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  1. To be descriptive, we are on our tenth extension, we just got our eleventh. Leave is frozen and work has gone to anywhere between 48-70 hours a week. Leave had been frozen since way early on, but it just continues. I've been running on reservoir adrenaline now for over a month - not sure how much I have left.
  2. We're back to "an unknown date." I'm overtaxed work wise. Yesterday was my first day "off" in a long time. I'm also getting totally worn down with the constant exposure to internet commentary and "opinions" that are just there to occupy space. I bailed on two social media platforms last month, and generally have kept my own personal interactions limited to Discord and phone. Still have a ban on taking "leave" too. Oof. I'm beyond burned out at this point.
  3. Not an argument. I'm simply commenting on what you're saying. If you didn't want me to comment on that you could have said that you didn't want feedback on the matter. At any rate, since you don't want to talk on that aspect anymore, I'll respectfully bow out. That's exactly my point though - there is.
  4. Too soupy for my taste. Plus the dogs were very upset by the ensemble of explosions much to my own chagrin. I would have usually been out there blowing stuff up with them, but...that wasn't in the cards this year. Instead, I just put time in at the range early, put a couple boxes of ammo down range and went home. Did blow up a watermelon with some tannerite though, so that was fun.
  5. I guess I don't live in the same Midwest world you live in, but I sure don't know "exactly what they did." Depends what their job is. Depends what hobbies they have. Depends what their free time entails. That's a blanket statement and is extremely inaccurate. See my first comment, that's simply not true. I have no wants in "something more" in my life. I won't lie and pretend I've never felt that, but those feelings were generally fleeting and entirely based on conditions and situations that I put myself in and I chose to pull myself out of. If you're bored in life you aren't looking hard enough. Especially considering the current environment of the world, the current capabilities we have, the things that we're enabled to do. You're a Midwesterner like me, that means you're in the U.S. You have plenty of chances and opportunities to go wherever you want, whenever you want, see just about anything you want to see, do anything you want to do with very little limitations and restrictions. You're living in one of the most active historic periods in the last 75 years, the most technologically advanced, and one of the most healthful periods. I understand if your idea of normal is different, but to simply lambast and assume that everyone is as disenfranchised with the world is simply incorrect and not true. Abnormality, uniqueness, incredible things are everywhere around you - all the time. Boredom is the construct of an individual - not of the world.
  6. I'm curious what your definition of normal is if you think anything in the last 200 or so years is "normal." Normal is limited to that of someone or something stuck in a state of idle-existence. I can't say that anyone could honestly say they fit into that. I don't think what you're trying to describe as an individual is that "out there" - people just generally have a more down-to-Earth checksum than people that are portrayed in anime. Half the fun is in the search anyway...
  7. You probably should explain since if I wasn't involved with a larger smash community, I wouldn't have understood it. For those who are sensitive, I'll include it in spoilers: My only comments are that this isn't even a little bit surprising, and it's far from over. Period.
  8. Super duper burned out lately. I think I've been running on fumes for the last three weeks. It's not that I'm discouraged so much as I'm just over a lot of stuff - so much so I bailed on some of my social media accounts. Work has maintained the same higher requirements lately, and we're starting to talk about rephasing. These next two weeks are gonna be really telling.
  9. Well, really the PM system is in place for single-point-to-point interaction of users for matters they'd rather keep out of the public eye. It's akin to a whisper feature on a chat. It's also a place for rampant TOS violation. That's generally why people keep to the open forums. Not to mention, if you're more active on the site, a chat option does become available. Just throwing that out there.
  10. I got this last week. If you're a Youjo Senki fan, you'll recognize it as the weapon Mary uses / and the rest of the United States. I won't talk about why that's absolute blasphemy and wrong. If you're more history minded you'll know it is in fact an M1 Garand - a Springfield model. This one was produced in the Spring of 1942, with a barrel date from 1944. All but the trigger group are Springfield parts. I won a lottery in this gambit, $650 for it, turns out it's well over $2,000 in value.
  11. The current climate surely is making the whole thing worse. States reopening to a sea of violence isn't really looking good for any businesses or people who have been cooped up for months on end. They were debating on letting us go back into the office in a couple of weeks, that has since been taken off the table in light of recent events. All of this is just...insane. 2020 needs a Snickers.
  12. I'm burnt out...

    1. Zila


      Get some rest when you can! Sometimes I unplug from everything that's not actually too essential to the more important things. It's the main reason why I left a few social media platforms or took an extensive break from others. Keep healthy my friend! 

