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  1. I can understand if I screwed up and was posting links to my Google Forms or YouTube videos when I was still part of my game show group. Only reason I did the forms that way was because I didn't want people to see each other's answers and get influenced. I may still need some help with that kind of stuff down the road, but I'll figure that out later. Admins, if anyone can shoot me a message on the side, I'll explain myself better. Either way, if I was part of the problem a while back, I apologize. Anyway, hope all of these issues get resolved in some way, because I hope to share and get i
  2. This is a high school club, so the students I will be working with are in the 14-18 range. And yes, I want to be able to delve a little into several categories within the culture. The writing and calligraphy was definitely one thing, I was thinking about starting with having us all translate our names and write them out in Japanese (QQ: ARE Japanese letter/words/characters and calligraphy the same or is there a visual difference? I'm not familiar with all the terms.), then somewhere along the way explore other things like food (maybe get the culinary department in on that). Of course, we'd dis
  3. Man, it's been too long since I've been here. Well, I had my reasons, but that's for another time. Anyway, I find myself in a very interesting position, potentially. With all my years doing game shows on the anime con circuit, I was striking up some interest here and there with some of the students where I teach. On top of that, we started an exchange program with the Japan Society of New York where we've hosted Japanese students in March each year, and I took over the program last year. So in the meantime, enough of a circle was developing that a couple years ago, I, along with a fe
  4. An update: We're down to 10 bodied needed. If you haven't jumped in and done this yet, help us out now. And thanks in advance and in the past to everyone that's already done it.
  5. OH! Secret agent, THAT'S what I was missing from the Commodore era, @Beocat. Yes, we were a Nintendo family, with a Genesis & Dreamcast on the side. But before and during those, we also were a Commodore 64 family. And one game stood above all the rest. A graphically simple but nimble game called Agent USA. Basic object: You tried to stop a TV turned monster called the Fuzzbomb that roamed the country turning citizens into glitchy electrified zombies called Fuzzbodies. As you traveled, you grew a batch a special crystals which protected you should a Fuzzbody come in contact. To beat th
  6. I am completely in favor of backing up this support. I am on a similar quest, and we (meaning all of us here on these forums) honestly deserve it more than some out there do. *hides soapbox* But yes, tell us your channel. Mine, which I've shilled pieces of the last few times I've been here, is Lost Silver Productions, where we showcase and talk about game shows, anime, games, and anything our geeky paws can get our mitts on. Please join us and help us out, folks. We promise we'll treat you to a good time.
  7. Your going by console reminded me of quite a few games: Classic Arcade: How can I forget about Arkanoid, Crystal Castles and Off-Road? Again, I'm sure there's more. Atari: Oh ho ho... no favorites? Kaboom, Keystone Capers, Pitfall are just a few of the ones that got a lot of attention from us. NES: Well, there's the original Mega Man & Ninja Gaiden series. Much time spent on those. And yes, the first two Zelda's. Gamecube: A former friend got me hooked for a while on a wacky racing "TV show" called Cel Damage. Look into it. Wii: Fortune Street, hands down. In fact,
  8. Admittedly not into a lot of current games, mostly because busy teaching like means I don't have the time. So for me, it's the oldest of the old-school classics. Gimme a classic arcade cabinet that has Q*bert, Dragon's Lair, Gauntlet, Street Fighter in almost any incarnation, Sonic (I know, not arcade, hush), and I'm sure there's several others that just aren't coming to me right now. Google a show called Starcade if you really want to get into the good stuff like that.
  9. I've found that there's an odd connection between wrestling and anime from a non-fans perspective. I notice that both get similar reactions because of the former being "fake" or "violent" and the latter being "cartoons", and both get the "why are you watching that at your age" question. People have to understand that just like anything else that we watch on TV, it's a scripted, storyline show. So we watch, we follow, and we hope the story goes in the direction we want it to. Of course, often times, we either get it totally wrong, as my team proved when we tried to predict this year's Wres
  10. I'll offer this as a footnote to both of our comments. The more I've watched over the years, it's given me a chance to explain to family members (especially on my wife's side) who have no understanding of anime whatsoever and think it's "just cartoons" how complex the genre is and how it literally spans into its own genres of action, drama, romance, history, sitcom, etc, that match everything you see in live action TV and movies. There is something for everyone of any age that fits their individual tastes. The only difference is that it's drawn and not acted out by live people. How much s
  11. I will admit that one of my main reasons for the few times I get to watch anime is trivia research for my Game Show Megamix panels. But as I started doing more shows over the 10 years I've done these now, I tried to experiment with different shows to see what might grab my interest. Some were based on what I knew others were watching, some just taking a gutshot from the synopsis. Like anything, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it's always fun trying.
  12. There's only a select few artists that I ever truly got into, with the best being Billy Joel, Elton John and The Bangles. For the most part, that clearly makes me a pop guy, but I'm fans of individual songs more than I am about artists as a whole. My iPod has had a lot of different genres on it between rock, country, hip hop, hair bands and all that, but there's no clear dominator for artists save for the three I mentioned.
  13. This is gonna sound hokey, because several of them are, but I wouldn't be a martial artist myself if not in part for the Jackie Chan revival in the 90's. Rumble In The Bronx and Operation Condor were the best two. And then the Rush Hour films just keep knocking it out of the park. I'm skeptical about the idea of a 4th one, but Jackie is Jackie, I'll still go and enjoy his work.
  14. I'll back you on this. For what little anime I get to watch, I'm open to experimenting as long as I have the accessibility and time (dodging two kids for some content and all.) So when a friend of mine on my team said they were watching it, but didn't think it was suitable for the trivia that we write, so I took it as a personal dare. Soon as they got to that club in the first episode, though, I was like, "Yeah, this is too whacked out." She's told me after the fact how it all plays out and that the ending of the series is very satisfying. Tear-inducing, even. But getting to it is very ta
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