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  1. So I have an anime website called Anime Gauge. It basically scores and ranks anime similar to the Billboard Top 100. It's different from other websites like MAL and Ani DB because the score is taken from reviewers all over the internet. Resulting in a more comprehensive score. For example a MAL score is just from MAL users. Ani DB scores are just from Ani DB users. And so on. Also, Anime Gauge takes scores from MAL, Ani DB, IMDB, Anime Planet and pretty much every major anime website. About 2 months ago I started thinking maybe I should add anime recommendations. To help users find new anime to watch that they would really enjoy. So I posted a blog entry and got some awesome feedback. Thank you to the people who commented on that post. The biggest issue seemed to be the "recommendation" itself. It seemed that in other anime sites, their recommendations were contributed by users. Now that would not work for my website because the site's focus is not on community but in ranking anime. But I realized I already knew which anime were good and which were not. Because I have the data for it. So I decided to use the rankings in making my generator. Making it a tad different to the anime recommendations of other anime sites. And I'm finally done! It took me about a month to make it. haha (I am not a skilled programmer) I actually tested it here in the forums. That would explain me posting a lot in the Recommendations forum. If you are interested or bored, feel free to check it out at: www.animegauge.com/anime-suggestions
  2. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Martian Successor Nadesico Eureka Seven Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Chivalry Of A Failed Knight
  3. EDIT: Sorry I didn't see that Seven Deadly Sins was already mentioned. I couldn't find a way to delete my reply. So I guess just to elaborate here is the show's synopsis:
  4. These are just romantic comedy anime no revenge element sadly. Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun School Rumble, probably 70% comedy and 30% romance. Urusei Yatsura The World God Only Knows To LOVE Ru Tsuredure Children Hatsukoi Limited
  5. I would suggest Macross Frontier, it has the Music and Sci Fi elements you are looking for. And Space Dandy has the bounty hunters part down.
  6. Well it is really cheaper. Because art supplies will run out and need to be bought again. I also want to switch to fully digital someday. As soon as I learn how to sketch with my tablet. 😄
  7. Did you draw it while you were on the bus? Or when you got home? It's pretty cool that you can draw from memory. 👍
  8. Well yeah that's why I said slice-of-life anime are usually for adults. When a kid looks at it, they say it's boring because there's no action or superpowers or fighting. But yeah there can be a 35 year old anime fan who hates slice of life. And there can be a 15 year old anime fan who loves slice of life. And I agree with @Seshi and @Wedgy that the OP was asking for anime that seemed to be for adults but is better suited for kids. Which is rare. Other than slice of life. Which is still a stretch as most kids will pass on them.
  9. Alright. If you've been following this series: So what's the third step? Well it's time to shop for some art supplies! The things you will need will largely depend on your workflow (How you draw from start to finish) There are at least 3 workflows (at least for me) Purely digital (you do everything on a computer) Purely traditional (you do everything without the aid of a computer) Semi digital/traditional (you use a computer for some things) For this post I would be focusing on Semi digital/traditional, as this is my personal workflow. A drawing typically has these steps: Planning Sketching Inking Coloring Lighting For my semi digital/traditional, Planning - I do this with just pencil and paper Sketching - I do this again with pencil and paper Inking - I do this with a computer Coloring - I do this with a computer Lighting - I do this with a computer Planning A cardboard viewfinder Movie directors use this to "frame" a scene. As an artist, you can also use this to clearly form a picture in your head of how a drawing should appear. You won't need this every time. But it helps when you encounter difficult drawings. Just cut out a viewfinder from cardboard or use your hands to form a viewfinder. Posing figure Sometimes it can get hard to imagine a pose. So you need to use a physical object to see the pose better. Posing figures come in many shapes and sizes (and prices). You can also use any old action figure you have lying around. Assuming its joints can be moved of course. Traditional Sketching Sketchbook You can choose between paper or a sketchbook. But I recommend the latter. The problem with paper is you can lose them. At least with a sketchbook, all your drawings are in one place. Making them easier to find. I find that a 50 page 9 x 12 inches (any brand) is good enough for most purposes. Go smaller if you're more comfortable with that though. Pencils Without going into too much detail, you just need 2-3 pencils. One pencil with a light mark and another with a darker mark. This will allow you to vary the weight of your lines in your sketches. However, if you don't ink and color by hand (you use a computer) then you might just need 1 pencil. Mechanical pencils These are perfect for working on fine details like facial features. The point of these pencils are very small allowing you precise control over them. Choose a mechanical pencil in the 0.3 to 0.5 mm range. Pencil sharpener Eh what more can you say? If it can sharpen a pencil then it's good enough. It is funny though how sharpeners come in a ton of variety and styles. Eraser Do not choose pink erasers. Or the erasers that come with the pencil. They are terrible. They rub the paper away and do a poor job. I recommend Vinyl/plastic erasers. They are colored white and can erase without damaging the paper. Paint brush To brush away the pieces left after you erase. You can just use your hand but I find it cleaner to use a small paintbrush. As it won't smear anything. Ruler, French