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Ryan makes a webtoon #3: A map generator

Ryan Dave Jimenez


I’m almost done writing the story.

Well almost, almost is the key word there. Just a little bit more and I can finally start drawing.

I cannot show you what I’ve written so far because it will contain spoilers. And I do want you to read this webtoon someday.

But I want to share with you a cool tool I just discovered. It’s a map generator.




Now I know they exist but it’s the first time I actually used one. It’s called Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator.


And it’s perfect if you’re writing a fantasy story. Like me. Especially for world building. So you can better imagine your fantasy world.

Every time you refresh the page it comes up with a new random map. It even comes up with names if you’re too lazy to think of some.



Clicking on a place name will get you more information that has been randomly generated for you. And of course you can change it to your liking.

You can pan around to check out the map.




And the most important part, you can save this map so you can edit it later. Because remember, once you close this tab your map is gone and a new random map will be generated.

All in all I found this tool really useful in writing my story. And I hope it can help you out too. Comment below what you think of Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator. Or what tools you use to make your writing easier.

I’m going back to writing now.


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