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  1. What Anime Quotes Do You Use?

    Mine isn't from anime technically, but from DBZ Abridged. I started my kids years ago on the goofy habit of turning me and them into Napa & Vegeta when we go places. "Are we there yet?" "No..." "Are we there yet?" "No..." "Are we there yet?" "No..."
  2. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    Not sure if I can totally meet the "haven't told anyone so far" requirement, but I'll come as close to the pin as I can. 1) When I tried out for the cross country team in high school, I got so tired to the point I ended up lost on the course and wound up in a liquor store recuperating (with Gatorade) until the rest of the team was sent back out to find me. I settled for being timekeeper instead. 2) In recent years, I have competed in dodgeball tournaments at the high school I work at, and the team of students I lead all do a loose cosplay theme. 3) At the same school, I take part in our annual lip sync battle, which I won last year. 4) I was once a Sonic fanfiction writer, wrote 6 stories in a series before time, my job and the general doings of an evil comic book writer caught up with me. 5) My becoming a 3rd Dan in Tae Kwon Do (which I did mention in my profile) was heavily inspired by Street Fighter, the Jackie Chan movie boom, and a fun but strange WWE-style martial arts show called WMAC Masters. Go find that one if you want a trip.
  3. Anime Fanservice

    See, I don't think the butt shots cause as much of a reaction as seeing up the skirt. I think it's the whole seeing what you're not supposed to see thing. Natural reactions and stuff. And agreed on the goofiness of the bathhouses scenes. If there IS anyone out there IRL who's legitimately had that kind of interaction with other women, I think I'd easily be more shocked than anything else. I'd still want to hear the story, though.
  4. Anime Fanservice

    Oh ho ho... always a fun question. And I must ask, Oakmi, may I ask if you kept count of the responses you got, because I would like to use this question in my Card Sharks surveys for a future game on the con circuit. (I'd need 100 answers.) It's a very simple but interesting question, and to date I haven't asked it. You will be credited, of course. As for my own opinion on it, for what anime I've watched, because I admit that I haven't seen a whole lot (I'm working on it), I've stumbled upon some fanservice/ecchi stuff while trying to find something I'd be interested in watching. Yes, it gets old after a while in those shows, and as much as you try to come into the shows trying to follow the plot, you know you have to turn your brain off at the same time, because you know the nudity or super innuendo is coming at least 5 times an episode. It's actually a surprise when a fanservice anime manages to NOT infuse it into an episode, or at least puts honest emotion behind it. And that's the big hook here. One of the first anime my wife and I tried together was Ai Yori Aoshi. And I think that anime succeeded in striking a balance between when to do outright fanservice, a physical awkwardness, and when to exhibit honest romance, an emotional awkwardness. And that made it feel more genuine. There was no outright nudity, just a few teases, but I think even if there had been, it was written smartly enough that its appearance would have made sense. So there IS a way to strike a balance, however difficult. If more tried for it, it would probably be a bit more accepted. (In all this, I'm realizing we're all fixating on the chest. Not one mention of upskirts.)
  5. Who's Your Favorite Sailor Scout?

    6 years ago, when I first started doing Card Sharks as one of my convention games, this was one of my first polls. Am I allowed to add the 100 answers I got for that poll into this set?
  6. Chit Chat

    @Rudilla, @SleepyLeoulf, if you want to really add the rain to that list, I'm not always a fan of it, but this catchy old song makes it sound totally awesome.
  7. Characters Reimagined

    I have one for this, but it's a little bit of a reach. Probably our most popular game show that we do at conventions is Press Your Luck. For those not familiar, the villain of the game, the Whammy, takes away your money every time you land on him, and you're subject to a little cartoon short. He often adopts some type of character when he does this, so we carried that concept over and (with the help of some friends who drew them) had him act as various anime and game characters. In this episode of our game, you can see all but one of the Whammies we have so far, (Dirk the Daring from Dragon's Lair is a game over Whammy for us) and we're looking for help to get more made. Volunteers?
  8. It's such a catch-22 about literally making him weak all over again like that, though. He might as well BE a new kid, then. And it doesn't say that just because he wins one league means he suddenly "has nothing left to prove". He didn't stop when he won the Orange League or conquer the Kanto Battle Frontier. He knows that to prove himself a true master, he'd have to be the champion anywhere and everywhere there was a league. It's a never-ending quest. You can't just win one and say it's all over, because someone else will come along and say, "Hey, you're the champ there, I'm the champ here. You want to prove you're the master? Knock me off my throne." So, if he won ONE game league, it would not break the show.
  9. Anime Parodies!

