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  1. You and about every other person on this site. I raised the issue (sure, let's start naming names) with Seshi no fewer than 15 times. That's not an exaggeration, I still have the logs. 15 times. I warned that members content was being stolen, that AF was being copied verbatim. I also told Optic at least three times. You know what they did about it? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Every single one of you had a valid claim to DMCA, and the site admins that ran this site and continue to run this site did fuck all to tell you that your content was being stolen even though they knew. After some digging, I remember you. You wrote quite a bit, and I know your content was in that breech too. Myouya, the one mod that's left here, and the one that's been keeping this site run pretty much for the last year - you deserve better than this, friend. You also deserve better than the absolute clusterfuck that the previous staff tossed around - and it was allowed. The rest of you here deserve better too, but these admins haven't cared - ever. As it was mentioned - if I could have had this post sitting in the open for as long as it was, it shows how little they care. The enablers of this behavior are a disgrace. The History Kid#2423 - if anyone needs. Lord knows I'm not wasting another minute with this disaster.
  2. So, I'm not entirely sure how it is that no one has done any revocation at this point. I've literally seen Optic online here a ton since this post was made **two years ago**. Apparently some people also seem to have thought that Wedgy and I just were busy and stepped away? Nope. I came back for a minute a few months ago to revoke permissions to some of my content, but at this point I'm frankly where I think anything attached to this account should be deleted - I've been doing that in plenty of places on the internet of late. I question the ethical handling of anything the staff is doing at this point, considering there's only one person who checks in to actually do anything (bless their heart). The other is someone who is so laisse faire that they've effectively killed their website, two that aren't even around anymore, and one that keeps trying to shell off AF to some shady illegal anime streaming service through a merger. AF membership be warned, seek other platforms to connect - nothing good is about to come from this place. My last bit, I want to address Optic directly: I gave you an opportunity to avert the last three years. In fact, I'm aware there were no fewer than three people who did. Instead, you selected an individual who had no concept of how to make things work. They instead were only a friendly face, but when the workload increased even the slightest bit, they bailed on you. Let alone the fact they insisted I be on board because I knew what I was doing and they knew they didn't. They pulled in several of us, in fact. And here you sit for the last two years even after I had tended my resignation and leave me as a mod for a site that you continue to allow to die - all because you apparently have a disposable income and are hoping for someone to buy the domain off you. When a scam artist came onto the site and started replicating content and stealing it, you did nothing. You did not have nor do have any intention of fostering a community here, you only seek to either sit on a domain and wait for a cashflow, or simply do nothing at all. I'm disappointed in the seniors on this "staff." I'm more disappointed in those who facilitated letting this go on like this. But most of all, I am concerned for the people who are still here who know no better of what the intentions of this owner is.
  3. How appropriate. I come back one year later and I'm still a mod? I love you guys, but you might wanna check your OPSEC - because this ain't it, hoss. Wub you AF, even if you are dying a slow death. I had tried to pull for you all, but after being passed over, I occupied my time elsewhere (as you can see - and then some). Stay resilient and safe all.
  4. Greetings and salutations AF. I am posting this here, because I am not sure it would be appropriate to post out in the open (I will leave that for others to decide). The last few months have been exceptionally busy. When you consider everything that 2020 has provided many of us, that's not a hard feat to believe. May saw an extended need for being out of the office, a rise in civil unrest, and other things that threw monkey wrenches into my planning left and right. June exacerbated that, and by July things had formally evolved into something entirely different. We got slammed with two natural disasters this year, and are still recovering from the first. It's been a rollercoaster ride for sure. With that being said, I've had research requests piling up on my own site, projects that need to be done, and have also taken up Twitch streaming. In the midst of that, I also started a second set of classes, added a jet pilot training course to my load, and formally accepted a mod slot in a Discord server for an L.A. based voice actress. Shortly after I got brought on as an IP Advisor for her, and have since been doing a bunch of things behind the scenes. Therein lies the problem - this is in addition to what I'm already doing. The autopilot nature of AF - at least as it has seemed - has thusly been shoved way to the back of my mind. With that being said, I am stepping back from AF on the web site. I will continue to provide support in the Discord server if wanted, but I don't find it much fair to AF to be labeled a mod if I'm not really doing anything mod-like. Of course, you all can continue to reach out to me over there on Discord, or any of my site-related points of contact - but as for AF proper, I probably won't be around all that much. Good luck, and god speed! Michael
  5. The thing that has to be considered currently is moreso on data-cap restrictions. I'm not saying that these files are huge, but if you're talking about 10 to 20 pictures on a page, that can quickly run up to 20-40 MB per page, per cycle. Couple that with the delay of the CDN, and you have yourself a recipe for a majorly slow page load. AF's response time is already down due to CloudFlare (I'm not knocking CF, but it is notorious for slowing things down, not speeding things up). I've been a big proponent of allowing users to toggle avatars and signatures on and off, plus adding a simple-mode for mini-profile display. If this was any software other than IPS, I probably could have written it by now. But, due to the proprietary nature of IPS, that isn't exactly as simple as it could be. At any rate, sig dimensions right now, and limits are what I'd consider to be fair and not too distracting (the standard for header imaging peaks at about 420px tall - on a big website, a sig shouldn't be bigger). It's a signature block after all, I doubt too many people are paying as much attention to the signature as they are the rest of the post.
