response time is already down due to CloudFlare (I'm not knocking CF, but it is notorious for slowing things down, not speeding things up).  
    I've been a big proponent of allowing users to toggle avatars and signatures on and off, plus adding a simple-mode for mini-profile display.  If this was any software other than IPS, I probably could have written it by now.  But, due to the proprietary nature of IPS, that isn't exactly as simple as it could be.
    At any rate, sig dimensions right now, and limits are what I'd consider to be fair and not too distracting (the standard for header imaging peaks at about 420px tall - on a big website, a sig shouldn't be bigger).  It's a signature block after all, I doubt too many people are paying as much attention to the signature as they are the rest of the post.
  3. The History Kid's post in Deleting Blog Posts was marked as the answer   
    It was taken just before I replied.
    That being said, I'd encourage you to Create a new blog.  IPS does not check against the name of a blog, it checks the ID. 
    For example, my blog's ID is 108.  I could name it "My Blog."  Then I could create another blog that is also called "My Blog", but IPS will assign it an ID of 132.
    Since there's content on the original blog already, my recommendation is simply to create an entirely different blog with the same name (if you wanted to keep the name, as you described in your OP). Another thing you can do if you're worried about people confusing the two, is to edit the old blog details to indicate it's old or no longer updated.  You can even change the name there to say that it's old. 
    This way, you won't lose your content count, and you won't have to go through the approval process for moderation (I think IPS resets the approval rating if the content count is 0).
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