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  1. What a bummer. I was really looking forward to season 2. Now I'm on the fence. Well I guess the manga or webcomic is still there anyways. Might give those a try.
  2. I'm currently working on making a webtoon. So here's one of the panels. The main character waking up getting out of bed.
  3. Do you mean from season 1? It's been so long since I watched that and I can't remember. What happened again?
  4. It does look like very cheap metal (in the first pic / season 2). Like Genos used low quality parts for his arms. Like he got them from a junk yard. While the second pic his arms look more streamlined. Like it was made in a factory or in a laboratory by a professional. Basically they took more effort in season 1 to detail his robotic arms. I'm assuming the story is good though? Meaning it's still worth watching just for that?
  5. This pretty much sums it all up. Good job @Wedgy But yeah it seems Reddit was just built differently. With it's upvote downvote system that reminds me of Stack Overflow and would seem to be more suited to Question and Answer websites. And forums seem so ancient now. But they're still the best place to make friends online. Even on social media like Facebook. It's hard to meet new people because you wouldn't add a stranger. You would just add people you already know in real life. It is interesting though how everyone here on Anime Forums is a nice person. At least from what I've seen so far. I remember joining MAL and right away I experienced some racism. Although to be fair the mods there took action when I reported it. The main difference I noticed comparing Anime Forums to MAL is that here, people actually engage in conversation. They talk and then listen. On MAL, everyone just talked. No one listened. On a typical thread, people would just post their replies. No one read the replies of others so no conversation ever takes place.
  6. Ryan Dave Jimenez


    What gear do you need for astro photography? I think they're expensive right? I'm just curious. And wow!! You guys take beautiful photos. Some of you can be considered semi pros. I've always wanted to get into photography when I was young. I've always enjoyed things that were creative. So photography was a no brainer. I started with my mom's point and shoot camera. I was still a kid. I remember I even had friends who would make fun of me. They would look at the photos I took and would ask me, Why are you taking pictures of things? You should take photos of people? They didn't understand what photography was. They thought cameras were just for capturing events and people. A few years ago I decided to purchase a basic low end Canon DSLR. And that's when I really got into it more. I'm a hobbyist though. I don't shoot as much as I should.
  7. Is that picture of a smiling cat photoshopped? Or is that how a cat really smiles? 😄 But yeah welcome to the forums. Hope you have a good time hanging out here
  8. You're doing fine. Just be yourself and it will be all good. And why do people call you Tokyo? Just curious
  9. Oh wow so season 2 is really a disappointment? That sucks. After making us wait for this long. Didn't they say because a different studio made season 2? And they weren't given a big budget?
  10. Aside from the art style in which a previous posters have already discussed, I agree that the average episode length nowadays seem to be 13. When back in 2005 or so it was 24 - 26 episodes. So yeah anime has gotten shorter. And there are more anime released nowadays. I checked Wikipedia. And in 2018 there were 198 anime released. (Not counting OVAs or ONAs or movies) In 2005 there were 32 anime released. (Not counting OVAs or movies) Whether more anime released every year is good or bad I think is debatable.
  11. I like your website. Gonna check it out for more anime titles in the future 

    1. Ryan Dave Jimenez

      Ryan Dave Jimenez

      Oh thank you. I hope it can help you out somehow.

  12. Oh man let me think for a bit, it was a long time ago. haha Dragon Ball is one. Me and my sister used to religiously watch that every time it aired on TV. Ghost Sweeper is one I have memories of. Yu Yu Hakusho and Flame of Recca were big hits here in my country. Mostly shows from the Ah My Goddess! Love Hina, Saber Marionette J, Magic Knight Rayearth era. Which is 90's? I think
  13. That's actually true. I realized it about an hour when I posted that. haha I just get the Harry Potter vibe whenever I see All Might and Deku. At least their relationship reminds me of Harry and Dumbledore. For sure there is some Harry Potter influence but just a portion of it. And now that I think about it, MHA is very typical shounen. A lot of reviewers have commented that as well. The usual from weak to strong main character. And it's not a bad thing. It's shounen executed well. But comparing MHA to OPM, OPM is like a breath of fresh air. How about 2nd seasons though? What do you think of OPM season 2? Compared to MHA season 2 or 3?
  14. He will definitely be missed. When I joined the forums he was the person who made me feel welcome. In fact he made sure everyone would feel welcome. I can also see that he puts a lot of time and effort into being a staff member and always did his best. Thank you Archie-kun. Hope to see you around again.
  15. What platform is Rondo of Blood? Coz Symphony is for the Playstation 1 right and Lament is for Playstation 2.
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