curves, Drawing compass To make it easier to draw lines and curves. It is actually very hard to draw a perfect circle or perfect straight line with just your hand. There is no shame in seeking the help of a tool. A lightbox A box with a glass surface and a light inside. You place your drawing on the glass and it gets illuminated from beneath. This makes it easier to spot mistakes and what not. It makes tracing very easy too. I personally never used one but I can see how useful it can be. Digital Inking, Coloring, & Lighting A graphics tablet There are 2 types of tablets. The first are the ones where you look at the computer screen while drawing. These are cheaper and smaller. I recommend them for beginners and hobbyists. It may take a while to get used to the hand-eye coordination required to use them but it's just like using a mouse. The second type are the ones where you look at the tablet itself while drawing. These are more expensive but bigger. You will need a lot of desk space to use one. They are for professionals. Artists who make money drawing. They feel more natural as it's like drawing on paper. A glove When drawing with a tablet, your hand is always in contact with the tablet. It can be a problem. As your hand can get sweaty or oily. To get around this, most digital artists use a glove. Some cut away parts of the glove for better mobility. Graphics software Again I will stay away from brands and such as it really comes down to preference. There are paid and free options here. If you have the money then feel free to go the Adobe suite route. Otherwise the free options are good enough. The major mistake I see beginners make is that they tend to buy the most expensive art supplies and tools. Thinking it will make them draw better. The problem with that is: A: Art supplies & tools won't be the ones doing the drawing. It will be you. They just make it easier. You can give a bad driver a Lamborghini. It won't make them a better driver. Just a bad driver with a nice car. B: As a newbie you cannot tell if pencil A is better than pencil B. That comes with experience. So just buy art supplies that fit your budget. You can always upgrade anyways if you feel your tools are inadequate. Feel free to share your workflow and the art supplies and tools you use along the way. Because this is all just based on how I do things. I am curious to see how others do it.
  10. Oh wow thank you for taking the time to check it out. I really appreciate it. I will work harder on chapter 2
  11. I love your Dragon ball drawing. Brings me back to my childhood days.
  12. I think most slice of life anime. Since they're slice of life, they start out looking like for adults. Set in the real world with boring everyday activities. And most of them can be child-friendly. But not all of them. I can see a child watching Bunny Drop for instance. Another one would be Hajime Ippo. It does seem for adults from the start because it's about boxing. But you realize it's shounen eventually. And a kid would enjoy watching it.
  13. When I was 8 years old, I joined my school's art club. I loved drawing and was known as the "class artist." Classmates often admired my drawings. That made me confident enough to sign up. A week later I quit the club and didn't draw again for 23 years. Being surrounded by other artists in an art class made me realize I wasn't as good as I thought. My drawings looked amateurish compared to them. I sucked. It made me feel inferior. It made me think, What am I even doing here? I'm not as talented as these guys. My story is not unusual. Maybe you quit drawing too because you know you will never be good at it. Or you never even tried because you just don't have talent. Well that is a myth. You don't need talent to draw. Now talent does exist. We cannot deny that. Some people do have a knack for drawing. But talent just gives you a head start over others. It doesn't automatically make you a master. You still have to put in work like everyone else. A natural born artist just gets to start at Level 2 skipping Level 1. For most of us, we have to start at Level 1. So don't put too much weight on talent when it comes drawing. You can catch up as long as you work hard. So if you don't need talent to draw, what do you need? Well two things. You need to observe and compare. Look at an object in the room you're in. What's the first thing that came into your mind? (I look at my smartphone near me) You identify the object right? (smartphone). But that's not observing. Artists observe. Look at that object again and answer these questions: 1. How big is it? 2. What shape is it? 3. How do you think it feels like? 4. What color is it? 5. Where are the lights and shadows? (smartphone) 1. It's medium sized. Not too big not too small. 2. It's a rectangle. 3. It will probably feel a bit rough because of the leather case. 4. It's colored black. 5. The lights are on the left side the shadows on the right side. With these observations in mind you can start drawing. The smartphone should be medium sized. It should be like a rectangle. It should look a bit rough. It should be colored black. The lights should be on the left side and the shadows on the right side. As you draw, look at that object again to compare your drawing. The closer your drawing is to that object the better. That's how you can tell if your drawing is good. (A drawing of a dog should look like a dog and so on). The farther your drawing is to that object the more changes you need to make. Keep comparing and eventually you will get a good drawing. In a nutshell, that's what drawing is. You observe something beforehand and you draw it while comparing. It doesn't require talent. But it does require hard work.
  14. Yup I will. It would be cool to see which show is the best in each genre. I'm still working on it though. I tried to do it one way and realized it won't work so I have to do it a different way. haha I hate it when I don't think things through
  15. Alright I will try these out for Chapter 2. Thank you very much. For the logo I think I can make a better one. So for now there will be no logo yet.
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