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  1. Hey, guys, been a while, I gotta come around here more. I can really use everyone's help. Our Puchi Con convention is going off in 2 weeks up at Camelback in the Poconos, and we are running a Celebrity Family Feud game with our voice actor guests. Please come and join us if you're in the area, but for right now, we need 100 people surveyed and we need 'em fast! So if you can help us with these surveys, you would be so awesome! And remember, if you don't know something, CHEAT! Like anyone's gonna know you looked up something to answer one of these. Thanks in advance, and spread the word to anyone who can help. I promise we'll record the show so that you can see how it all went down. Family Feud (google.com)
  2. Big meal stuffs in the bottom part, extra solids in the middle, got it. So nothing goes in the top part? Also, what about that divider?
  3. See, that's what I was thinking at first, because that's what you always see anytime someone breaks out a bento in the movies. But I don't want to be ignorant about it like that if doesn't have to be exactly like that. Same that I don't want to treat it like another old lunchbox and put nothing but PB&J's in it. I know I'm probably weirdly overthinking the whole thing, but I at least want to feel in some way that I'm using these "right".
  4. If I can help, I promise you'll get some entertainment out of it. And oh yeah, the math, too, you'll learn the math real good.
  5. Don't worry, it's been a while since I've been here myself. I just happened to run into this post getting pushed to the front page by someone else, so being a math teacher, I figured let me check in anyway. If you or any of your friends are ever in need with the numbers, the offer is always on the table.
  6. I know I'm seeing this way beyond the fact, but is there anything in the math world I can help with? I promise if you think I'm insane, it's in a good way.
  7. Mine has been pretty self-explanatory. When I first joined the net way too long ago, my newest passion, Sonic the Hedgehog (thanks to my discovery of SatAM reruns), merged with my oldest passion, Whammy from the classic game show Press Your Luck (who here remembers him). And here 25 years later, still here, still using it.
  8. So, for Christmas, I got a set of bento boxes. I've wanted them for a long time, and now, I want to know how to use them right. As the pic shows, these bento have a triple stack design. The top has a clear lid and I'm guessing that's a divider in there (is it?), the middle section is open and the bottom has its own solid lid. So how exactly do I use these? Is there a rule as to what types of food go in which compartments (including the divider)? Can the food stay sitting out and for how long, or are you allowed to refrigerate and microwave with it? Any help and education is appreciated.
  9. Most appreciated. I'm doing what I can. Got a BUNCH of new games this Christmas, got a lot of time and videos to catch up on. Hope you enjoy when the time comes. Also, check the channel, there's a follow up I did a couple weeks later after the creator of the game died. Watch particularly for the parts I fast forward through.
  10. Got a set of 3 bento boxes for Christmas. Been wanting a bento for a long time. Now... to learn how to actually use one properly. PM me if you're experienced.
  11. Lardcaptor Sakura (Talk about a "fat" deck!)
  12. Dragon Ball Supper (Kakarots have to eat, you know) The Devil Is A Port-Tmer (Can't fulfill that dream of sailing the seven seas when there's no seas in Hell)
  13. Hey, since you're a math guy, have you heard of the game "The Counting Kingdom" on Steam?

  14. I personally watch a lot of wrestling and game-based channels: Wrestletalk and their sister channel partsFUNknown - Home to one of the funniest men in all of wrestling news, Adam Blampied. They started a hugely insane and hilarious Zoom quiz competition since the start of the pandemic called Quizzlemania. Jam that jam! Wrestling With Wregret - Brian Zane is another awesome and funny guy with lots of current and past TV & PPV reviews. No Rolls Barred - A board game channel started last year by Adam Blampied with a lot of great content to expand your gaming eyes. I've actually bought board games to cover on my own channel after seeing them on NRB. UpUpDownDown - As much I and a lot of people can't stand who runs WWE, Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods runs a great video game channel where they can be real people. They also did an awesome thing during the pandemic with their wild weekly online Uno game. Arcade Players TV - Sometimes I like watching the Street Fighter 2 online game footage they post. The more the players switch characters, the better.
  15. Hey guys. I know this isn't normally the place to ask about this stuff. But since you can't go anywhere without reading about this now, I figured I'd get opinions from a different source. Does anyone here watch Jeopardy? And if so, what's your take on all the train wreck going on with the process of finding their new host?
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