  6. My guess is that the file upload was incomplete. The file that the server had showing was around 6 KB, the version I just uploaded was about 31 KB. Anymore, if IPS detects a bad file, it'll just blank it (it handles this differently for different file types and placements). Should be good now though.
  7. Can you attach the file here, please?
  8. I have previously - and continue to be a proponent for adding AF to at least Tapatalk. The reliability and sustainability of the IPS app that keeps getting touted for the forum software is too flimsy for me to be interested in putting much stock into it. Not to mention, the mobile browsing experience on a mobile browser is par at best. Hopefully, that'll get added at some point.
  9. It was taken just before I replied. That being said, I'd encourage you to Create a new blog. IPS does not check against the name of a blog, it checks the ID. For example, my blog's ID is 108. I could name it "My Blog." Then I could create another blog that is also called "My Blog", but IPS will assign it an ID of 132. Since there's content on the original blog already, my recommendation is simply to create an entirely different blog with the same name (if you wanted to keep the name, as you described in your OP). Another thing you can do if you're worried about people confusing the two, is to edit the old blog details to indicate it's old or no longer updated. You can even change the name there to say that it's old. This way, you won't lose your content count, and you won't have to go through the approval process for moderation (I think IPS resets the approval rating if the content count is 0).
  10. Do you have an option near the bottom of each entry that says "Entry Actions?" I can't recall if it was there for me as a member or not.
  11. Speaking of - one of the things I was bummed about when selecting the dark theme is that it still has some design elements (the gif header) in it. I'd rather have one that's just plain without the graphic header that's dark, and I know IPS has one of these readily deployable. Shouldn't be a major project to add either, if someone could add that to the list.
  12. Reality is a fickle thing. I'm not sure how other generations have reflected on their younger years (namely the Generation X crew). I'm sure they probably have and did, but perhaps the reason it seems like the younger crew is more nostalgic is because we have platforms that we reminisce on. We're more comfortable using them. I'd hate to think that something happened to make us actually be so forlorn about our younger (tweens/teens) than other generations. The shocking thing about that is none of us who are in positions to make the changes to go back actually do so. All they do is drive forward ignoring the "no bridge ahead" signs.
  13. The problem with this is that you will have to have a system devised where the Core is able to distinguish safely what colors are off limits and what colors can be used. For example, you'd have to spec-out the hex codes associated with the colors you want to allow users to choose from. This sounds well and good, but it rapidly becomes a very large and redundant code structure. sid=1, usercolor=true, usercode=3 - these are examples of an SQL entry. The problem is you have to define what "3" means somewhere. That being said... ...the suggestions of staff banners are what I have used in the past on other forums, and they tended to work. The only thing that may need to be examined is making sure that if someone is using a specific theme, the code is smart enough to know if the userhex (in this case (and maybe the case of the plugin)) is the same color as the content background. I'd imagine some guy on IPS already thought of this too - so that makes the whole thing of writing up a separate set of codes moot - a good thing. I'm rambling...a by-product of being tired. Point is, all or nothing is easier than defining a restriction.
  14. Reread your question, it seems the second part of my post is the case. I suspect the reason this doesn't natively occur is because the follow function operates off of the "Core" application of the Invision suite. Anything that adds onto the Core is an afterthought. I haven't handled enough of the Social components of IPS to know for sure, but I imagine the mod author should have included the ability to extend the notifications over to the clubs. Incidentally, after reviewing this - it seems the Clubs feature is a bit incomplete: https://animeforums.net/notifications/options/
  15. I know there's a follow feature in the club section already. Or are you talking about expanding the feature of following a member to include when they've posted in a club?
  16. Username colors, as a general rule, usually are used to identify the rank and status of a user on a forum. For example, on AF, the light blue is used to indicate a moderator, where red is used to indicate an administrator. This is typical of a forum. I would say that allowing users to change their username colors could potentially add to confusion, as this system of coloration has become a standard when dealing with forum staff.
  17. I know, I know..."there's a tech post!" Yes...there is. However, we are anime-fans. There-to-fore we buy stuff. Lots of stuff. You know...blu-rays, figures, questionable eastern erotic plush pillows (I am just GLARING at you Mr. Elon Musk!)... So, what's the latest that you have added to your acquisition? Doesn't have to be tech, doesn't have to be anime. Me? I added a light. Just a light. With USB ports. And a bulb. - Oh and I guess I bought a nightstand with it.
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