  13. Some visualization may be helpful here. Basically, you can change the top user rank that says "Greenhorn Member" - these are customizable - as mentioned - in the shop. Your User Status is what is defined by site management. AF Member is just that - a member, a typical user. The dots will always show what level of a user you are (1-5, possibly more). Some forums switch these terminologies around, but regardless they have two different functions. Your top "rank" or "status" - regardless, is just a title. The bottom one is your standing in the forum.
  14. ^ Family history research is a rollercoaster, no matter who you are. I'd be interested to see/hear the kind of things that you find in your quest. Things get a little rocky by about 1700 in most cases. I had to jump to "court records" when I ran back to about 1720 on one side, and that only got me to about 1430. That was just one branch too - most of them I don't have much success beyond about 1800. The most recent haul included some light reading, for fun reading, and something to get the damn squirrels to stop chewing on my gutters. Now before you all get all worried, that gun is a lot more scary looking than it actually is. It's mostly made of plastic and die and shoots BB's, not bullets. The goal is to scare them and make them sore, not to injure. I'm just really getting sick of being woken up at 6 AM everyday by my gutters getting gnawed on.
  15. Ranks on any forum are generated by post count. I couldn't tell you what AF's are, but they're entirely maintained by that. It's kind of a staple thing of forums. Usually it's by 10's, 50's, or 100's in post numbers. Elevated status generally will change those too. ETA: you can change your rank or "custom status" with enough points in the shop too.
  16. Resurrecting this. We went to 55 hour weeks earlier, and that's maintained. A lot of states are opening up now and that either spells a crapload of work for me, or a [ redacted ] ton of work for me. I am positive our resident healthcare employed members feel the same about now. Interestingly enough has been a lot of talk of vaccines ahead of the fall. While I don't see that as feasible, I'm also not a doctor. Hopefully AF has been staying sane in my half-absence.
  17. I'm not sure anyone really thought that - at least not anyone who was analyzing data and working over any actual records. Our extensions at work have only been at 2 weeks at a time, but that's really only because there's no way to issue something beyond 2 weeks.
  18. The only anime I remember buying on VHS was DBZ. I think I had four of them in all, three of them were movies. I couldn't tell you what the episodic one was. I think each were $20 too. That's about the extent of my memory. By the time I was actually "in" to anime, DVD's had pushed into the mainstream, and I was dealing with that. Pilot Candidate, Gundam Wing, and Rurouni Kenshin were my firsts there.
  19. To be fair, there were plenty of people rebelling and fighting against quarantines during the twentieth century shutdowns as well. Human nature hasn't changed in 100 years.
  20. It's weeks/days like this that make me wish I had a book scanner...

  21. The thing that has to be considered currently is moreso on data-cap restrictions. I'm not saying that these files are huge, but if you're talking about 10 to 20 pictures on a page, that can quickly run up to 20-40 MB per page, per cycle. Couple that with the delay of the CDN, and you have yourself a recipe for a majorly slow page load. AF's response time is already down due to CloudFlare (I'm not knocking CF, but it is notorious for slowing things down, not speeding things up). I've been a big proponent of allowing users to toggle avatars and signatures on and off, plus adding a simple-mode for mini-profile display. If this was any software other than IPS, I probably could have written it by now. But, due to the proprietary nature of IPS, that isn't exactly as simple as it could be. At any rate, sig dimensions right now, and limits are what I'd consider to be fair and not too distracting (the standard for header imaging peaks at about 420px tall - on a big website, a sig shouldn't be bigger). It's a signature block after all, I doubt too many people are paying as much attention to the signature as they are the rest of the post.
  22. God, I hope people get over it. We don't need to get more attached to social media than we already are. This whole thing is honestly just ridiculous and annoying at this point above and beyond anything else. There will be a "new normal" - I think that's pretty much been settled on. What exactly that looks like is up for anyone's guess. Bottom line is, however, that it is extremely doubtful that any public gatherings of any type are "gone." What I do hope they enforce better though, is cleanliness. I have to say, anime cons have got to be some of the most nasty places I've ever been, and I've been in moldy, asbestos infested tunnels before...
  23. Day 43.  Really?

  24. Now before you go jumping to a random "this is my mood tune" conclusion; read this first. Sit and really think on this one before you give your list. What are five songs that describe who you are as an individual? I often think of situations, times, seasons, etc, in terms of music (and color, but that's another topic). There's also plenty of people that I associate certain songs or music to. For the sake of people's bandwidth, lets keep this to a list. If you want to link the list to videos, do so - just don't use the auto-video insert. (You can also leave us to our own searching, whatever works for you - just be mindful). Here's mine - 01. Dierks Bentley & Brothers Osborne - Burnin' Man 02. Luke Combs - When It Rains It Pours 03. David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney - Everything's Gonna Be Alright 04. Tritonal feat. Rosie Darling - Never Be the Same 05. The Naked and Famous - Hearts Like Ours

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