    I remember going to Otakon several years in a row a few years back (I REALLY have to make it back there one day). Aside from doing my game shows for them, their nightly Fan Parodies shows were appointment attendance for me. One of my first favorites was their intro to the show, where someone made a parody of the classic Mary Tyler Moore Show done to a montage of Azumanga Daioh. Was so good I brought a copy of the video home to show my wife, because MTM was one of our favorites. Keep the parody fires burning, CT.
  10. A few years ago, I did a pair of surveys for my Card Sharks game shows I do at cons that played along these lines. The questions we posed to 100 Pokemon fans were: 1) Do you think that Ash should finally win a league that is featured within the games? 2) If he were to finally win a league, should the Pokemon anime end at that point? The results: 82 said he should finally win, while 32 said the anime should end when he does. The fun part was we got to reveal these results when Michele Knotz was there to participate. I forget what her reaction was, it's been a couple years. I'll have to ask her.
  11. The "betrayal" of Ash Ketchum

    See, Charizard wasn't a betrayal, I don't think. He never actually left Ash and fought against him at the side of another trainer or anything like that. Yeah, he thought for a while Ash wasn't a good enough trainer and didn't have his respect for some reason, but he was just being a jerk overall.
  12. The "betrayal" of Ash Ketchum

    Hey guys. I've tried to wrap my head around this one for a while. I've been reading stories on fanfiction.net for a long time. I imagine a lot of you have, too. Well, over the last couple years, I've been noticing that more and more writers have been writing a specific kind of Pokemon fanfiction: the betrayal story. The idea behind the stories is that after Ash comes home won day after losing yet another league, he finds his mom and friends waiting for him. At that point, some combination of them, including even sometimes Pikachu and his other pokemon, declare that they want him to quit his journey because A) his repeated losses prove that he's too weak to be a Pokemon master, and B) his constant life and death run-ins with legendaries and criminal organizations make him dangerous to himself and others. Unable to accept this, Ash runs away, and he goes into exile for several years. He finally emerges at the announcement of some ultimate tournament, where now super-powered in some way, he proves his former friends wrong. Obviously, it's wish fulfillment for any writers of these stories cuz they're just sick and tired of the same tired formula that the anime keeps spitting Ash through (all while he's still 10, of course). But it raises an interesting question: CAN you see any of Ash's friends, family or Pokemon turning on him? What do you guys think?
  13. I once asked a survey for my game shows about if people discovered the anime world on their own or through friends. This seems like the next logical question. In my case, though I don't have a lot of anime under my belt (but I'm trying when I can steal moments), I was brought into it by a few friends I already have, one of which led me to my first anime con 10 years ago this past weekend, and the beginning of my presenting game shows at cons the year after. I've continued to make friends through those games because it's helped me get some interesting stories from the people and contestants I meet, both about their fandom and life in general. And I wouldn't have met 3 people who I consider my best friends today without it. Say, Mirror, would it be OK if I added this question to our next wave of Card Sharks surveys? I really like this and want to bring it to the masses.
  14. Card Sharks from Anime NYC

    Hello once again, gang. This week, we put up our newest episode of one of our Megamix games, the classic game show Card Sharks. We've got a lot of interesting survey results to share in this game, including questions devoted to MLP, Pokemon Go, Sailor Moon, Vocaloid and Haruhi Suzumiya. Enjoy the episode right here. Feel free to comment. And when you're done, we've got a brand new set of surveys that we could really use your help on. You can take those surveys right here.
  15. The Meme of 2017

    OK, that was... out of nowhere. That makes two such things I've seen tonight. What else have you guys got?
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