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I'm Making A Mystery Visual Novel

Ryan Dave Jimenez


Aside from my webtoon, (mentioned in a past blog post here.) I am also working on a visual novel game called Super Detectives (working title). I stress the "game" as I want it to have some gameplay and not just be a book. And here is the synopsis:



The Hiroo Senior High School’s detective club is in trouble!! They are in danger of being disbanded for lack of club activity. For a detective club they don’t really solve anything. Not because they’re lazy or inept, but there just isn’t anything to solve. That is until one day, when they finally stumble upon a mystery.


For previous readers of old my blog, (which is now abandoned) this sounds familiar. The story was taken from a discontinued project of mine with the same name. Which was supposed to be a motion manga. However, I realized a emi-animated manga is quite a big challenge. And now is not the time for something that difficult. So I decided to switch to a more realistic project. Which is visual novels.

I decided to re-use the story as I felt it had good potential. Not to mention it still works as a visual novel. And now, instead of just watching it. You get to be part of it. An advantage videogames have over TV shows.

Super Detectives is still under development. And I will be posting my progress in this blog. But here are a few screenshots of the visual novel. Thank you for reading this!







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