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  1. That is dope af. love the case. i just love the minimal design hands down. same with mine as well. just a black box and only has imporant things where it counts lol and looking at your case i noticed the corsair logo. i love their products. wish my case was as fancy branded as yours ;-; lol
  2. @EnviousEnvy Oh damn. I couldn't get on that night so I really don't know. Coming from friends, It did appear to happen. Did I miss out much? lol I honestly haven't been up keeping my island recently ;-;
  3. That absolutely blows my mind. I have no experience in coding nor programming but using operating system like those to get an advantage in that sense fascinates me. I mean I have no idea what the benefits are, and I guess I wouldn't see a benefit using other operating systems besides windows for everyday use. Really wish I could start learning those types of skills ;-; As for your build, that sounds pretty solid. Wish I knew how'd it look. No RGB or anything? I personally don't like RGB but I understand the appeal. From what I know the RX480 is not quite a new card, but gets basic games t
  4. That's pretty epic. I'm currently using a 8700k, but would definitely use an AMD based PC for my secondary rig. not sure if youre familiar with the bulldozer architecture CPUs from amd but that was the first and last time i used amd products. i think it was a fx 4100. i mean they were really really good for budget builds back then, espeically if you got them on discounts(which were really really common). ive always wanted to build a second rig for a long time for my living room. and since the zen based rzyen cpus came out in 2017 its just giving me more reason too. ive only heard really g
  5. made curry with potatos and porkbutt that was borderline going bad. then made a simple pork cutlet from porkchops to make katsu curry. kimchi on the side. tatos - 20 cents a tato. 2 weeks old japanese curry base - 4 dollars for a 6 servings(i think) remembered using 2.5 servings for extra consistency flour - pretty sure everyone has flour panko/bread crumbs - some of yall might have in your pantry. if not their like 2 dollars a box. keep in your pantry well sealed. boom will last you a forever egg - probably the hardest to get. but im pretty sure youll find some
  6. DUDE THAT'S LIT. So those are the new parts you're getting? and just a small question Why are you pairing a 500 dollar CPU with a 1060? Plan on upgrading in the future for long jeverdy? or is it a work bench?
  7. rofl that sounds funny. im pretty sure no one can be as ugly as me. so im not too worried. but in the case of if i do die, ill say its more of a blessing. AMEN
  8. Couldn't find any threads really dedicated to computers. Not sure if it's okay, but Ill give it a shot. Just wanted to see if anybody here are familiar with PCs. I'm still learning, and honestly don't know much yet(but I'd say I know a little more than the average joe). Would love to learn a thing or two. Same goes for you too maybe? looking to get into general PC use to PC gaming? I think this thread would be perfect, no? Custom water cooling is something I also want to get heavily invested in. But I always felt so discouraged. So maybe to start off the thread, let me ask what kind of co
  9. I mean if money is a factor in your decision, I wouldn't argue to why you won't buy one. I honestly too, felt the same about games regarding the Switch. I was rarely introduced to Nintendo games when I was younger- more of a Playstation kid growing up. So I never found interest in their products. Games, consoles, or merchandises. Except for 2 games: Animal Crossing and Pokemon. When I was a kid I had a bunch of 10 to 11 year old friends sharing me their DSs and shit. Anyways... I would sorta agree that all Animal Crossing games are generally the same with minor tweaks and stuff. But wouldn't y
  10. Aw that's awesome man. So are you receiving the surgery or doing it? If you're receiving it, hope it turns out well man. You got this bud. Not sure if that means anything coming from me. Catch up on stuff you probably missed or never did when you were too busy. Also hope to see the pandemic die down in the winter so you can enjoy or worry a little less after that surgery. Glad to hear you're also a hard worker. I mean I can't per-say I relate to you but right out of high school I started working due to living alone and shit. Never took vacations for years til i got my big break. Hope you rest
  11. Exactly. Glad someone feels the same way. Discord is really cool and all, but its just a glorified whatsapp. lol i never really got the chance to use reddit. But I really never had an issue with it in smaller subreddits. but i see what you mean by the karma system. Kind of unfortunate it puts popular opinions on a pedestal creating bias in some cases. Thanks for the warm welcome. plus i taste like popo so i doubt anyone will dare to bite me
  12. Are you capturing all your pictures on a PC? Cause those look pretty amazing. I mean besides some minor anti-aliasing issues, they look phenomenal. Especially the first picture of the Galilei Space Center. I just picked up Metro Exodus and I gotta say. The game looks gorgeous. I only started playing the game yet there's so much things to admire its crazy. I can legitimately move my mouse at any random direction and screenshot it to make any half decent wallpaper. That image was taken with RTX off. As sad as it sounds, I fakking can't tell the difference between RTX on or off in any
  13. I live in a tropical region so I never get my coffee hot except for really early mornings I suppose. But before the quarantine I'd always, ALWAYS, get 16oz iced americano less ice, more water with an extra shot. Iluvit black. reel black
  14. It's a hard game to explain. I wouldn't necessary call it a game where it "numbs your mind". The game is generally stressful especially if you're impatient. It's tedious with extra steps. However that's the addicting nature of Animal Crossing. You see your world slowly change overtime as you continue to come back everyday to make it better. Since you can't necessary do somethings the same day without "time traveling"(another form of cheating in which you change the in-game clock to skip to the next day without waiting in real time.) it makes people, like myself, come back the next day to conti
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