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  1. Haha im 16 now, and i dont know to cook xDI live in a village 10 miles away from city, in my village there is no place to buy meat, and for city, i dont have transport most of the time :/(the reason i couldnt go to the gym anymore) When i come to work, for breakfast they give us 1 national Serbian meal that is shit for body trust me(it is full of salt, no meat, no vegetables, only bread and something on it.. it weights about 200grams... But i can not complain or else i will get fired. For lunch same shit, i swear. For dinner at home, i cook up to 4 eggs, some chicken and rice. U are very nice, i appreciate that Wanna sent recepies in DM? I dont have time for them now, but for 20 days when i stop working i will use them, thanks
  2. I was going to gym lately, and suddenly... that very same gym... changed time of work.. So i couldnt go in it, and that is why i today did pushups, dips and few more bodyweight exercises for triceps and chest Im kinda sore because of my work, and my diet is really bad at the moment, cuz im not capable to cook something more complex then egg hahah, so yeah, my muscle mass will highly shrink as crazy... I do like kickbox, so im training it in my basement and outaide every day when i can. @Seshi It is great that u are doing yoga, and having fun on tramboline Im forcing my body all out, doctkr said that if i continue this tempo, my heart will get me at my 50-es. But i enjoy it, and girls seems to like it to so No regrets hahah
  3. I just wrote something actually Thanks for letting me do it on a better way
  4. This is a competition, and yeah, i could write some shity thing, but l kinda want it to be good i guess And i honestly want to see what this people can do on this theme (and again, i know i shouldnt ask any of these)
  5. I know we all should deal with our stuff ourselfs, but i found a job with work time of 12 hours. The problem is that i have 2 ongoing projects, and no time to do both of them...(sorry i know i should organise my schedule better) And i saw that there is plenty of great writers among you good people So if someone does have a bit of time and patience, i would owe you Its a short story called "mission CHAOS" It should contain 100 words(dont worry, it doesnt have to be exactly 100 words, just make it around 100-130 It should be about end of the world. If someone is interested please send me a DM for more details and hints, and thanks a lot (i know i shouldnt do this, and yeah, i should do this on myself)
  6. Its really harsh man... I understand... I just ended my carier in rasberys, because of inhuman conditions of work and bad employee,so yeah, i get what are you saying, i hope you find something better
  7. Yeah, i wont mention it here, it's not theme for everyone. Yep, i mean on that people. And apparently there is no forum for that...
  8. Im feeling like shit.. honestly... I can not found any forum for ateists And i really need to share my thoughts with someone that could understand me.. Pls help people, does anyone knows any forum like that :/?
  9. Wow, so responsible.. I would like to know someone like that in real life. Oh, you should come to Serbia my friend... About 0 to - 15 at winter which starts about november and ends in march. Also with summers that are from 20 to 40 degrees celsius.. I was never in USA, could you answer some of my questions in dm ?
  10. What the.. haha Nah man, good luck, i believe in you Yeah, they are really fun, but my employer just fucked me and my friend for good haha, looks like i will have to wait and be bored to death
  11. Dude... just go watch it already... OPM cant fit in 2 seasons, so cslm down, and so far, so good, so stop asking :"is it disappoontment? " Jist go and check it out, in my oponion, it could be better, but if someone says about low quality and shity designe... Then he missed episode 1,2,3 and 4.. Epic fighy ep 2
  12. @Wedgy @brycec @Serge heartless Yeah, it truly is harder when u are older, or you have kids, but hey, look at the bright side guys Im not the only one with bad plan here hahah Just kidding, have a great summer
  13. @RyePotatoes the only good thing when you are in highschool: *trum trum trum trumm* summer breaks hahah Wish you luck hahaha, i hope you find some rest Interesting man I wish you a good time, all the best I think the next few summers will burn our flesh, litteraly, but not this one, so yeah, you might have a chancd
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