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  1. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    New Year, New You?

    I think that's a good explanation for why people wait for new year to make a change. Because it's easier to look back and remember when you started. It's easier to say, Oh I've been exercising for 6 years now. I started in 2017. Rather than Oh, I've been exercising for maybe 6 years now. I started around 2017. Maybe mid 2017. But I agree with what most people already said. There's no need to wait for new year to change/improve. You can start tomorrow. Or in the next 5 minutes.
  2. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    Harassment Warning!!!

    Thank you mods for all your hard work. Hope this problem is finally over.
  3. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    Hello! New to AF!

    It's interesting. I noticed that the anime fandom tends to peak at around that age. And tapers off as you get older. Anyways glad you're back in the fandom. And welcome to the forums!
  4. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    how important is money for you~ ?

    You're still a better person than me. haha I guess just be careful as some people can get really dependent on you. I had co-workers in the past who kept borrowing money from me because I lent them money in the past. They think I'm always available to give money.
  5. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    how important is money for you~ ?

    Yeah like what most people already said. We just need enough money. Not really millions or billions. But just enough to keep living decently. As long as you have a place to sleep, food to eat, electricity, clothes to wear and so on that's enough for me. And there was a study done that showed past a certain amount of money, it makes no difference. It doesn't add to your happiness anymore. And good for you @XII360 for helping others. You're a good person.
  6. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    an introduction to particle physics

    SPOILERS BELOW! About the manga, I haven't read it. It does continue but some say the story gets too confusing. I do plan to check it out. At what point did you stop watching the anime?
  7. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    an introduction to particle physics

    Oh I thought they now made their own anime. haha I recently watched Hunter x Hunter. Yup hands down the best shonen of all time. One Punch Man, can't wait for season 2. It took them a long time though. Kinda lost some of its momentum. I have to watch My Hero Academia season 3. Definitely looking forward to it. I enjoyed the first 2 seasons. Reminds me a lot of Harry Potter though. Attack On Titan, I stopped watching after the 1st season and went with the manga instead. Is season 3 out already? Steins; Gate probably my favorite show. Did you watch the new one? Is it as good or better than the 1st? And I haven't watched the others but will definitely check them out. Thank you!!
  8. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    an introduction to particle physics

    Can you give some examples? I wanna check them out.
  9. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    an introduction to particle physics

    Yes hello and welcome!! I love your avatar. And yeah, China and Korea has been getting into the anime industry lately. I think it's awesome. As fans it gives us more choices. What do you think?
  10. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    Is malware crusher safe to use ?

    A quick Google search seems to indicate it is "questionable". It might be malware itself. But I haven't heard or used that software. I personally use Avast Anti Virus and Malware Bytes. Both are free. And I can vouch for them.
  11. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    Can we get some spoiler tags please

    There are no spoiler tags here??? I didn't know that. haha I'm glad I haven't stumbled across spoilers yet
  12. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    Whats your New Year Resolution?

    I'm sure you can do it too. It's not really hard once you get used to it. The eating right part is harder. It's hard to give up chocolates, cake, fast food and so on. haha
  13. That is quite interesting. Personally, I have never felt anything like that. Aside from the normal getting sad during depressing scenes while watching. Thank you for sharing your feelings though. That's a really courageous thing to do. Maybe you connect with anime in a more intimate way than usual? How did you get into anime?
  14. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    High school of the dead

    I recently just read the manga and it's unfortunate the author passed away. It's a shame the story was left unfinished.
  15. Ryan Dave Jimenez

    Whats your New Year Resolution?

    Yeah rest and relaxation is important too. Can't be going at full speed all the time.
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