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I launched my webtoon

So this will be a short blog post because I just want to announce that my webtoon, "Geisha Epic" is now available online. I just uploaded chapter one to webtoons.com. I thought of uploading to Tapas too but I got turned off that they only allowed 10 MB for a chapter. And chapter 1 of my webtoon is pretty big at 20 MB. Since it's the first chapter I decided not to keep it short and just go for it. If I want to upload to Tapas, I have to divide chapter one into two. And I don't want to d

That's not a REAL webtoon

I am three pages or five panels away from finishing chapter one of "Geisha Epic". And I am so excited for that. It's been a long month. I think it took me a month? For this post I want to talk about what a real webtoon is. Because whenever I see someone promoting their webtoon half of them aren't really webtoons. They're either a webcomic, a manga, or a comic strip. And those are all different.   Now some might say, does it really matter? They're all comics anyways.  

Weekly webtoon updates are stupid and should be stopped

I may be 70% done with the first chapter on my webtoon. Which is called "Geisha Epic" by the way. So it means I'm close to uploading this on webtoons.com and Tapas. Which brings up the question, when will I upload chapter 2? How often will I update?   And most webtoon artists will say, weekly is the best. It's a good rule of thumb or is the industry standard.   And I don't agree with that.   The one chapter a week thing started in Japan with Shonen Jump. A m

Ryan makes a webtoon #5: Designing clothes

In the last blog post I showed what the main characters will look like. After designing the main characters, I designed one more character. Since I already finished the script for chapter 1, I know what characters are needed for the debut chapter. So I realized I needed to design Atsuko.     She is the clan's best geisha a very promising prospect with the potential to become the best geisha in the country.   I wanted her to look cool and even a bit masculine.

Ryan makes a webtoon #4: Designing the characters

I just finished the story. Well, half of it is already done. So I guess it doesn’t count…. But at least the story is going somewhere. I strongly believe in getting a solid foundation for your story right away. It doesn’t have to be the final version but your story should have a version 1. I also moved on to the next step which is the script for chapter one. What about the title? What’s the name of your webtoon? I don’t know yet. It does feel weird that my webto

Ryan makes a webtoon #3: A map generator

I’m almost done writing the story. Well almost, almost is the key word there. Just a little bit more and I can finally start drawing. I cannot show you what I’ve written so far because it will contain spoilers. And I do want you to read this webtoon someday. But I want to share with you a cool tool I just discovered. It’s a map generator.     Now I know they exist but it’s the first time I actually used one. It’s called Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator.  

Ryan makes a webtoon #2: The story synopsis

I wrote where I got my webtoon idea from in the last blog post. You can read that first before reading this one. We can start expanding this idea into a full story. It’s time to write! Writing is really hard. It’s harder than drawing to be honest. It’s so hard that a lot of webtoon creators actually skip it. They go straight to drawing instead. They do a very rough draft of their story and go directly to the fun part of making a webtoon. Which is drawing. And that is wh

Ryan makes a webtoon #1: The idea

Way back in 2002 I was playing a game called "Battle Realms".   I liked that game so much that I would skip school for half a day just to play. 😆 It was that fun for me.  I also liked the eastern Japan feudal period it was in. It looks so beautiful. The architecture, the forests, the way the characters looked.     Me and my friends were also making manga at that time. We were amateurs and it was just a bunch of nerds that thought making our own manga wou

Why Consuming Bad Media Is Bad For You

This is a saying in technology that basically means, poor input will always lead to poor output. That a computer only gives out what you put in. But I find this applies to humans too. Especially in terms of creativity.   Creators are consumers, but not all consumers are creators.   Before you make something you need ideas. So how do you get ideas? The easiest way is to consume media. If you want to make anime but have no ideas whatsoever, watch anime. If you want to make

Ryan Dave Jimenez

Ryan Dave Jimenez

I'm Not Really A Creator....

To anyone who has made something or attempted to make something, you know this feeling too well.  "Can I really do this? Who am I kidding? I don't know what I'm doing."   I dabble in a lot of things. From web development, video editing, animation, web comics, making games, photography etc. But I never called myself a web developer, video editor, animator, artist, game developer, photographer. Because I never really felt I was one.    I thought since I was a beginner and

Ryan Dave Jimenez

Ryan Dave Jimenez

Visual Novels Are Boring

Don't get me wrong, I WANT TO LIKE visual novels. And I've tried many times in the past to get into them. I pick one up and play or read it. Then I quit as I get bored. Then years pass and I try again. Only to end up bored again. Maybe you're playing crappy (or hentai) ones? My latest attempt into liking visual novels was Doki Doki Literature Club. So no. Doki Doki is hyped up for a reason. It's really good. I gave it a try. But I got bored and quit before reaching the good stuff. I kind of

Ryan Dave Jimenez

Ryan Dave Jimenez

I'm Making A Mystery Visual Novel

Aside from my webtoon, (mentioned in a past blog post here.) I am also working on a visual novel game called Super Detectives (working title). I stress the "game" as I want it to have some gameplay and not just be a book. And here is the synopsis:     For previous readers of old my blog, (which is now abandoned) this sounds familiar. The story was taken from a discontinued project of mine with the same name. Which was supposed to be a motion manga. However, I realized a emi-anim

Ryan Dave Jimenez

Ryan Dave Jimenez

How I Got The Idea For My Webtoon

Single Since Birth is a webtoon that is currently uploaded to Webtoons.com (https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/single-since-birth/list?title_no=401158)  Here is the synopsis:   I was on You Tube one day when I saw a video that caught my eye. The title read, What happened to the man who married a hologram? The groom in the thumbnail seemed familiar. Then I remembered a news article in the past about a Japanese man who married an anime character. Turns out, it was the same guy.

Ryan Dave Jimenez

Ryan Dave Jimenez

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